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Thoma’s hangout event just got a lot more interesting…
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DISCLAIMER: miHoYo lets players take control of Thoma during one of his hangout options and you can actually walk around a little bit around the island and even encounter some enemies… but the catch is – you’ve only got 60 seconds so better make it count!

This video focuses on checking out some of the more serious things about Thoma, like his damage multipliers and even how the talents function. Although the current equipment on him isn’t in the most optimal shape, the goal here is not to evaluate his damage dealing capabilities but instead look at the numbers and think of how we can prepare for his release.

Thoma damage dealer or Thoma support builds will come out later in the next video once the 2nd banner with Hu Tao arrives as well as a dedicated Thoma guide which will be made at a later date.

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  1. Would’ve liked to see vape and melt xingqiu type of support with barbs, kokomi, and ayaka

  2. Long as it doesnt take me 130 pulls for 1 copy like it did with sara im cool

  3. Honestly who knows he could be your primo saving zhonglie.

  4. So another char that benefits from full Emblem set!
    But dual scaling is quite tricky.. he can be full shielder and go full main stat HP but lose some attack or hybrid/sub dps but sacrifice shield strength 🤔

  5. I’m still gonna build my man. 🙏 I hope a C6 Thoma havers!

  6. Ok so he is basically pyro Xingqui but worse right?

  7. Was thinking of putting him with Hu Tao once I get them for shield + pyro resonance since I don't have Zhongli. This video gave me insights and information I needed on him. Thank you!

  8. The one i excited for him is finally we got new Shield Character. That's all

  9. 300K Congrats !
    my first genshin impact yt sub <3

  10. i cant believe they gave his burst an icd, whats the purpose of the fire collapses if it cant constantly apply pyro? he couldve been a good pyro applicator

  11. 7:58 you can have more LEEWAY with the energy recharge

    Gacha gamer: shows LIYUE

  12. One minute? I actually fought Wolfie with him and my team xD he is a great shield (his artifacts r kinda trash here ngl) and his ability to apply pyro was useful since i had tartaglia in my team 👌🏻
    Also, put his abilities aside, Thoma is a husbando so he is a must have~



    also he works well with hu tao since he provides pyro resonance and pyro swirls for vv shred and doesnt really mess up the golden hutao and xingqui combo

    hu tao pullers winning 😳

    I really hope his shield is tanky enough to protect hu tao

  14. Just need C0 no need to build him
    His role is simply a husband in my teapot I don't have a problem with him being lvl 1 as long as he's with me… For eternity

  15. ARMYS that ORBITS around CARATS are WIZ*ONES says:

    I think people set their expectations too high with that "pyro xingqiu" and "male xiangling" he is neither of that but he still is a malewife so who cares lol

  16. I can see Baal benefiting from Thoma 🥰

  17. Im 1 wish away from getting a guaranteed 4 star in limited banner I hope I get thoma on hu tao's banner

  18. I don’t care if he good or bad all I know is I like his character and that hang out was my favorite

  19. variety? yet another pyro unit is released lol thatll make the 50th one

  20. Zhongli will always run the show of shielding

  21. Thoma has a shield that can be staked, basically an option to Zhongli, one the character present on all teams bc of his shield.
    Focus of the video, energy, dmg, dmg multiplier and more things related to dmg, 10 seconds with Klee and that was all commented on his shield.

  22. why are we saying the team comp meta has basically been set in stone for a game that still has at least 3+ more regions of story left? meta doesnt even matter the only combat goal so far is beating spiral abyss & random events lol.

  23. As a Hu Tao main who doesn't have Zhongli, I welcome him with open arms.

  24. i don't even care about the math when it comes to these characters anymore he's acrobatic and friendly and a housekeeper and his burst is iconic i love him

  25. NEOtional Team
    -a twist on the renowned National Team

  26. I tried 2 team comp with him, my normal team comp of Jean, Fischl, Klee, and Raiden + him,
    Raiden, Xinqiu, Aloy and Sucrose + him.
    Both team he works well enough, his shield, even with subpar build is pretty sturdy and manage to protect my 2nd team that has no healer well.
    It's just with aloy's range, his aoe Pyro kinda often doesn't hit, so for ranged applicator like Mona and other characters, you'd need to walk closer and that kinda defeats the point of ranged attackers.
    That's why he's better for melee ones. With Raiden, Childe, Ayaka, Keqing, Chongyun, etc he'd be good Pyro applicator, for most with a bit more range, Xiangling is better and she hits way harder.
    Basically Thoma is Xiangling just for melee, so he gave you that shield to compensate for it.

  27. I miss having free characters on quest like Amber,lisa,kaeya…. We never got any nowadays.

  28. You can play as him indefinitely by turning off your wifi speaking to that lafy thrn immediately running to the kamisato door and press enter hq and when you switch on your wifi you will have 5 characters without a time limit.

  29. "What would you do if you had only one minute with Thoma"
    idk how about you, but I managed to set everything on fire

  30. Don’t want Hutao, so just 10 pulls on banner for me. Let there be Thoma

  31. hes shield support like zhongli…………………………………

  32. Me personally? I’m building him as a recharge and burst support. I’m running (or planning to run) a R3, LV 80 “The Catch” on him and a Emblem of Severed Fate 4 Piece on him. Meaning that his burst should be doing significant amounts of damage along with recharging quickly (running both on Xiangling rn gives me 250%+ energy bonus, which racks up roughly 63% damage increase on his burst, not including the damage and crit rate increase from “The Catch”). So not only will his burst be doing double the damage, but his recharge will be almost tripled. With two HP artifacts on the man, tons of HP substats, and a Fischl with the Tenacity set, Thoma’s shields shouldn’t be much of an issue either. Not to mention a pyro goblet that I could easily switch out for HP if I am unsatisfied with the current build. And I have all this set up as well, along with all necessary materials for him (minus mora… eheh-).

    I made the mistake of farming the Bolide set about a month ago for Thoma without realizing that shields increase was for him only. Which sucked. From what I can tell, the only viable 4 piece artifact sets for him are going to be Emblem, Noblesse, and Crimson unless you want to build him with two piece sets. In those cases I suggest leaning to recharge, Pyro, HP%, or attack. A good choice would be a two piece Tenacity and a two piece either Crimson or Emblem. Maybe Gladiator if you feel like he’s lacking in damage.

    As for weapons? Anything that scales on recharge or HP is gonna be your best friend. Some good choices will be:
    – Engulfing Lightning
    – Staff of Homa
    – “The Catch”
    – Vortex Vanquished

    Some other Honorable Mentions:
    – Kitain Cross Spear. Especially if you’re looking into him for that off field Pyro and/or a substitute to Xiangling.
    – Dragon’s Bane. Same reason as above.
    – Favonious Lance. But only if you have the refinements for it (R3 or above is my suggestion) and have a lot of crit rate. (I hate how Mihoyo always likes to give their trial characters the Favonious set. Because of it, we don’t get to see the character at full potential half of the time and it pisses me off tbh).

    Unless you plan on maining him for damage (Barbra mains I’m looking at you) and turning him into a DPS, don’t even bother with his auto attack level. You won’t get much out of it. His skill is top priority, and if you can spare the resources, his burst is also good to invest in especially if you’re looking for that extra damage.

    Anyway, what do I know? I’m just a local Thoma simp who has been planning and preparing for him for over a month. Not out of thirst, but out of pure respect for this amazing, beautiful, smart, and kind manwife.

    … okay and out of thirst. This man would make the best husband, okay?

  33. For those who are confused you play him like xingqiu except more defensive and just there to set up reactions
    His ult resets his shields when you atk which gives the shield more hp making it stronger and giving itself 5%-25% shield strength to the active character ( like zhongli)
    At C4 with the catch/favonius + emblem hes basically looping his shields forever Which means you could add more hp
    He’s basically a pyro xingqiu +zhongli

  34. "Fiasco with Beidou + Raiden"
    Damn, you guys want that so bad uhm?

  35. my guess is that he may be a full time shielder
    i think we gotta build him with hp/hp/hp just like a shieldbot build zhongli/diona
    idk tho we have to wait till he comes out
    but still hoping that he can be used as a shieldbot since there are very less shield characters in the game

  36. The recent 4-star additions bring so much "Ehh" to the table. Sub-par damage on a non-healing unit. The shield is nice, but he needs a stronger off-field presence if he's going to be of much benefit. And what is up with these 6 second buffs? That feels way too short, just like Kujou Sara's clunky style. 6 seconds is just not worth much.

  37. Ok ,but why no one's talking about hu tao with favo lance?????

  38. Xinyan 2.0. Lets re-release the least popular character

  39. People are like "pull cause I like him and don't care about his skills". I get it. But he's the first new adult model husbando since release. And the 2nd adult model 4* guy. And he's only a shilder. Seriously, I'm super disappointed. I don't think he brings much to the table. A shield, yeah, we have zhongli for that. Pyro application is garbage. I'm actually very disappointed. I was planning to do 50 summons on Hu Tao banner to get him (and not Hu Tao, I don't like her character), but I guess I will only do 20 summons max and that all.
    I farmed all his material ascension but I can't find him a place to use him…

    BTW, when a new Pyro male dps mihoyo?

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