COMPLETE RAIDEN SHOGUN GUIDE! Best Raiden Build - Artifacts, Weapons & Showcase | Genshin Impact -

COMPLETE RAIDEN SHOGUN GUIDE! Best Raiden Build – Artifacts, Weapons & Showcase | Genshin Impact

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The electro archon is here. This video covers everything you need to know about Raiden Shogun (Baal) in great detail, with a C0 showcase. Hope you enjoy!
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this guide took me a while and i didn’t really sleep much, i tried to make it as complete as possible and not rush it out, which is why there are already many videos on this character. hopefully you enjoy it. Sub DPS/Burst Support guide.
I really appreciate likes & subs

Initial Info (0:00)
Playstyle & Abilities [Talents] (1:00)
Strengths & Weaknesses [How good is Raiden?] (5:55)
Artifact Sets (8:33)
Artifact Stats (9:17)
Weapons [ALL Weapons Ranked] (12:15)
Constellations (14:42)
Teams [Important] (16:44)
Showcase [Full Abyss 12 Clear] (20:36)
Overall Info (22:52)

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  1. whats the best way i can use her at ar 28?

  2. Got her by accident way before pity. My carry is xiao. Pain

  3. Leveled her and The Catch to 80 and gave her some of my best artifacts and her damage is crap 🙁 Dunno what to do but keep leveling her and hope she stops sucking 🙁

  4. Once I finished her story quest, I made one wish. I got her. And then I screamed.

  5. How much attack should I keep at her I am running ER Sands and her er is at 281 but her attack is like 1300 only so shall I change ER sands with attack sands?

  6. I can’t believe i got her twice just because i want kujou sara

    (don’t get me wrong, i did pull for her at first)

  7. Raiden with diluc is a funny comp if you use her as support with her elemental skill

  8. i have both sands the catch and bennet on her team so which goblet to use

  9. i got her on my new account on my third pull and first ever 5 star

  10. Welp, I got her randomly today. I was building up my pulls towards soft pity for Ganyu rerun or Yae Miko. Got her on 28th wish.
    Man, I'm kinda disappointed… But again it would be worse if I had gotten Kokomi instead.

  11. Idk if it's good or not but I put Raiden Shogun next to Ayaka barbara and Zhongli and she does pretty good dmg.

  12. It so hard to watch with NO BREAKS between sentences. I hate this editing style of deleting even a single second pause between sentences because god forbid people will lose focus because oh my god there was break it's almost like it's super hard to focus because there's no natural break when you speak so you can't even think about the information you were given. Oh sorry, was that hard to read?

  13. Does Baal's burst dmg bonus afect all Noelle's burst attacks or only the first hits? Wanna pull for her but want to know this before…

  14. if i use her with xinqiu, qiqi and zhongli is good team ?

  15. thank you so much for this super concise guide! There's ton of Shogun guides out there but yours was the most engaging and entertaining with actual examples instead of just talking in theory!

  16. Literally just rolled her, I am so dam happy

  17. I M Soo Lucky Tt I Got C1 Raiden At 25pity yesterday…and c2 at 2 pity today as f2p…now i need to watch this video in order to build my Raiden Nd Make Her Strong…

  18. I hope someone can help me with this. I have Raiden and engulfing. But I can't quite figure out what would be a decent crit rate/crit dmg on her. If anyone here finished building her and you guys are happy with her, please let me know

  19. "But generally speaking, the 60% defense shred is really good to increase your balls' damage."

    yes my balls will be great

  20. I am using catch and 4 piece embreld
    Her skill lv is 7 and brust lv is 8 still my
    Brust damage is 20k idk what to do.

  21. Did anyone crown raidens burst? I’ve never crowned a character so I want to know if it’s worth the crown

  22. What artifacts should I use if i use The Catch..I can't catch what he said lol…just played for almost 1 month….anyone help me?

  23. me*gets my first piece from emblem of severed fate*
    mihoyo:ooh how about 7,9% def as main stat 🙂

  24. Should i run ER sands if i’m running engulfing lighting weapon?

  25. i find it strange that most videos dont adress her crazy initial burst potential! Raiden can hit for over 200k with the right team build just with her initial burst

  26. can i ascend her without unlocking the inazuma quest ?


  28. So what's the sweet spot for her Energy Recharge? I have her at 300%+ so I'm not sure if that's just overkill

  29. Honestly a lot of this video feels like a pat on the back trying not to call her bad.

    She fills a role that is too specific.
    Her ER doesn't work when it matters (beidou)
    And her ult normal atk damage after ue burst is meh.

    The video highlights this as "a couple restrictions"

  30. I dont know weather I shuld put my catch on raiden or xianling, I am currently using it on her and dragons bane on xianling

  31. I got Raiden with 6hours left on the banner, ran abyss for some desperation rolls.

  32. Does Wishes Outnumbered talent affect herself picking up particles?

  33. I honestly have no idea how you reached those numbers with your artifacts.

  34. thanks zy0x, wasnt sure how she worked when i decided to start building her but you explained perfectly!

  35. I dont hace any legendary for that idk what to fo

  36. How do people have around 50 or more total 5 star artefacts?. I grinded daily for artefacts with a lv 5 world level and after 4 weeks daily 160 resin used I only got 1, 5 star artefact and its Def

  37. @Zyox how is the passive talent bonus computed again? …for example i have 200% ER….is that 100% * 0.4%? you said it in the video that we will be getting 40% inc in electro damge right?

  38. I paired baal with klee for simultaneously overload

  39. I use her with Yanfei, Xingqiu, and Qiqi… I like to use Xingqiu’s burst + Raiden’s Skill and then fire at enemies with Yanfei’s basic and it’s like throwing 3 element grenades at once hahahahha

  40. I just started playing and I got Baal but i don't have this artifacts so can anyone say what is good in early game?

  41. You know the meme ? Shes so supportive that she supports her main dps out of the field so they don't have to play.. Lol
    That's true to other archons, other archons are so OP they don't even play the game.. 😂

  42. Raiden Shogun supremacy
    also sorry for the wait on the guide, she's pretty complicated and I wanted to make sure I did it well <3

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