Collected Miscellany - "Sayu: Whirling Windwheel" | Genshin Impact -

Collected Miscellany – “Sayu: Whirling Windwheel” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Eating high-carb foods and doing work that uses the least energy is the principle that little ninja Sayu lives by.
Sayu thinks it would be great if this could actually help her grow taller.

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  1. Now its time to switching my EM artifact from kazuha to sayu, and give her Wolf grave stone.

  2. her passive doesnt work after you collect a crystalfly 🙁
    once you get one all the others start flying away, which is like the one situation where her passive would be actually useful (outside of playing on mobile or something)

  3. The amount of times Dainsleif said "fuufuu" here (。•́︿•̀。)

  4. I'm sorry the video was interesting and I paid attention to her abilities but

    You can't deny that MiHoYo used all their budget on Yoimiya's trailer then remembered they had to make one for Sayu and just made anyone they got their hands on read a scprit…

  5. Sayu fuu fuu go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Can you do a re-run for the instrument Venti plays? PLEASE- I RLLY WANT IT SO BAD
    By the way I got Sayu first try on the Yoimiya banner!

  7. omg guys i’m not guaranteed but i got sayu,,

  8. I'm gacha in banner Yoimiya's just for Sayu, but did i get 2 Diona 😭

  9. Who else watching this video but can't play Genshin Impact 😭😭😭

  10. Dainsleif: Oh my god do i really need to say this?… Sayu performs a FuuFuu whirlwind kick


  12. Dainsleif chuckled at the end!!! 😂😂

  13. Is the narrator of this character intro videos an adult Aether

  14. when i saw you could catch crystal flies easier i knew i needed sayu on my team.

    i had only one wish, 2/10 wishes done in the previous banner and… i got her!? 😀

  15. Dainsleif probably has more voice lines or about as much as paimon with the character teaser coming every month over time

  16. Oh, Sayu's a healer! Now I'm more inclined to use her.

  17. It is interesting that the world views a repeating word to be cute or funny. For example, Fuufuu, Muji-Muji.

    However, in Indonesia and Malaysia, those are normal things cause MOST of the time it means the plural of that thing.
    For example, tuan-tuan (gentlemen), puan-puan (ladies), teman-teman (friends).

  18. No one:

    Litterally no one:

    Me:They have Xiao *sad traveler noise* Please send me a Xiao In my mail Mihoyo ;-;

  19. Venti when giving Sayu a Vision:
    "Hmm this girl is so lazy like me! I like it! Why not giving her vision so she can become lazier"

  20. What we expect from the trailers: gameplay explanations

    What we’ve been getting: Dainsleif lore

  21. Comments: laughing about the art names

    Me: heh heh spinjitsu

  22. I don't know why but I really wanted to remove the leaf in her head

  23. oh look, another character that I will never gonna be able to get even after 10 wishes.

  24. Dainsleif telling us about Sayu while he is still in the abyss

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