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EASY Beginners Guide to THE CYCLE: FRONTIER. How to get started!

Jordan Merrill Gaming
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Helpful tutorial to get you started in The Cycle: Frontier

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0:00 Intro
0:21 What to expect in your first drops.
1:04 Beginner loadouts
2:25 How to loot properly
4:04 What to do with the loot
4:56 Motivational message


  1. You uploaded this just in time for my search. Take my sub.

  2. Hol up, is tja game out now or ia it still closed beta and only for those with access

  3. But what exactly is the point in playing cycle since there's no endgame/win like normal BR? Just loot and get better stuff?

  4. So what’s the deal with this versus the “original”?

  5. good video man..this was actually packed with a lot of great info!

  6. Thanks for this vid, I'm excited to see the future of this game.

  7. Hey man. I literally cannot find scrap metal… I find metall alloys and hardened metal all over… but I cannot find the rest of the scrap for my task. No matter where I look or who I kill to loot… oh and where do I find this blue runner egg?!?!

  8. can you get guns from inside the map i havent found a single gun

  9. hey, thanks for the guide! really useful information
    "get in, get out, repeat" such is life in Fortuna III

  10. Really informative and motivating video ! Keep going.

  11. Just joined the open Beta today. Thanks for the briefing to this new world. Happy looting everybody!

  12. thanks, I never got into games similar to cycle frontier and I really needed some basic tips.

  13. the only time that i sruvived was on tutorial. for me this game its a no i will not play it ány more

  14. This is a great video man! Thanks a ton! Loving the game.

  15. I played The Cycle for a while but it got hard to find matches. I enjoyed it a lot and am hoping to get into this beta

  16. Ight can you or someone tell me where the heck the brightcaps are!?

  17. How long does it around take to get into the beta?

  18. Gained a new sub today 🙂 thanks for the content. ready to drop lfg boys

  19. Very good video brother!! You deserve far more subscribers imo so i am one now, thanks for the info and keep it up because you will be awesome with this game's content

  20. does anyone know when the beta is supposed to close?

  21. how do i get a bigger bag and also better armor?

  22. I’m gettin demolished … it’s like everyone knows exactly where I am… and I can’t find anything I’m searching for… spent 30 minutes in 5 different POIs looking for hardened metal then got sniped for across the map

  23. Psst.. I crafted an Uncommon backpack and it disappeared. You know if this is a bug or if I missed something? 😛 Ty! Good video btw.

  24. Jordan, this was a really well made video! Thank you so much!

  25. Very good guide. I played now for like 10 hours but still feel like a noob lmao. This guide helped me. Could you do same a guide to this keycards?

  26. You speak very calmly and accurate … its a nice change from the other streamers .. Good work lad!

  27. how do i craft a backpack where do i go to do this??

  28. Fantastic video man, straight to the point. Just got into the game and needed some pointers on what loot to prioritise. 100% subbed

  29. Looks like you did an amazing job I hope I get a key to use this guide!! Keep up the good content!

  30. Thanks for this vid, I'm excited to see the future of this game.

  31. Thanks for this vid, I'm excited to see the future of this game.

  32. how do you split ammo stacks???? I cannot figure it out

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