Developer Interview ft.  @DeadlySlob  &  @Kotton  | The Cycle Frontier -

Developer Interview ft.  @DeadlySlob  &  @Kotton  | The Cycle Frontier

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MarkstromTV presents a developer interview for The Cycle Frontier ft. Deadlyslob & Kotton as cohosts, where the gang asks questions to the creative director Dan Banefelt & executive producer Jonathan Lindsay from Yagerdev.

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  1. There is a huge issue with having these hyper-dedicated core tester teams be hand-picked from the game's Discord: you're getting very one-sided feedback. The people who are not only staying on your discord but also willing to dump dozens of hours into testing are people who already love the game in its * current state * and their feedback is typically limited to slight improvements to make it more of what it already is. With that type of feedback you're basically guaranteed to keep the gameplay design stagnant, miss out on opportunities and new ideas, and fail to address pain points. I've seen this happen on multiple projects, most recently Scavengers. Believe it or not, Scavengers launched in that burning-pile-of-trash state because everyone on the internal tests was a day-1 Discord fan who just kept praising the game and stroking the devs' egos. I saw over and over again people raising real issues with the game, getting shouted down by the core group, and just quietly leaving the conversation, until it seemed like Scavengers was a perfect game with no flaws because everyone who stayed was just in their own comfy echo chamber. Then the game launched and died immediately lmao

  2. The fact that they really do seem like they know where the direction they wanna take the game is what makes me feel like this will be a staple of what my everyday game sessions will consist of.

  3. AMAZING MARK! This is a cool format to see you in, nice work bud!

  4. Idc what they do as long as the spawns are fixed

  5. Shit, I didn't realize they did Spec Ops: The Line!

    No wonder I love these guys, Spec Ops is in my top 10 all time games

    Great interview Mahk

  6. this is THE game im waiting for, everything else im excited for but i want more of the cycle than anything else atm

  7. Great video guys! We cant wait til the next beta!

  8. Ain't gonna lie to you Mark-man, could've done a better job. That's all the negativity I had in me. I could tell you put a good amount of effort into prepping for the interview and leading it. Those parts actually went pretty well. What I can try to pass as advice is don't try to act "appropriately" in one of these. You looked like you were at a job interview that wasn't going well. =D Next time you get the chance to be in one of these, I'd say, don't force yourself to appear respectful of the other participants. Instead, focus on keeping your own energy high. That will raise others' energy as well and create a more comfortable atmosphere for all involved – participants and viewers. I think if you acted like the usual self, it would've gone even better.
    All in all, I recognized your effort and I think the ordeal went well. Hope this was a good learning experience for you and that I get to see you top your current performance. 😉

  9. Going to be hard dealing with all the lackluster FPS games til Q2 and the arrival of TCF! Good job with the interview!

  10. Im so ready this game and the next beta. 2042 just didnt have what i was looking for in it

  11. Like for Markstrom, he’s much more interesting than he seems

  12. What do you get when you put a canadian stoner, a square jaw, and chicken prism's mom's lover in one discord room? A fantastic panel interview.

  13. In contrast to Tarkov, I feel that The Cycle: Frontier respected the players' most important resource: our time. They virtually eliminated matching and load times by allowing dropping into active servers, and they made the it very easy to get back into the game whether you extract or get foamed. Also, since the raids run for longer times, I enjoyed not having a time limit so I could play the raid as I wished.

  14. add time marks in the vid so ppl can skip to diff parts for certain info

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