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Duel in the Mist – Inazuma OST Battle Theme MV|Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Warning: This video may trigger discomfort in patients with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewers are advised to watch with caution.

The Inazuma OST Battle Theme MV “Duel in the Mist” is performed by special guest top Japanese folk musicians.

Music Production: HOYO-MiX
Co-Production: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
Composer: Yu-Peng Chen@HOYO-MiX

Folk Music Performance:
Shamisen: Yutaka Oyama, Sayo Komada
Koto: Kasumi Watanabe
Shakuhachi: Mamino Yorita
Taiko: Kodo

Video Production: P.I.C.S.

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  1. Tbh because of genshin I now have more appreciation for Chinese music

  2. Everyone say thank you to whales for fueling Mihoyo

  3. Me grinding chest for primo
    hears this: *frantically looks around for enemies*

  4. The reason i use beidou and noelle when i hear this music to make the full counter more interesting 😊

  5. the first 37 seconds: a little calm, should make this my morning music
    the first 39 seconds: a little bit intense: probably shouldnt make this my morning music
    the first 42 seconds: a little bit too loud
    the first 58 seconds: loud
    1 minute and 44 seconds later: LOUD DRUM NOISES

  6. Those annoying Kairagis ruined this piece for me and I'm sad because I can't enjoy the composition anymore.

  7. Aaaaaahhhhhh seriusssss kereeeen bangeeeettttttt

  8. So much efforts been put in this beautiful Inazuma OST that it took away all the rewards from what so called anniversary. Funny how simple mistake as that may lead to devastating results to the game with their players base both f2p and P2W ^^.

  9. They use the instruments so fast it makes me scared

  10. This music is just incredible. The musicians talent is amazing!

  11. Samurais : 100 meters
    Tabibito : *picking the flowers
    1 sec after that : 00:07

  12. Finally they released my Favorite Battle Theme ! LIKE IT

  13. Now, it's time to hunt more nobushi…….

  14. Its amazing! But nothing beats “Overload of the Thunderstorm”

  15. Dude, I'm so excited for the concert. It'll be my first time going to a concert, it's online but I'll count it.

  16. That drop at 2:34 😭😭😭 There’s nothing like fighting a hard battle and then getting to hear the flute drop in. I actually get disappointed when I kill enemies too fast and miss out on the flute

  17. " katana no SABI TO NAREEEEE" and then panic running away 😂 but ngl the ost really is a bop

  18. Still waiting on HOYO-MIX to drop a physical CD album we can buy.

  19. Just realised I've never listened to this song more than 30 secs in-game because of Zhongli's meteor lol it's a jam tho

  20. when i hear this sound i feel have samurai coming to me SABITONAREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  21. Players furious because of anniversary rewards
    Mihoyo releases this video
    Players friends with mihoyo again.

  22. the music is amazing and so is the visual, those subtle flashing lights make it look like there are lightnings nearby. wow

  23. THIS ON LOOP. I'd never get tired listening to this song while watching this live performance. It's soooo amazinggg, the music, performers, everything.

  24. Samurai strike!!! Beidou counter followed by Kazuha wind gale

  25. Imagine kazuha, thoma, ayaka, kokomi and others npc in inazuma plays the instrument to support the traveler to defeat their archon.

  26. I wish mihoyo were as good at pleasing their players as they are making music.

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