Character Demo - "Raiden Shogun: Judgment of Euthymia" | Genshin Impact -

Character Demo – “Raiden Shogun: Judgment of Euthymia” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Warning: This video contains flashes of light that may trigger discomfort in patients with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewers are advised to watch with caution.

The sentimental cherry blossoms of days of yore have been stained with black.
When thunder falls silent, the fleeting dream of an illusory bubble will be shattered.

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  1. This trailer alone keep making me spamming the replay button, how im gonna skip her for Hu tao? Im going insane

  2. ตาย;-;เกลือแน่ๆตายๆ

  3. There's some discussion on Zhongli vs Baal trailer, but they're pretty equal in overall imo. Rex Incognito is untouchable, but this trailer has layers and layers of world building built into each action sequence. While both are explosive action sets, I think ultimately they have different goals. Zhongli's demo showcased his strength, while Raiden's demo hints at deeper lore.

  4. In the past : wow i got yoimiya and her b**bs
    After baal trailer :…

  5. This trailer motion is fast as lightning, still cant decide which character on this video i will pull for, both are mysterious and great

  6. Opening scene: Yae and the crow
    Closing scene: Ei and the crow

    Me: weaving the quantum physic formula to find the meaning

  7. Daymn they really made her look THAT epic!

  8. Every frame in this video is a wallpaper

  9. Baal: This is eternity
    Zhongli: This is order
    Venti: This is wine…?

  10. OH MY GOD! This is the most cool demo that i ever seen. So powerful!!! Thank you so much for this emotions!!

  11. Finally. A Trailer that is on Zhongli's Trailer level IMO! Not that most of the other trailers aren't awesome aswell! Make no mistake, I really like the other character trailers so far too – mihoyo generally does an amazing job with these trailers, but none of them came close to the Perfection that is Zhongli's Trailer for me… until now. Damn, Raiden's trailer is freaking awesome and is finally on Zhongli's level for me – fitting as another Archon! I love it and want her even more now!!
    Let's go, boys & girls – we're going to be Raiden Havers! Good luck, everyone!

  12. Mihoyo Advertisement Team: Y'know the fandom meme about Riadens bewbs.

    Camera Angle Animator: Say No More… 0:27

  13. Alright nice, now time to go see Zhongli trailer ✌

  14. Dios, la horas me parecen eternas, quiero jugar ya

  15. Archons have the best trailers hands down. Feels like I’ve been waiting eternity for her banner. Wishing everyone goodluck. In the name of electro archon Raiden Shogun, may we all win the 50/50 🙏

  16. Bruh the archon demo audios are always a vibe

  17. Alright so I'm changing my number 1 character demo to this one

  18. Zhongli’s Demo finally has a worthy opponent

  19. def going to be my favorite character for years to come

  20. The Archons live up to their trailer it seems

  21. Hope everyone gets her with our very generous anniversary rewards.

  22. Me using Raiden shogun,in Inazuma 😭😭,,,: immune, immune, immune 🔥

  23. Im gonna go to these places to do my ritual.

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