Character Demo - "Kujou Sara: Thunderous Devotion" | Genshin Impact -

Character Demo – “Kujou Sara: Thunderous Devotion” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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To ensure that the will of the Shogun will always be done, and to assist the Almighty Shogun in manifesting Eternity.
This is not only Kujou Sara’s duty, but also her sincere desire.
To this end, the tengu warrior invokes the power of Electro to strike down any enemy, be it deity or demon.

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  1. Oh yes an awesome character, and FRICKInG shogun enemies whoohoo this looks so coo

  2. I hope I can get her on Ba'al's banner since her playstyle and backstory would be fun to see!!

  3. Fischl: "Who do you think you are?"
    Kujou Sara: "I am you, but better!"

  4. I love how she talks like a general and an anime ninja when she's using her skills
    Good luck on 50/50 pullers like me (I'm supposed to be guarantee but I got yoimiya by pulling for c1 sayu but she came early)

  5. Everything I see from genshin is always 1 hour

  6. You know, I'm really interested in how the story will turn her and Baal to liking you. I mean, with Tartaglia you had a pleasant introduction at least, plus he's kinda crazy about fighting for its own sake and likes you in a sort of weird friendly-ish rival way as somebody who shares his interest.

    Kujou Sara and Baal take their jobs much more seriously though, I feel like they'll need a better reason for being on your side.

  7. Mihoyo, ease up on the armpits man, she would've looked cooler with a full long sleeve top. Why does every woman got to have SpongeBob sleeves wardrobe 🙁

  8. POV: ur sick of all the “unity between mind arrow and bow” comments

  9. เพื่อท่านโชกุน!

  10. The quality is 🔥🔥🔥 looks like a 5 star demo

  11. the amount of bots going 'omg… [insert random youtube video]' is astounding

  12. Skipped Yoimiya and Sayu and is saving up for the Baal and Sara banner
    Who else?

  13. i have never had this much comitment and desperate for a 4 star character

  14. Kujou Sara deserves to be a 5* character, to be honest

  15. Fun facts: Kujou Sara is way stronger than Yoimiya lore wise.

  16. Idk, sara's trailer told us nothing about her. Trailer just showed us her abilities and thats all. Another filler character…

  17. Sara Demo – “To Strike Your Foe takes Unity between mind, arrow and bow”


  18. bruh the english dub could at least pronounce foreign words correctly its not necessarily the VAs fault but like bruh

  19. Literally every Baal simp: exists
    Kujou Sara: Bet.

  20. Sara: “To strike your foe takes unity between mind, arrow, and bow.”

    Literally the comments: “To strike your foe takes unity between mind, arrow, and bow.” (2)

  21. genshin i beg u to give me shogun and noelle

  22. I wonder if she knows a Jojo with a similar last name

  23. Estas hermosa mija pero tu actitud me saca de onda >:D

  24. Muy bonito todo, pero para cuando mi gorou bonito?

  25. Interesting another Genshin impact character

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