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Diluc vs Ayaka – Genshin Impact

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  1. The fact that c6 Ayaka makes her charged attack do 300% increased damage (along with any of her other buffs that work together) and than the fact that it strikes 3 TIMES. is crazy. three 300% charged attacks = Big PP damage

  2. isnt diluc c6 and triple crowned? kinda unfair for ayaka

  3. Chongyun 》 Ayaka for me 🙊 he is able to take half of Stormterror's HP with Burst only

  4. That bass drop for ganyu at 7:44 🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂

  5. How do I get mihoyo to give me the Amos bow on the standard banner instead of a character? I'm almost at the pity

  6. imagine being a diluc main w/ ayaka cyro apply, couldnt be me

  7. it's funny bcs i literally got diluc on 10 pull (31st pity), and then ayaka 11 pull later

  8. I hope they can buff crit dmg on pyro resonance like how they buff crit rate a lot on cryo char.

  9. I use ayaka as my main dps since i got her and using the black sword(no luck pulling her weapon) and 4 blizzard i manage to get 73%crate and 200%cdmg, and i though it is better to pair her ult with venti's ult rather than kazuha's ult, you know it js like using double venti ult with more damage, for me she js fun to play tho i enjoy playing her

  10. For spiral abyss floor 12 I think it would have been better if ayaka team was the 2nd team.

  11. Ayaka, c4 chongyun, bennete,mona/barbara, stable skill rotation i guess

  12. Tbh i dont really care if the character is support or a main dps as long as they can kill the enemy that is good enough for me … And beside's i pull for the character that i want…

    i use Keqing Hu tao Ganyu and Diona for the shield if im not doing the daily ..

    Still farming for Ayaka im having a hard time searching for Cherry bloom😅

  13. I'm convinced that missplitter reforged are Baal weapon not ayaka, I mean it's obvious

    Also ayaka use different sword in her trailer

  14. when will we be able to get rid of bennett C6 so I can say hes good… one day

  15. Bruh U need to pair Ayaka with Venti and Diluc with Kazuha

  16. I agreed she's nothing if she doesn't have her burst and doesn't have a good weapon and or if she's c0

  17. Randomly got C1 Diluc last night on the standard banner so ig its time to "properly" build him lol

  18. Me who has both in a team:
    I see this as an absolute win

  19. Please tell me what 4 star weapon to use on ayaka

  20. everytime i watch Tenha compare new characters with his full potential diluc i cri because i’m a diluc main.

  21. goood vid. you have kind of a toxic fan base tho man i’m sorry about it.

  22. 12:25 Ppl get so butthurt when Ayaka and Ganyu gets called support.
    I mean c'mon they can both be main dps and support depending on your team comp and situation. This versatility and team building is the fun part and i love Genshin for that

  23. Does any1 have an unloved diluc acc that I can have please I have been re rolling for days and no luck

  24. This guy literally did a 10 hour stream just to build Ayaka for this video GIGACHAD

  25. Thanks,I just got Diluc,In Ayaka banner….

    and i have no more primos

  26. if dilucs bird stopped like ayaka, diluc would probably s tier

  27. I want diluc I have 5 lvl weapon ready for him😁

  28. Damm bro yesterday was my first time ever playing genshin and got diluc on my first wish with noelle 😂😂

  29. I lost my 50 and got Diluc….and then in the same multi…Ayaka lol

  30. I think ayaka is on par with ganyu, they both have amazing dmg and are sadly very squishy. However, ganyu has an advantage with her range

  31. Finally a worthy opponent, my ayaka has 43.5 crit rate and 245 crit dmg level 80/80🤔

  32. Whoa hold up c6 Bennett pairs insanely with her

  33. You use Bennets burst then hers and ur get tons of melts as long as u keep auto attacking in his citcle

  34. your runs would have been much better if u used diluc in the first half and ayaka on the second one

  35. Will Lavawalker Ayaka with Bennet C6 be good?

  36. i cant keep thinking that comparing ayaka with my hutao, ayaka feels a bit underwhelming so i decided to not pull for her and save primos (im f2p) but i got her sword so now idk what to do

  37. "This might be to extreme" proceeds to add ganyu to the team LOL

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