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  1. looks like you are more of a toxic player than that kid

  2. This is what happens when you fuck with a whale 🐋

  3. ok, so one question… do you think a 17-year-old who claims, iron sting is best in slot for kazuha can realize, when you are in your entertainer-mode?
    if he did, and you two had a good time afterwards, please excuse this question, i'm just curious

  4. Toxic Player:Teccy my kazoo is way better than yours i'll prove it!
    Teccy anime: Ohhh? I'd like to see you try it..

  5. I just watch 2 gamers proving who has the better KAZUH in a PVE GAME. lmao!

  6. hah, well you dont mind this toxicity then.

  7. A whale against a free to play. Yeah, that is fair, teccy.

  8. imagine being triggered by a kid in a non-pvp game just from "my character better" and proceeds to flex with your wallet. never cringed this hard on a genshin content creator smh

  9. In asia server : Healer dies first.
    Then dps goes to celestia.
    Support 1 getting Knocks from his mom.
    Support 2 's ping 999.

  10. Is this a troll video or something? Tec seems to be a million times more toxic in comparison

  11. I can’t wait for pvp, or some way to see who’s dealt the most damage in domains

  12. …… He said that to THEE ULTIMATE 🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋 LMFAO

  13. I love how he yoinked dudes beetle mid rage

  14. Lmao I love this. This kid made our teccy super salty🤣🤣

  15. this kid is the definition off "this sign can't stop me because i cant read"

  16. The dislikes is from RedRiptyde youtube alt accounts

  17. and THIS is why i keep my account OFF co-op mode and i dread the day that GI gets a PvP mode.

  18. Lol it's funny to see a grown man react like this…

  19. I stand by the fact that my Triple Crowned C6 Razor can clap that child's Kazuha.

  20. The tittle is misleading. The kid didn't destroy Tecton.

  21. Should've just stayed back and done nothing so he couldn't mix it up lmao

  22. That third player:

    Mom pick me up I'm scared

  23. I'm a C2 Kazuha main but if tectone were to randomly join my world I'd switch out immediately and not embarrass myself by claiming mine is better like that dude did 😅

  24. Tectone: “Imma pull out a B Tier Unit”

    * pulls out Tartaglia *

    Me and rest of the Tartaglia mains: 😢

  25. Im not flexing but my kazuha dps build literally one shotted the 3 final mobs and i dont even have a fcking bennet 🤣

  26. Awww how cute, 2 toxic players fighting over who's character is better

  27. Sometimes I wish we have the mvp thing like honkai haha

  28. This thing I watched on stream was like 1800 years ago tf is it so late
    Gj teccy childe supremacist

  29. 1:58 me when I see that lgbtq+ flag and a picrew character as their profile picture

  30. Title : Destroying toxic player
    Tactone being toxic player in this whole video

  31. Bruh teccy should've let him carry without helping him

  32. wait so is it better if i try roll for kazuha or xiao? what makes kazuha good? because im not too sure how he works

  33. I'm gonna bring out a b tier now.
    takes out childe
    Childe does good damage
    My MAIN DPS : oh.

  34. I love how Wither was just minding his business the whole time lol 😂! I’d honestly watch 😆!

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