Collected Miscellany - "Yun Jin: Showstopper" | Genshin Impact -

Collected Miscellany – “Yun Jin: Showstopper” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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The people of Liyue love listening to Liyue opera, and the fans are always impressed by the singing and acting skills of the renowned opera singer Yun Jin.
They are in awe at Yun Jin’s graceful fights on stage, but do not know that her skills with the spear are real enough to defend against her foes.

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  1. wait is the narrator also a character in game

  2. I loved listening to Yun Jin’s singing voice actor during the new quest ❤️ it was incredibly beautiful

  3. “Why do you keep stoppong after her 5th attack?”

    Me: it’s the law

  4. yunjin better launch at lantern festival, people buy vibes

  5. Nice she combos with Yoimiya, thats perfect, my team of yoimiya, barbs and fischl will have its final menber ready to make Ishtar the true Grand Archer

  6. Her attacks are so beautiful, I dont know if I will use her in gameplay but I love everything about her design and character. Still, I like that she benefits from a diversified elemental party, gameplay-wise.

  7. Should I put her in a team with eula, raiden and diona? Or is eula-raiden-kokomi-c6 rosaria still a better combination?

    (I'm not that adept at dodging so a healer is a must)

  8. Genshin players: wow the new characters are awesome
    Me: Trying to figure out if Yun Jin is an loli

  9. i only watch collected miscellany for extra bits and lores from the man dain

  10. dain just tease us every miscellany and its driving me crazy lol

  11. Her opera song was awesome to experience. Need a way to re-experience those epic moments.

  12. prefiero que la testeen los que hacen gameplay y así veo si vale la pena invertir deseos

  13. I didn’t even have high expections of her gameplay but she’s actually is really fun!

  14. Alright mihoyo when are we getting Dainsleif to tell Yun Jin about khanreiah getting deleted so we can get another beautiful opera cutscene

  15. You know one of those toys series that like. Each of these 7 figures have 1 part of a bigger character, so collect all 7 to get the full special figure?

    Dain's lore is kinda like that, as every character trailer drop a crumb of himself.

  16. Anyone else not get her on the banner and now have to wait for the free one during Lanturn Rite? T_T

  17. Yun jin its beautifull girl i'll ever seen in game

  18. She is a very cute character but beidou is still #1

  19. She is great but she's glitching on my phone when i play her and their also the same with Dyvalin😂

  20. Beautiful but please my ping in the game is going crazy🥲🥲🥲🥲can’t play well at all

  21. Yoimiya's gonna have a field day with yunjin

  22. So she's kinda like Beidou with her counter… interesting! I wonder if it IS like Beidou, where the HP scaling is from how much damage the counter can absorb but ultimately scales off of the characters atk, or if it scales 100% on Yun Jin's HP, like Zhongli and Hu Tao. 🤔

    I'm glad I got this girly to C6 in my adventure to get Xiao!

  23. Pls I lost the 50/50 again, help my soul. help my life. but i believe theres a way that xiao will come home. help me. lmfao

  24. Who is narrator ( knows everything ) ,,, I hope a 5 star character of narrator in game similar like a sage

  25. Yunjin is tge perfect support for yoimiya

  26. I like how Dain keep repeating Flying Cloud Flag Formation

  27. Another episode of “Dansleif hinting us his depression”

  28. Wait, so I have to increase her def and her HP? Will she even have room for atk artifacts?

  29. I find the final speech that mean the word will be destroy just like Lumine said

  30. I really wanted her to sing during her idle like hutao

  31. Great I didn't want Shenhe but now I wanna roll on her banner for Yun Jin 😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Why does it seems like her kit is much better than Shehe

  33. I cannot equip/face her. I love her but whenever i look at her, it makes my screen lag/covered in black,Orange and blue colors. Sometimes, My genshin crashes

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