Character Demo - "Yoimiya: Dazzling Lights in the Summer" | Genshin Impact -

Character Demo – “Yoimiya: Dazzling Lights in the Summer” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Those with a cheerful and childlike nature will surely feel very welcome at Yoimiya’s Fireworks Show.
The flame-clad girl raises her bow, sending brilliant fireworks into the clear night sky—
“One, two, three! Welcome to the Fireworks Show!”

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  1. I really like this PV!

    All the good points of the PV of Genshin Impact so far are packed!

  2. 45 rolls, 165 primogems, guaranted (i losed the 50/50 at Ayaka) im ready.

  3. Dang!!! That Pew, Pew…Pew! Pew-Pew, Pew!!!
    Just take my money

  4. She is fun and cute and all. But she has two enormous flaws… She isn't as powerful as Hu Tao and she comes right before an archon.

  5. Sadly not enough primogems to afford all of the characters I want that are coming out. This bunch is fantastic, and future characters as well. But I sadly have to resist if I want to C6 the 5 stars I have now, and the others I need to fill the spots I am lacking in… Shame because Yoimiya's questline absolutely convinced me that I needed her.

  6. player: We are skipping
    Mihoyo: Are you sure about that?

  7. yoimiya wanters she will come home !!!!!!!! we will become yoimiya havers 😀

  8. Please mihoyo just let me win this 50/50. Give this broke Boi some luck. Even if it’s the only but of luck I’ll get for the rest of the year…

  9. Examinee: Yoimiya
    Exam: Top Tier Waifu Test
    Result: Passed

    Verdict: will spend all of my primos, my fates, my money, and my life for her.

  10. Ah crap this makes me want to roll for her now but im BROKE

  11. Personally I prefer Chinese version than English version.

  12. Pew pew hit my heart, im wishing for her. Sorry baal…

  13. who was that voice at the end? ayakas brother?

  14. I think Yoimiya and Thoma would be a good couple honestly

  15. This is probably one of the fun trailers up there with Hu Tao, especially that ending where they walk out after the title card shows

  16. reminds me of a certain funeral parlor director…

  17. Firework starts:
    "We did it boys, war is no more"
    Firework ends:
    "Anyway, I started blasting"

  18. Ayaka: judgement nut
    Yoimikya: literally 'whoosh' the nut

  19. Probably my favourite trailer music tbh. Cant wait to hear baals theme

  20. Good luck for yoimiya guys \(^o^)/ i want yoimiua too!

  21. I deleted genshin because it was boring for me and i prefer honkai but…. Well, This is going to take a long time to download back.

  22. imagine if mihoyo starts using these as their youtube ads instead of those mobile looking ads -_-


  24. Don't do this….
    Don't make me regret skipping her….

  25. how nobody talks about Aether talking at the end???? HE'S TALKING!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I want her SOOOO BAAAD, but I have to skip this banner. I can't afford to keep throwing my money at this game. First banner I am skipping for a character I actually want. Gonna be a looong wait for her rerun…


  28. i managed my sheer willpower to pull for her and yes,, baal can wait im excired to have her

  29. Yoimiya: Pew pew
    Me: Pew pew pew

    Yoimiya: "…where is this liquid coming from"

  30. Such an awesome character demo! It’s on the funny side too

  31. But is it as good as Zhong Li's trailer?

  32. oh lord, this is the best character demo of a new character I've ever seen. it was absolutely amazing!
    loved it, omg❤️❤️

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