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C0 Kazuha is EPIC! 4★ Weapon Showcase! Genshin Impact

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This video showcases C0 Kazuha with the F2P friendly 4★ Weapon, Iron Sting! I run Kazuha through Abyss 12 and also demonstrate his support capabilities to a limited extent.

0:00 | Intro and Explanation
1:08 | Kazuha’s Kit
2:37 | My Kazuha’s Build
3:17 | Damage Amplification
4:28 | Crowd Control
5:12 | Abyss 12 Showcase
8:27 | Closing Statements


  1. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    Side note it's worth noting that increasing his normal attack buffs his AoE plunge after using his E Spell which does do a solid amount of damage so it could be a worth while investment. It's unfortunate a lot of his utility is locked behind constellations but even at C0 he's pretty fun. I just use a Black Sword on him for shits and giggles.

    This is one of the few characters I actually want to see a C6 showcase on

  2. Got him 1st pull and yanfei too in the same wish 😎

  3. Now THAT is what I call a valid reason for a delay! GRATZ

  4. Hi just wondering if you were able to come up with Kazuha Nuke build/strat jsut like what you did with Hutao?

  5. This is the first video of yours I've seen, but I'm honestly really thankful and impressed by your thorough yet easy to follow video format. It's also great that you don't avoid discussing caveats and acknowledging common comparisons, in this case Sucrose and Venti. We still get to see the character's strengths and how they hold up against competitors but I can tell you are doing whatever you can to avoid bias. That was especially clear in your disclaimer regarding abyss. I'm definitely subscribing, looking forward to your future videos. Also congrats on the kid!

  6. But the normal attack count as the plunge dmg from your E

  7. and hold E is just for multiple mobs not for single or two

  8. Congrats on the new addition to the family.
    Also a "hello" from Alameda, CA!

  9. not worth it, anything that is not ganyu, zhongli, venti, or hu tao are all worthless imo

  10. Can I use Anemo Goblet for my c0 Kazuha or pure Elem Mastery is better for c0?


  12. I didn't know I had no main dps until O watched this video. My team consist of EM Kazuha, Bennett, chongyun, and Amber (for pyro resonance). Great team. Helped me reach floor 5 pn abyss. Have to keep leveling up though since I'm a new player (been playing for 2 weeks) and Im at level 40 atm. Great video!

  13. but his Normal atk is very useful because you will plung with his E and his normal atk will also increase that plung dmg

  14. Congrats dude! I'm a couple weeks out on dad status myself! Good luck!

  15. Am I the only one who thought he was like a single 25 year old or something but congratulations

  16. congrats to the best genshin content creator ♥ welcome to fatherhood! I mean real fatherhood! – also a furparent here lol

  17. Congratulations on your new baby! Yes we want new support video. Thanks for the good work.

  18. I feel like most of the Kazuha havers build him as full support with 4pc vv and em and here I am using 4pc vv (soon converting to 2pc glad 2pc vv) with atk%, anemo, crit dmg and 9, 10, 9 talents lol. Haven't seen any youtuber use this build so I'm still waiting.

  19. i got kazuha on a single pull and didnt want him now hes stuck at level 12

  20. congrats on the baby!!!

    i'm not sure if many noticed this but if you're going to make a kazuha v sucrose v venti showcase, i hope you can factor in the fact that kazuha's burst cooldown timer starts upon casting the burst (at the start of the animated cutscene) instead of upon deployment (after the cutscene). since 5 star character burst animations take anywhere from 2-4 seconds, this is a considerable time saver on a burst that has a 15 second CD. after a few tests, the downtime of his burst seems to be around 4.7 seconds (stopped the timer upon the last hit of his burst) vs what you'd think should be 7 seconds (15 sec CD – 8 seconds active time)

    this can be useful if you're planning to sync the rotation of his burst with bennett's burst since they have identical cooldowns both on paper and in practice.

    i believe venti doesn't work this way and his burst CD timer starts after the cutscene ends.

    with regards to his utility and effectiveness at keeping enemies clumped together, kazuha's plunge attack also has a continuous vacuum similar to venti, albeit to a lesser degree. after some testing, both the hold E and tap E versions seem to last for around 2.5 seconds, making the downtime on the suction ability on his tap e version around 2 seconds and on his hold E version to be around 5-5.5 seconds. the reason for this low downtime is also because the jumping + plunging animation takes around 1.5 seconds

  21. Since u plunge attack from e so upgrading the normal attack is imp

  22. What if I want to put em sands, anemo goblet and crit rate circlet on Kazuha? I want him to do more damage while also kinda buffing my team, would that work? Also… Congratulations!

  23. Congrats on fatherhood! Thanks for still taking the time to upload a video.


  25. Kazuha is just Jean venti and sucrose 😩☝️

  26. rosaria hitting hard in this video, mind telling what kind of build she had?

  27. I don't have venti so i pull Kazuha, and he's absolutely fun to play

  28. ドラコイアント-日本ではない says:

    i build him with crit artifact t and physical artifact, having 300 em is enough for me lol, my kazuha E able to hit about 25k dmg in hold (13k from first hit 12 from second hit) but his burst is looking kinda low for me lol

  29. Omg I’m so happy for you congrats on becoming a pawrent!

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