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C0 Itto vs C6 Noelle: Redhorn Stonethresher Showcase – Genshin Impact

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Itto vs Noelle.. Is Itto really worth pulling for? I showcase C0 Itto vs C6 Noelle, both with the new weapon, Redhorn Stonethresher, going against Childe the weekly boss.

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  1. You can't give her that absurd amount of crit dmg if she can't even crit

  2. I couldn't relate more to the last part about the domain artifacts. The newest domain gives me artifacts for Kokomi like 80% of the time and is annoying as fuck…

  3. HEY! I did a single pull on weapon banner as a f2p who doesn't normally pull on it with only 12 pity, i got the claymore !!!! and the alley flash thingy , who should i use it on? I have a few 4 star claymore users but none of them really need it? so what should i do?

  4. You know what I am going to farm Noelle!

  5. Itto's burst is a realistic version of noelle's burst

  6. when I’ve never used Chinese dub even though I’m chinese:

  7. You know a character is good when the DPS is compared to a Support.

    Before you guys come at me with pitchfork saying Noelle is DPS. No she's not. She was designed to be a support. Even barbruh can do big dmg that doesn't mean mihoyo design her to be a DPS. Also I have 3K Noelle so yeah.

  8. Noelle c6 is fucking monster
    The only problem is her er.

  9. I just started. My first pull was Noelle. From this that seems pretty good but I know nothing about the game so far

  10. I'm glad I built my Noelle since I started playing + recently getting albedo is such a nice geo battery

  11. Ive been playing for a year and somehow I have a c0 noelle💀

  12. wow this damage from him is sick even though the stats are not that good his potential is insane!

  13. All I see is shit goes brrrrrrrrr

    Compared to hutao or EULA comp damn I have to consider so many things

  14. Esa noelle está muy devil la mía solo con bennett pega 63k

  15. Esa noelle está muy devil la mía solo con bennett pega 63k

  16. Put zhongli and itto and you will see that noelle does not even reach her heels also that you do not connect the blows well

  17. Bruh I legit 1 shit Childe with Hu Tao. This a terrible damage example

  18. Gonna be completely honest this was terrible like really bad. Itto’s rotations sucked. You kept using the final slam of his kesagiri slashes at the start of the combo instead of stacking them up before unleashing the burst so you spent a ton of time using normal attacks when you should be able to just charge attack away from the very start. You basically had no geo resonance on itto because the crystallize shields are shit and got broken instantly every time while Noelle got to have a good shield from herself. I’ll assume you don’t have Zhongli because otherwise why would you not use him here so Thoma or Diona even woulda did better work. Last and the most obvious is the artifacts being different. Give them the same artifact set if your going to be comparing units so similar to each other otherwise what’s even the point? Sure itto woulda had more crit rate but that’s what crit food is for. It doesn’t change the actual damage numbers but just makes it more consistent for showing what they’re actual numbers are like. Good guide makers use crit food all the time for consistency. Overall really bad comparison and I hope you do better in the future.

    Edit: didn’t see that you made a new video. Will watch now my apologies.

    Edit 2: Alright much better job. Rotations could still use some work on itto because you should be able to charge attack straight away with itto the moment her uses his burst so stacking up his normals is important but otherwise fixed most of the issues.

  19. To put a correct perspective, Noelle is an all rounder with huge aoe swipes. But she needs a battery to keep going. Itto is a pure dps, fast burst, can generate his own particles most of the time but he do lacks self healing, self shield and aoe.

    They both do big dps, but if you need to fight a single target, you will prioritize survivability or dmg, and work your supports around that. If you want maximum Gorou boost, you get 1 extra geo, and will use the last slot for healing if Itto, and dps if Noelle (Considering you dealing with corrosion).

  20. I believe 4 stars character need to be C6 to match or outmatch a 5 stars character. But I'm sure most of the four stars character with some constellation already succeed it.

  21. 5 star chara is designed to dealing more damage.

  22. suddenly i have a head cannon where if itto and noelle met, itto would probably be bella confused why she overdoes herself and probably be like “listen kid, your young why don’t we go see the traveler and we can have our horns- or…nails painted and get smoothies 😼”

  23. Noelle was at lv 80 and itto was at lv 90. Not kinda fair

  24. You make childe fight looks hard… I don't think this is good of a play…

  25. nobody cares if you don't go to the party says:

    this video is dumb but just overall people thinking noelle is better than itto are simply coping HARD. it's not "noelle does slightly less damage but has survivability", the only thing noelle has going for her is a higher def to attack conversion and that's it. itto's multipliers on everything are higher including normal attack's, his atk speed is miles in front of hers, his def to increased damage in arataki kesagiri slashes passive sets him even more ahead, crit rate ascension stat, higher base def and an actual particle generation. noelle have more uptime but she can't generate particles for herself and by giving her favonius greatsword it's not even fair comparing the two. with noelle c6 and itto c0 with same artifacts and weapons noelle would have a hard time keeping up to itto's normal attack's and the moment he starts charged attacking it's just over, and no "but itto ascends into crit so it's unfair" cause that's exactly the point, his stats are just better. it's literally the kokopium all over again, "she might do a lot less damage but she heals a lot", bs. noelle is not even brought up in shield comparisons because her shield uptime is just that bad and only works for herself and she's arguably the worst healer in the game rn, sayu level. it's a case of all rounder who doesn't actually excels at anything, b tier damage, b tier shield, b tier healing vs s tier dps. for gods sake itto's damage is on pair with eula's, when has it ever been said that noelle is better than eula because she has a shield and heals?

  26. I just got this goddamn weapon i was just poking weapon wish never wish weapon before, and boom got it on 10 pull fml.

  27. With the new set or gladiator set, ur Noelle would make a lot more dmg but still nice video man

  28. itto vs noelle ( continues to use gorou and albedo

  29. Noel is literally just better. She has slightly less dmg but can tank, heal, and dps. Itto is a glass cannon. Don’t get me wrong itto is very good but noel is for sure better overall.

  30. See? U guys dont need to spent your primo if u have noelle

  31. I want to know why every time Noelle shield about to break he goes away from him
    Boy when her shield goes away or destroyed it dose ALOT of damage

  32. Ik waifu>Meta but, you could probably get Noelle c6 who's as powerful as a Main geo carry while wishing for another 5 star you might really want, bye.

  33. сразу видно- чел на итто играть не умеет
    кто же E скилл использует ДО И ПОСЛЕ, но НЕ ВО ВРЕМЯ ульты..

  34. EDIT: I know I screwed up in this video, go watch my UPDATED one: https://youtu.be/BMSYTQl-qXw

    Sorry I realised I forgot to add in the talents!
    Itto: Lv7 on Normal attack / Lv1 E.Skill / Lv8 E Burst (No mora for leveling up e.skill)
    Noelle: Lv6 Normal attack / Lv 8 E.Skill (with c6) / Lv11 E Burst (with c6)

    NOTE: I'm not saying either one of these characters are better than the other. I'm just doing a showcase and y'all can decide if Itto's worth pulling for. They're both great and should you decide to pull for Itto, I wish you all the best! <3

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