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Did You Know These 33 Fun Details In Genshin Impact?

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Correction: Masanori actually stronger for the next four hours after midnight.

00:03 – The sun rises and sets on the same side in the login screen.
00:26 – Sunlight in the middle of the rain.
01:04 – The Floating Abode map in Serenitea Pot has this part broken since launch (version 1.5).
01:32 – A hilarious display bug, the wall disappears on one side.
02:13 – The rope that hangs this umbrella at Wangshu Inn is unique.
02:27 – Sometimes you will see crabs falling from the sky.
02:46 – Lots of fish stuck in the ground.
03:00 – Some cats seem afraid of people, they run away as soon as we get close.
03:30 – This Forest Boar in Mondstadt has a very strange behavior.
05:41 – The Forest Boar on Tatarasuna Island has unique behavior, they only appear when we get close.
06:15 – Lots of Cranes drowning themselves.
06:37 – Fischl and Oz were rumored by adventurers in many nations.
06:53 – Bennett is also mentioned by adventurers, but because of his bad luck.
08:20 – The pressure plate could be slightly weighed down by a bird.
08:43 – Diona’s elemental burst can activate a pressure plate.
09:02 – You can hear Hilichurl snoring when standing close.
09:19 – For the next four hours after midnight, Masanori will become much stronger.
09:49 – Abyss Mages has no face.
10:21 – Grand Thief blinking.
11:06 – There is an urban legend about Keqing, according to the Unmoving Kingstone description.
11:32 – Many of the trees in Inazuma were named by Kazuha.
11:44 – Beidou can counter Jean’s Elemental Skill.
12:02 – Razor must have ripped a hole in his coat, allowing his hair to come out.
12:12 – Jean’s outfit is very similar to Vennessa, the gloves were almost identical.
12:38 – Lisa in the first cutscene.
13:31 – In the second part of Kaeya’s Story quest, the mysteries can be solved without asking Kaeya for a hint. This changes his dialogue in the final quest.
14:41 – In the video of Genshin Impact’s Concert 2021, miHoYo gave the old man a chair to sit on. However, they took away his cup of tea.
15:10 – Raiden’s outfit changes between scenes in her Demo.
15:41 – Q&A with the Genshin Development Team about artifacts.
16:12 – The love triangle between Zhihua, Qiming and Linlang.
18:00 – Xiuhua and Yuhua are twin sisters.
18:50 – Wagner’s shop is called “Schulz’s Blacksmith”.
20:16 – Yurika now only asks for 500 Mora after the Inazuma Archon Quest is completed.

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  1. 8:28 can anyone tell where this place is in liyue?
    I have just one geoculus left for the whole statue of seven (ar 55) and I guess this is the place where geoculus is left 🙂

  2. May i know the link of this Dragonspine melody piano pls :)))

  3. 16:15 What a wonderful tea is this? I love Love-Triangles. It's funny and entertaining to watch.

  4. "Teyvat has its own laws"
    -Mihoyo Devs, probably

  5. me who can counter jeans elemental skill without beidou : "I'm 4 paroral universes ahead of you!!"

  6. Aaaa, I MUST know what this music is!! If someone can tell me what it’s called, where it’s from, who made it, etc., that would be much appreciated! Thanks so much for the video btw 💕 So calming

  7. I like how you're using Sayu to explore and also not harming the animals.

  8. I'm pretty sure Lisa could hold her ground against Alice albeit for a few moments.

  9. This just reminded me on how lively the npcs are also yah some have depressing lore while others well there just there to have a fun time

  10. 2:36 I usually see lizards spawning from above and falls down and they never moves like they're stuck.

  11. Кабан метнулся кабанчиком за сигаретами.

  12. woahhh I'm really shookt that you used "To The Moon" as one ot the background music!!

  13. Bruh, choosing this backsound should be a crime,
    sobbing and crying in the middle of the day isn't fun

  14. In beidou hangout event, when walking on the beach, beidou doesn't left footprint, but traveller does

  15. Yet Lisa is one of the least played characters, if not the least.

  16. I want to focus on the video but Sayu is distracting me. I did not get her during hu tao banner and I really really want her 😭

    Nice video anyways! Much information for new traveller like me 💗💗

  17. 6:16 this is sad for the cranes (but kinda funny 😂 free food yeaaayyy)

  18. The love triangle between Zhihua, Qiming and Linlang is just 😳😳😭😭💜💙💜💙💜💙💜

  19. the traveler's geo elemental ability can also activate pressure plates, thats how i activated them

  20. its a big world.. some glitch still reasonable… can u even create that?

  21. ahhh i see, before abssy mage disappear he will keep the "mask"

  22. The crabs falling from the sky be like : i have been kicked from celestia 🙁

  23. Hilicurl can be very disrespectful sometimes, I give the a cute rabbit bunny for their sleeping company and yet they're starting to attack me. How rude

  24. Schulz doesn't have the royalty but he got the trademark, Wagner must be so pissed LOL

  25. If that is true about Keqing, just imagine how rip her arms have to be to keep hitting a damn stone over and over for tens years.

    Keqing badass in lore

    Keqing in gameplay Nerfed as fuck.

  26. the little liyue love triangle is cute… is it weird that i ship NPCs sometimes? even thought i can’t remember a lot of their names, some interactions are very sweet
    like the two girls on watatsumi island that have a story quest, and the author girl and her friend from tsurumi island in that quest. some NPCs have such nice relationships and stories together, i love how much effort is put into the game even to make the NPCs interesting 🙂

  27. Did you know: If you teleport to another area you are practically close to, it has a chance to rain, nonlogically.

  28. 21:26 "Dvalin is just like a kitten, and Lisa is concerned about her skin." Interesting hehe

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