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DrDisrespect Loves Proximity Chat in The Cycle Frontier

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Doc Tries out The Cycle FRONTIER and Loves the proximity Chat

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► Atrey – Dark Prince (Final Cut)

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  1. As expected, another banger i gotta watch more than once. Love to see you having a blast whilst playing new games Doc. How about some sim racing next? 😁🙏 Highly recommend GT Sport & Assetto Corsa Competizione! GT Sport first as their tutorials are next level brilliant. They'll help you rapidly become fast & confident in any car & in every other racing game.
    For anyone who hasn't seen Summit trying out the sim life, you're missing out on pure gold!

  2. Seeing Doc smiling and laughing makes it all worth it. 🙂

  3. I wanted to test out the health system anyways 😂😂🤣😂

  4. Warzone should have proximity chat for extra preasure

  5. 1:03 I see what you did there Alex..”eASSier to manage”. Now we know what’s on your mind these days.

  6. I noticed at least 2 spelling/grammar mistakes in the narrating on screen of Lupo. Why am I like this

  7. No Man's Sky and Apex Legends had a handicapped child???

  8. I wanna tell people all about Wendy’s on proximity chat… wendys nuts hit the back of yo head!

  9. Doc and Lupo are a great duo.
    Doc and Timmy are a hilarious duo.
    Doc and Zlaner are a legit vsm duo.

    Notice the pattern? Think about it.

  10. Doc out here testing the real gamer questions, like what kills the player.

  11. Is that the real Dr. Lupo? Has he unleashed his southern accent over the last few years? I remember thinking he had the best voice of the popular fortnite content creators, but he didn't sound anything like he did in this video!

  12. The doc going up to space with aliens is something I want to see lol

  13. 7:45 – Proximity chat for humans… or vegans. anyway, CYA! <3

  14. When trans folk call me phobic for not wanting to date them I’m gonna say “im vegan for trans folk”

  15. Game is estined for the trash bin.

  16. YESS it so awesome to hear lupo and doc playing together

  17. I played this game like a year maybe even two years ago. It looks totally different now.

  18. For how the game looks it’s really demanding they need to optimise it hard

  19. I love The Cycle, been playing it since it launched! Love to see the psychotic Doc jumping in. Firm handshakes.

  20. 11:38 “okay we’re all outta meds” alien is right on the other side of the door 😂

  21. At 9:20 the song is Dark Prince .pt.3 by Atrey, Man i got chills when i heard the song, been my top song for a while now, and when THE two time yelling GO GO GO, amazing !

  22. this is like deep rock galactic + fortnite

  23. Why does Doc and some americans say eXscape? Is it a California thing?

  24. I feel like doc got a little heated when the kid said the word Vegan

  25. wow new game and it looks fun, proximity chat is epic more games should have it

  26. Im in love with the music in this video! Make a Spotify playlist Doc!!

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