COMPLETE SHENHE GUIDE! Best Shenhe Build - Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact -

COMPLETE SHENHE GUIDE! Best Shenhe Build – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact

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Best Shenhe builds, playstyle & rotations explained in one video. I really like this character, well balanced and fun to play in certain teams that I will cover. Hope you enjoy!
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Thanks to Zajef77 for helping me test Shenhe live on her release!

this video took me a few nights of no sleep … i really hope you enjoyed!
as always i really appreciate likes & subs thank you

Initial Info (0:00)
Playstyle & Abilities [Detailed] (0:55)
How Good is Shenhe? (4:53)
Weapons [ALL Weapons Ranked] (6:07)
Artifact Sets (8:53)
Artifact Stats [How Much ER?] (10:29)
Constellations [Are They Worth It?] (12:25)
Advanced Tips & Rotation [DOUBLE your E stacks] (14:39)
Team Comps [Important] (16:40)
Shenhe Showcase [Abyss 12 – Ayaka/Shenhe Clear] (20:51)
Overall Thoughts (23:00)

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  1. I did pull for shenhe in my eula Team but basically nobody realy talks about it or talks about it in Detail D: I am still wondering if she is good or bad in a eula Team and why

  2. Mihoyo drops a character that's specifically to boost cryo team damage they want to act like this is some kind of a negative. Which I guess I understand… pyro units barely even have good supports.

  3. can xiao play with shenhe? with chongyun too

  4. Wait, where do ypu get Favonius Lance from?

  5. Why do you sound like the guy from Iwintolosegaming? O.o

  6. mono cryo is also great for those non-freezable enemies such as the triple kenki floor

  7. Me and my cousin are Ayaka mains and we always joke about Shenhe that she makes below c6 Ayaka c6 Ayaka and makes c6 Ayaka c12 because of the crazy buff to Ayaka’s CA

  8. Mr Socks, pls use some of nocopyrightsounds music intead of "how to download ccleaner" music!

  9. can someone please help me how do i get the circle around my bow shot

  10. been waiting for ur guide since i got her yesterday ! 💕

  11. sorry shenhe imma gonna skip coz kazuha is much better than you

  12. I see you with the Keqing skin. Okay, you just earned a subscriber!!

  13. I do think.. if you want to run non freeze team.. you do want to run 4 emblem set on rosaria instead of 4 blizzard to fully optimise the artifact set.. rosaria also can benefit shenhe twice E other than ayaka..

  14. What about skyward spine? Is it good for her?

  15. I really wanted to use Ganyu and Shenhe together but cant decide who the other 2 characters should be.


  17. God fucking dammit its always Favonius Lance I wish I could just get it already

  18. but her actual strength is the expedition talent

  19. Teams that worked well for me in Spiral Abyss:

    Ayaka+Shenhe+Sucrose(Proto Amber)+Mona(TToDS)

    Ayaka+Shenhe+Zhongli+Mona(Proto Amber)

    But I prefer and still need to pull for Kazuha and Kokomi for Ayaka+Shenhe+Kazuha+Kokomi(TToDS)

  20. It is good zhongli benett ganyu shenhe ???

  21. I do feel really bad about Shenhe. I misjudged her immediately and told my friend who is an Ayaka main to skip not realizing how stupid she is for Ayaka specifically. (One another note, I really wish I could summon for Yunjin but I'm at soft pity and I want to save my guaranteed for Yoimiya C1)

  22. Yo can you make an updated guide for the national team please?

  23. I really want to run the waifu team of Ayaka+Ganyu+Shenhe+Jean, I feel like it's difficult getting things to stay in Ayaka's burst compared to a freeze team

  24. Day my day, my journey to save for Yae Miko just getting harder…

    I'm guaranteed at 20 pity (just lost to another cryo character on my second day of shenhe's banner).
    The thing is, I'm currently running ayaka permafreeze (with rosaria) and raiden national. I also happen to have R5 fav lance. And with yae miko, well, I don't know which team will be good on her, and if it's with raiden, the national team will be disbanded. My catalyst are also limited, with only solar pearl and dodoco tales can be considered good. But pink hair and she's the last piece for my "horsemen of inazuma" team.
    I also need to save for engulfing and mistsplitter…

  25. After some testing, I found out that shenhe’s second passive applies to all damage, and not just cryo.

  26. I got Shenhe but my only cryo characters are Chongyun and… Kaeya.

    Which I don't like either. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

  27. I'm looking forward to putting her with Eula and Raiden on a team plus an anemo character to see how the much burst dmg I can get for Eula and Raiden burst

  28. I think shenhe wasn't made to support cryo DPS's like ganyu or ayaka who can deal a lot of damage on their own.
    She was made to support utility or decent cryo dps characters like Diona, Keaya, Rosaria, and of cause maybe even chongyun.

    Reason: Diona's cryo ascension stat can actually buff the additional cryo damage given by shenhe's quills. Add that with the cryo goblet ang two sets of cryo artifacts (the new cryo sets that have been rumored for a long ) that can give 15 +15 cryo damage.
    Her E can now hit 25-30k.

    I don't think this method/team comp can compete with the high damage from cryo DPS but it's decent enough to clear the abyss with ease if you don't have high damage cryo dps.

  29. I've tried Morgana(ganyu, Mona, diona with kazuha) and ganyu, kazuha, shenhe, kokomi. It surprised me, thought the shenhe team rotation would be too clunky because her different cooldown and energy cost and regeneration, but shenhe rotation is actually quite easy if you're used to playing it. Atleast aim for 160 ER for shenhe. Morgana vs shenhe kokomi, shenhe team actually won by +-7-15 sec despite not fully built. With lvl 6 talents and 3000atk. Shenhe definitely improve ganyu for sure, especially when fighting solo magu kenki ganyu is able to do more dmg now on her charge attack with shenhe E hold. But that's just my experience. Idk about you who didn't pulled for shenhe but atleast don't talk like you know all about it

  30. Again a review where someone says you need a lot of ER becuase her burst cost 80 energy.
    It's on a 20 second cooldown, that means you need 4 energy per second.
    60 energy cost burst have 15 second coodown, that means you need 4 energy per second.
    I don't get it :/

  31. Okay now I confused pull shenhe or zhongli for my main dps ayaya

  32. Can i build her with chongyun and xingxiu

  33. I don't have a Ganyu yet and i'm not sure if I should get her now. Ugh gimme more primos

  34. I got shenhe but i only have eula as my cryo dps, welp auntie team i guess

  35. Soooo pull for Xiao rerun instead of Shenhe. ORRRR save my fates? HMMM. I am running C3 Mona, C1 Zhongli, C0 QiQi & C0 Eula as my main team, sometimes putting C0 Hu in there too instead of Eula but meow my QiQi heals too fast she is better to NOT be on Hu teams, that's more for C5 Xingqiu.

  36. I still pulled for the Booba and dem child-bearing hips even though I may not use her much.

  37. The thing is, people are calling her trash when they've been tying her to only one Cryo DPS, and not using her E twice in a 20 sec rotation. Using two cryo dmg dealers literally doubles her dps contribution, so I really don't get how they get the conclusion that Bennett is better except their dmg dealers have low attack and bad cdmg, to the point where Bennett is better.

    Just slotting in a Ganyu, Kaeya or Rosaria with high crit dmg and multipliers causes Shenhe to go insane, contributing up to 200k or even more every 10 secs, which means she has 400k dps contribution per dps rotation. That's just assuming Shenhe's Icy Quill only gives 15k to her fellow party members, when 15k is relatively easy to achieve.

  38. I've been saving since Kokomi and wanted Xiao more than Shenhe. I also had guarantee and used it on Xiao – 81 pity btw. I also wanted Yunjin – she looks very pretty and didn't get her while pulling for Xiao – and pulled a 10 pull on shenhe's banner. Totally didn't expect her TO BE THE 5TH PULL AFTER XIAO. O_O But quite happy that I got both of them – both are C0, this my first time getting them. Still didn't get Yunjin though T_T. But this guide makes it so much easier for me to build her – A friend recommended. Also nice to see that the Skyward Spine can be used on her, got that recently on the standard. Thanks for the well made guide! ^_^

  39. As more and more characters get released, I feel Mihoyo will continue to push mono teams with more supports that buff a single element. If we’re going to go down that road, it would be nice if they added some depth to elemental resonance to where it gave you a new buff with four characters of the same element. That, or just double the resonance we already get if you want to be lazy about it.

    But first buff electro and hydro resonance because they’re not very good.

    In any case, thank you for making this guide. I got Shenhe and enjoy playing her so far. She definitely requires a bit of timing and mechanical skill to max her support potential, which makes it more fun. 🙂

  40. without kazuha is rlly dificult to find a good team for her

  41. if i want to play DPS Shenhe, should i give her blizzard and 2 piece glad?

  42. I think a big thing people need to understand with her is how damage bonus is calculated, so that they grasp that the base damage of the attack doesn't matter so much as how much DMG, crit damage, and, for melt, EM there is, since those things will multiply the attacks damage after Shenhe's bonus is added.

    So, for instance, a Ganyu with an Amos Bow, doing charged shots while using 4 piece Wanderer's, that's a lot of added DMG beyond the usual goblet and 15% bonus, and so she'll see more damage from Shenhe's buff. On the other hand, there's Eula. Eula wants phys DMG, and so has little to no cryo DMG. End result, no multiplier, so she benefits a lot less from the buff. This also applies to Shenhe herself, since people are most likely building her for attack %, with sufficient energy recharge, and no cryo goblet. And then there is Diona. Plus side, her ascension stat is cryo DMG. Downside, if you give her a cryo goblet, that is a weaker shield/healing.

    This also means you need to factor in the type of attacks you are doing with whether to hold or tap her elemental skill, because of Shenhe's 2nd ascension talent buff. If you are using her with Chongyun, Yun Jin, and Xingqiu team, focusing on cranking up those normal attacks, you'll want to hold her skill, not tap, so you get an extra 15% DMG on your normal attacks (though she really should give 8 on the hold, rather than 7… silly of them to round that down). Likewise, Ganyu with an Amos Bow and/or Wanderer's set favors the hold.

  43. i play Ganyu – Venti – Kokomi – Shenhe and this team is super fun.
    i upload the gameplay on my youtube.
    The rotation is so smooth.
    And with perfect rotation, i could use Ganyu burst with no downtime even tough she has 0% ER from substat.

    imo this team one of the funniest team to play alongside Sukokomon and Childe National.

  44. if cryo why hot?

    this vid took me much longer than expected, but it is finally here and very detailed… ENJOY!

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