Character Demo - "Kamisato Ayaka: Camellia in Winter Snow" | Genshin Impact -

Character Demo – “Kamisato Ayaka: Camellia in Winter Snow” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Although Ayaka has long since mastered the Kamisato Art Tachi Jutsu, she continues to persevere in her practice.
However, the servants have noticed that she is training much more than usual lately…

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  1. If there is 10 star option I will give you

  2. എത്തി പോയി. ഇനിയും വരും

  3. i joined the game just when kazuha banner went like it went and 3:30 and I started genshin from scratch at 3:15 but I couldn't pull for him because the starter quests take time

  4. I always come back to this Demo. I love the music so much.

  5. Finally, a female character that doesn’t look like a stripper 🔥

  6. 8E_27_Ni Luh Ayu Putri Intan Miatana says:

    My first love on genshin

  7. WHEEENNNN are you gonna release the ost Mihoyo!? I just found out you released the inazuma album on spotify but Camellia in winter snow wasn't in it AAAAAAHHHH

  8. I'm so glad MiYoHo gave me Ayaka when I pulled her from her banner. She is so elegant and so kind!

  9. Im not biased. I dont simp for any female characters and i dont have a favourite. But in my humble opinion ayaka, to me, is the best in all female genshin characters ಥ‿ಥ

  10. I want ayaka so bad. I will wait for ayaka rerun, dont know when is it, but I hope. 😢😢

  11. Ayaka as a character certainly did live up to the huge hype surrounding her since the beta

  12. I am on a quest to get every sword user in the game and my next target is YOU Ayaya

  13. Bruh she looks amazing but please tell me I haven't been saving primos for 8 months straight for a character who can't say her own name right

  14. My visa i got had a money missing when i first got it now its getting fixed but itll be 7-9 days so i have to wait untill i get her . Sobbing rn

  15. I’m sorry but as soon as Thoma appeared on screen I completely didn’t care for Ayaka in the slightest… 😅

  16. God, I'm so excited, but I have a big feeling that I'm going to lose the 50/50. I feel like a small, giddy child again.

  17. Weird characterization:
    JP: Elegant, princess-like. Has a playful side.
    Eng: Smug as hell. Serious. Business-minded.


  19. эх слил гарант на казуху но не желею может аяка быстро придет

  20. This trailer has no hype behind it, sorry.

  21. I will pull for Ayaka but also….Tohma when? 😂

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