Breath Of The Wild Player REACTS to the NEWEST Genshin Impact Trailers!! -

Breath Of The Wild Player REACTS to the NEWEST Genshin Impact Trailers!!

Dee Bee Geek
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  1. Just a clarification: the EP on the videos stands for Extended Play, so it's a video showing the soundtracks of the game in certain areas and stuff, but in this case they added more story-like visuals so it's not just the soundtrack and a still image.

  2. You should play on whatever platform that you feel comfortable and is available to you.

  3. It's actually kinda precious that he sat through all those EPs waiting for something to happen to react to..

  4. Eula is proly the best choice i made in the game, since i started

  5. It's sad dee missed the beach event it was rlly fun

  6. Hi DeeBee, so the "episodes" are actually EPs as in "We are showcasing our soundtrack".

  7. Eula became my fav char in the game once I got her. I feel ya man, I hope you can get her too.

  8. 22:14 so i know this is random but this narrator has a VERY strong vocal resemblance to the 2009 Kirby's Epic Yarn Narrator for the WII, that game was my childhood and hearing this narrators voice just reminded me of it

  9. Sadly the golden Apple archaeology is gone now 😭

  10. "Osmanthus wine still taste the same as I remember, but where are those, who share the same memory"
    And also 13:43, those aren’t cherry blossoms, liyue is based off of China, so it’s probably plum blossoms

  11. That video with Zhongli is to showcase the music and the landscapes of Liyue. HOWEVER! It is also a reference to Zhongli's deepest suffering, and that is the loss of his beloved Guizhong. The one that taught Zhongli , who was a war god at that time, to be kind and love humanity, turning him into the god of commerce, history, and contracts we know today. The places shown are in order: Zhongli later home( Aogang mountain )where he shares his joyous momments with the Adepti and her , the place where her favourite flowers grow ( both the entrance and the plains of Quince village) and the last one what Zhongli thinks her dream like city would have been like :Liyue.

  12. React「Genshin Impact」Eula Animation「Proud glory」

    It's an animated video with the story of Eula

  13. This is just sad… Our boi Dee wasn't able to experience Dodoco Beach event. I hope they make a re-run of that event so new players can enjoy(Oh and about the "boat" thingy. Don't worry… Inazuma has them)

  14. As an Eula and Kazuha main, this video made me really happy!

  15. i had the same reaction when i saw eula for the first time, so glad to be able to get her and she does not disappoint

  16. 30:22 tbh same i want eula omg i just started on kazuha banner T^T

  17. Had to say it,
    I hope you get your Cherry Blossom Tree 💞
    Really want one someday myself, or at least to finally see and smell them in person.
    I was going to go to a festival but it got canceled (Before COVID… Quite a few years before…), the one time I could attend.
    Turned out permanently too… 💔

    So I really hope that dream comes true for ya, sir!

  18. PS, I have to ask. Did ya ever successfully attain Eula???

  19. Everytimr I hear a suspiciously sunny music, I immediately think of Klee. Glad that I'm not wrong.

  20. lol.. Eula just took "Breathe of the wild" player the breath away.. so.. now he's just a wild player 😉 sorry just had to leave this here ^^ keep enjoying the game Geek.

  21. PC loading take a 3 or 5 sec
    Mobile loading take 1 or 3 min
    Me. We fck up mobile user lol

  22. you can get the characters for free if you spend more time for playing or doing missions, you can get this thing called primogems to roll/wish for the character available on the banner i get new characters like that by not spending a songlie penny (btw yanfei main)

  23. Finally a botw person who doesnt complain calling it a botw rip off every 2 seconds.

  24. 34:49 the surprised face was the best part, this stage on the new island has several missions and as honkai impact 3rd you will now be able to customize some characters.

    the animations of genshin impact and honkai impact 3rd are very beautiful you should see.

    Looks like you're growing a goatee. you're looking cool and handsome. very cool your videos friend

  25. I guess genshin is not your cup of tea, but everyone just keep giving it to you,
    So in the end you just sip a little just to make the giver enjoy a little bit …
    I like your genshin content but if you didnt enjoy it, maybe leaving it all is one option,

    But if you decided to react to everything genshin has to offer, then i am still in …

  26. Hi just a auggestion. If you think you cant get a lot of the content of genshin, you could try to watch the story. A genshin youtuber named Bwaap has most of his content about the story quests of genshin

  27. Geek:Kazuya
    Everyone who is kazuha fans: ITS PROUNOUNS KA-ZU-HA ITS TOTALLY OBVIOUSE

  28. He not realising those videos are just background score videos is hilarious 😂

  29. Dude. You caught up with trailers 😂😂😂

    You have a LOT to caught up in-game

  30. I saved so much primo just to get eula🤣

  31. Those who like reading the loading screen tips: •3•

  32. If the way how banners come and go arent to your liking, I guess gacha games arent your thing. Thats just….how gacha games are made. Banners are made to summon on and then leave after a while. Theyre not supposed to stay permanently because there wouldnt be FOMO for the company to take advantage of

  33. I got qiqi instead of kazuha (i wished on klee banner cuz i was bored) and my pity was at 53, believe me i was extremely mad- i simo for this man so much that first i did his trial about 52 time and bought a phone case of him, i also designed my whole phoneabout him, and got qiqi in the end ^

  34. U like me with klee childe and venti with the months of rerun and it did and got 3 of them

  35. You can't use the same account on PS5 unfortunately :/

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