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C6 Kazuha Summon! |【Genshin Impact】

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In this video i’ll pull for C6 Kazuha!
In how many pulls i’ll get him? xD

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  1. Iim almost at pity but i need to beat the 50/50 dear F2P frens pls wish me luck

  2. I pulled 20 times and got razor 5 times and bennett twice, I wanna cry

  3. I pulled on dragon head on beidou boat and got diluc in 10 pulls than kazuha in soft pity

  4. i just have to keep reminding myself hes gonna have a rerun so i dont wish on his banner

  5. Why you act like you cannot getting kazuha c6, you have a lot of primo's and crystal Genesis that's make me jealous (f2p) 😭😭

  6. ……… how do you have all the character!?

  7. He was so happy 💚 I’m really happy for him <3 Enjoy your husbando!

  8. I
    Lucky I tried to wish all I got was a bow

  9. i waited 6 hours just to lose 50/50 :((

    well at least i have guaranteed kazuha


  11. 16875 more EXP than required. MY DOLPHIN EYESSSSS >.<

  12. i got him C1 off of 120 pulls i'm so happy 😭

  13. had 80 pity, got qiqi.
    i pulled one more time and i got him woo

  14. I like how when he gets a wrong 5star he doesn't rage and talk shit about mihoyo he's just disappointed for a moment

  15. Summoning is rigged for the creators I swear to god, I've not once had a 5* appear below minimum 70 pulls…

  16. I rolled 32 times. Got C1 Rosaria, C3 Razor and C1 Bennett. I got everybody on the banner except Kazuha. I’m gonna try again tomorrow. Good luck to everyone trying to Kazuha!! 🙂

  17. 16 pulls for Kazuha after Klee came home (my mind gone "Ehe" after that miracle happened) and he came home too

  18. I can get 10+ wishes tomorrow probably. I’m gonna cry if I still don’t get him then


  20. Mano qual a graça de jogar o jogo assim? O legal do game é sofrer e aprender a jogar com personagens q vc n gosta mas aí o cara taca 40 mil dólares no jogo pra pegar tudo. Aqui no Brasil uma conta de genshin upada vale o PIB brasileiro todo

  21. 2:38

    Kyo, you do realize you can ONLY pull Amber, Kaeya, or Lisa on the standard banner right? They can ONLY show up if you pull on the standard banner using acquaint fates.

  22. Lol, raise your hand if to date you’ve still never pulled a 10 pull with two 5 stars in it. 👋

  23. Still remember what kyo says at alter skadi pulls stream/replay video "when you falling love, you must do everything to catch that moment and here's the moment so i must do it" 😂😂

  24. You're so lucky, I lost my 50/50 in the 88th pulls… So Sad…

  25. So many people are having so much luck in their summons, the rate this time is definetly different. I'm referring to the amount of first Kazuhas pulled in 30 pulls

  26. Я открыл 3 раза по 10,мне выпал церемониальный лук, беннет и рэйзор. Через 2 недели ещё 2 раза по 10 открою. Не дай бог мне не выпадет он или выпадет Цици или Мона, то моей печали не будет предела

  27. What is your Job that you can afford 2 Gacha Addictions?

  28. Wow in comparison Arknights is really a lot more f2p friendly

  29. 0:21
    kyo's profile message says "Ayaka, Ayaka, Ayaka, Ayaka, Ayaka !!!!!"

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