DPS SHOWDOWN! Itto vs Xiao vs Noelle! CRAZY UNEXPECTED results! Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

DPS SHOWDOWN! Itto vs Xiao vs Noelle! CRAZY UNEXPECTED results! Genshin Impact

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In this video, we compare C0 Arataki Itto to C0 Xiao and C6 Noelle! Find out WHO is the STRONGEST F2P friendly DPS character!

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0:00 | Intro, Methodology, and Disclaimers (IMPORTANT)
4:15 | Builds & More
6:30 | Regisvine (unga bunga)
8:02 | Regisvine (creative)
9:54 | Childe
12:30 | Maguu Kenki
15:14 | Husk Domain
17:20 | Ninja Doggo
19:48 | Ninja Doggo (5 star weapons)
21:19 | Damage per Thumbnail
22:38 | Abyss 12-1-1
26:19 | Abyss 12-2-2
28:56 | Abyss 12-3-1
32:15 | Summary and Stuff

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  1. May i ask how noelle can swing around the sword then do the plunge attack? I would like to do it too!

  2. Whatever it is, I am just glad Xiao got smoked in this showdown. Literally no reason to roll for Xiao at all.

    Lose to a 4 star
    Lose in plunging damage
    Ugly design
    Ugly voice
    Bad personality
    Headache inducing gameplay
    Weird, overly passionate, and toxic Xiao mains who would type paragraphs to defend an objectively bad character

  3. how tf do u do 8s on the cryo plant with a xiao that does 38-40k dmg, when i do 6s with a xiao that does 27-30k dmg

  4. As a xiao main, Xiao can be faster on these runs if you ain't charge attacking, but it's situational and optional as well.

  5. Props to itto for being a slightly better noelle (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

  6. Your Xiao gameplay could've been better, but oh well. The difference isn't that big.

  7. Whenever you make these videos with Xiao, I feel like you hate him, since he always severely underperforms and you point out major errors in his kit, like his dash targeting at c6 and inability to snapshot buffs
    As a Xiao player it sucks to see that he gets outdone even by 4*s at every turn!

    But, thank you for defending him at the end of this video. Now I understand that investing in him isn't totally useless– future updates could easily make him relevant again, especially on a future rerun like the one that made Albedo so good. I hope my boy gets some love down the line!

  8. except the floor -12 he didnt use Gorou
    Whats with the dedicated XIao support copium

  9. Xiao is really powerful due to his Q literally being a shotgun
    Itto is really cool, idk about him doe.
    Noelle is great, but her shield falls back after world level 1. Burst is only for Noelle, I really dislike that

  10. If there was a good artifact set for xiao,
    Mihoyo could make more money and we could have a even stronger xiao. Win win.

  11. Александр Ноговицын says:

    50 pulls on Onikabuto simp banner. No doggo or that oni himself, but a Qiqi

    P.s. c5 Ordo Favonius quarters sweeper, still no luck on An Emo banner(

  12. the fact that he loses on a plunge damage comparison as well is hilarious to me for some reason, like that's his biggest draw and he still loses lmao

  13. How did you the attack jump plunge combo?! Ive never seen that before… can it only be done with the regisvines??

  14. I knew Itto would win but I really didn't expect noelle being better or on par with Xiao and even Itto.

  15. should i use Whiteblind or Skyward Pride

  16. Me he fijado que hay demasiado SIMP de xiao alchile todos los personajes se quejan de que hace menos daño, pero no por ser un personaje querido debe de ser meta Geo no hace daño en las reacciones elementales y además te obliga usar equipos Mono Geo, xiao pega bastante bien así si le ponemos un set dedicado para el estaría roto y es muy probable que no lo hagan cuando mucho lo buffen con una arma le conviene más a mihoyo que gasten en constelaciones

  17. Xiao mains hoping he will get artifacts and noelle mains defending her as usual while itto mains just chilling with his bussing damage

  18. Xiao's damage skyrockets with a c4 Jean, but that's with a c4 Jean. Which really, is not even remotely f2p friendly. That being said, you can clear 12-3 with a blackcliff Xiao, so it's not that bad, just not very player friendly.

  19. itto is by far. the most powerful. this guys.has mained xiao forever and itto is new so ofc he gonna make xiao look best

  20. I would love to see more dps showdowns featuring Ayaka and/or Raiden

  21. Dude he is not using his xiao plunge in the fastest way 🙄

  22. This crushed my heart. I never planned on getting xiao but I got him on 1 pitty. Now I see Noelle out dps xiao. I never built Noelle but I already have c5 Noelle.

  23. To be honest Noelle is always compared to 5 start characters

  24. Your not suppose to use xiaos basic attack when you use his ult

  25. guys pls make me happy I by mistake and even noelle can catch him what Im gonna do-

  26. I am running c6 Noelle as main dps and in my opinion Noelle BiS is Serpent Spine because you get the crit rate so you can focus on crit dmg from artifacts and you still get defense more than enough with artifacts subs and set bonus from Husk of Opulent Dreams. Whiteblind for me deals less damage because I can keep up the 50% extra damage from Serpent Spine easily since I have double shield always on, (Zhongli and Noelle shields) and I don't want to stack that much defense since I already have huge multipliers as I said. Would love to see Serpent Spine on this DPS showdown for Noelle maybe another time!

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    Let me know who you'd like to see in the next DPS Showdown with C6 Itto vs 2 others!
    Also, I used the wrong clip for Noelle vs Regisvine. Her N4 combo saved me 0.43 seconds. Not a big deal in the big picture, but that's why I was saying N4 instead of N3. Here's the correct clip: https://youtu.be/UJ-RvYULNI4

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