Character Demo - "Sangonomiya Kokomi: A Thousand Waves Under the Moon" | Genshin Impact -

Character Demo – “Sangonomiya Kokomi: A Thousand Waves Under the Moon” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Finding the right time and place is difficult, but bringing people together is more valuable.
If the power of all living beings came together, even the creatures of the deep sea can see the stars.

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  1. She's so PRETTY I LOVE HERRRRR, i'm so excited for her!

  2. She's so beautiful I can't.. this is the best trailer I've ever seen for a Genshin Impact character omg. If I will not get her, remember me young T-T💖

  3. So she was sleeping somewhere in the ocean while Gorou was fighting for his life? Guess that explains a lot.

  4. Trailer lasts 1:51
    Trailer shows Kokomi attacking cryo slimes

    Yea that makes sense that's how long she's gonna take to kill them lmao

  5. When the character demo is pretty.
    Me: Something smells fishy around here.

  6. anyone else really like the way she says "watatsumi"

  7. I think mihoyo should rest and rerun the past banners cuz there r many people out there waiting for rerun but the banners just kept moving like time that never comes back
    Plz mihoyo🥺

  8. I'm patiently waiting for Thoma (and Gorou's and any other husbandos) trailer to drop
    Kokomi looks great though

  9. It's odd but I keep expecting her to turn into a mermaid for some reason.

  10. She's too cute and pretty, too bad im skipping her for ganyu

  11. i keep being triggered that the intro of mihoyo in genshin still tech otakus save the world. i mean how the heck is genshin related to tech? or maybe mihoyo just make same intro for hi3 and gi. maybe.

  12. It's so nice to see a demo like this, it feels like with all the raiden stuff going on all we have been seeing is the purple and electricity and such this was such a nice break

  13. Now just need to wait for all the twitch streamer and youtuber reaction vids

  14. At start I felt like she's Charles Darwin of GenshiN Impact

  15. Divine Prieatest Supreme Leader Sanggonomiya Kokomi is using Fish as her shield. What a chad

  16. Why am I crying when I watch this demo character. she just beautifully well made.

  17. Careful pulling on her. She might be great, but she could also just be a slightly better Barbara. If you just want her due to looks and wifu, the by all means pull. But if you're not certain and/or the fun or meta factor are important to you, just wait a week (or two).

  18. Γιώργος Τιμαμόπουλος says:

    Mihoyo knows how to make us cry… again… and again… and again. Did you see this FLUID animation?!?!!? gjkhjghkg

  19. Kokomi will be like albedo underrated because misjudge by the community

  20. When smaller fish gather together, we catch them 😆

  21. The wonderful ost is so familiar from houseki no kuni/land of the lunarians.. i love it, fantastic.

  22. honestly im more fan of thrilling demos so i find this rather really boring than "cool", it is pretty elegant but this is probably the only female character demo that has failed to sway me to pull for her
    i guess im rolling for xingqiu now


  24. This is cool but I thought her demo ost is going to be the one in the 2.1 trailer ಠಗಠ

  25. Question: Can she swim without using stamina or special skill?

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