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C0 Thoma is IMMOVABLE! 3★ Weapon Showcase! Genshin Impact

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This is a showcase for level 90 Thoma at C0 with the 3 star weapon, the Black Tassel, and more!

Thoma is a pretty reliable fixer in Genshin Impact, but how reliable is he in combat?

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  1. His eating idle animation really makes me think he's eating kwekwek (Filipino egg street food) since his English VA is a Filipino

  2. who is the best tohma/diona/noelll for hu tao xingque team ???

  3. Thoma is my life savior for I am a zhongli less Yoimiya main and dear lord, I started resorting to charge shots (have to farm primo vishap for Hu Tao)


  5. Sentient Salad at the start of every new banner: "Ah shit, here we go again."

  6. Imagine if there's a sacrificial polearm. This would be super good for him.

  7. Sucks his niche is so specific. Rosaria & him have amazing design but I don't have uses for them o.o,

  8. If I already have a 54k hp crowned E zhongli built, should I consider building Thoma for the pyro application for swirl in a Hu Tao comp? I’m a bit skeptical of the survivability of the team if I take out zhongli, esp cause I have c0 hu Tao and can’t dodge as much without draining stamina

  9. On vape hu tao, is thoma + succ vv better than double 5 star geo combo? Or the double 5 star combo w/o zhongli? (albedo + maybe gorou/noelle shield bot)

  10. Just before this I kept seeing that he sucked… Whew.

  11. It's funny how IWTL show case the exact artifacts setup I envisioned thoma would run. I said "envisioned" because I'm not building him since he's only c0 for me

  12. I’ve experimented with the team used in the video and my personal rotation is
    Thoma E -> Sucrose Swirl -> XQ E+Q -> Thoma Q -> Hu Tao -> Repeat
    With enough ER and Hp on Thoma, this pretty much maintains a near 100% uptime on his shield. Tell me what you guys think!

  13. Even if the damage exceeds the shield, you get hyperarmor? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

  14. I honestly expected more from him, either massive damage as xiangling or a nearly as strong shield like zhongli. But in the end even if I love his design (blond childe) it's just hard to justify using him and leveling him up it's not that worth it. Still, I'll level him to play in the outworld.

  15. ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice says:

    4:04 people with fast metabolism…. I hate them sm

  16. Does Kitain work on Thoma? With ER/hp% sands, hp%/pyro goblet and hp%/crit dmg/rate circlet? 2pcs emblem and 2pcs ToM

  17. Damn, I invested 110 wishes only to get Thoma…but nope not even 1 copy. I guess I will skip him and hope of a rerun or a random copy, since I'm 5 wishes away from a guaranteed pity event banner-char and am not interested in another Hu-Tao constellation.

  18. I can't wait to see your analysis for C6 thoma,

    His constellations are pretty good, he has a unique way to support the team

  19. we need a 4* HP% stat polarm weapon so bad with zhongli, hutao, and now thoma

  20. what if someone has zhongli and thoma both who should we use with hu tao ?

  21. So thoma's shield is just the cobalt shield in terraria KEKW

  22. I give him skyward and random artif I have. 44/203 🤣 but 16k hp

  23. Cryo regisvines being obliterated by hu tao + thoma duos in 3..2…

  24. Not over needed and fine as he is…just like 4☆ should be….right, Xiangling, Bennett?

  25. Dunno if it's just me but I remember he had a 15% Pyro shred in the beta.. did they gut that or am I going senile?

  26. Do I plan to build him: Yes he's awesome.

    Will I still continue to mostly use Diona? …

    yeah she can heal and I need to support slots 😭

  27. Yeah, I wanted Thoma for replacement to John Lee as a backup shielder for My Noelle, ended up getting Hu Tao on a 50/50 draw instead of getting any Thoma, WARGH!

  28. i'll go Energy Recharge Weapon, 2p Tenacity 2p Severed fate ALL HP% main stats, try to get HP% Substats on feather, and im set. sucks i pull 90 times, got hu tao but only got 1 thoma and c9 Diona. i want at least c3 thoma but gacha always sucks

  29. Here we go.. after serious video about Hu Tao and Homa we back to iWtl "dad" Gaming video..

  30. Is there a reason for not using 2-piece retracing bolide?

  31. I wish I had him so I could try him with KokomiTT

  32. 7:06 "Do you plan to build him?"
    Me with my Level 90, C6, LV 11 Skill and Burst Thoma with full artifacts and a Lv 90 Staff of Homa:

  33. So does it breaks Hu Tao and XQ C0 vaporize comp?

  34. Bruh IWTLG is still dead from catching the catch lmao

  35. Can you regenerate full energy in one rotation for him with 170 er? I play him with hutao and have energy problem with him unless I give him 220+ er.

  36. 🤔😑My noelle shield work better 3k defense

  37. Ok what was good to know Thoma have this unflinchable thing,it redeems him from being absolutely useless in my setups,but still aint gonna roll,too much good characters ahead,may be will wait his appereance on early 2.4 banner

  38. Very impressive!
    I didn't notice this immovable shield! Thank you for the video

  39. I'm using just an energy recharge artifact, and my jade polearm on Him, 2 crimson witch and 2 shimenawa's, I don't have enough materials, but lvl him up to 70, talents: 2, 4, 2 , his shield regens fast enough, and his cool down is decent, put him in a team with Mona, Ayaka and Bennett, very pog imo, so yah I was getting bored of my main team so him is perfect for my second formation 👌🏼

  40. I got everything I want and more even got keqing just in time before her skin comes heh

  41. Hey guys, I noticed a mistake in my math at 4:42.
    I forgot to give Noelle's shield the 50% bonus all damage absorption from geo shields and 75% for Diona's hold E.
    The chart should show 14,015 for Noelle's shield and 9552 for Diona's shield.

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