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Electro MC, Inazuma Secrets, and Ayaka!

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Yo! Inazuma Has launched in #genshinimpact lets test out #ayaka and find all sorts of secrets when it goes live officially! This is a massive 2.0 patch for #genshin and I can’t wait for all the puzzles and quests!


  1. I feel sad for liyue and monsdadt I will not visit often… Well another memory.

  2. I only wanted yanfei . Got her on my very first pull!! Let's fucking gooo

  3. If MC are to many elements.
    MC should be "which want i should take the artifacts".

  4. I just used my primos as a f2p and was very discouraged when I got diluc on my 70th pull but I had about 30 wishes left and I hit Ayaka on my 20th pull holy shit idk what just happened but I’m feeling good

  5. I dont have enough space to update the game :(((

  6. Cmon.. Just pull her. I know u want her hahaha

  7. Bruh I left after eula banner. Does my c6 Ganyu, c6 venti, c5 Mona, c6 Diona still viable?

  8. I sense MOTIVATION rising when you were testing her

  9. this is so good i love it, mihoyo has outdone them self!!

  10. Had saved up 101 fates for Mistspliter on my Keqing. I got Jade winged spear. I ssly feel like quitting.

  11. My game is still loading but i'm SO excited, love this so so much

  12. I rolled on this banner for Yanfei, didn't want Ayaka, since I already spent 16k FTP primos on the last Yanfei banner and didn't get her. 0 pity. This is what I got:
    4 Ningguang, 5 Chongyun and 2 Ayakas in 80 pulls.
    And only one Yanfei…

    …well, I still insantly got Yanfei to lvl 90 trple crown.
    I will see what I do with Ayaka.

  13. O yo near the inazuma city from the kid NPC's they're talking about Fontaine and sumeru. Roads build in sky. Man they're hyping up Fontaine already

  14. Well I actually wanted to skip her but damn you don’t make it easier for me 😂😂

  15. Im on my 63 wish but it's a 50/50 i hope that i win because i really want Ayaka /:

  16. I am. AR 35 ,when will the quest unlock for me?

  17. The artifacts exchange system is completley trash it should be 1/1 i will never do it

  18. Can we keyboard players keymap our T or anything else we want on our mouse’s side buttons Mihoyo?!! I mean what is the challenge here after all this time? 🤔

  19. Just used 5 hours to finish one quest while breaking a finger and controller. Fuck inazuma

  20. “If I can’t play it, watch people doing it”

  21. The new region is so cool but its a bit small

  22. OMG Dont laugh at me this is the 1st time in 2 months I realise we can Crouch????

  23. Yo Mtashed you will never guess what… after watching your stream I went and pulled after loosing 50 50 on Kazuha banner I then went did 1 10 pull and I got me Ayaka on her bannnerrrr (Im also F2P)

  24. I love seeing mtashed actually having fun again

  25. "Do you think they'll release the next area sooner?"
    > looks at Honkai impact
    No. No they won't. MiHoYo is a "slow burn" company, they know how to make a story last forever

  26. Do we know when kokomi and baal are coming out so I can decide whether I can afford to wish on Ayaka?

  27. Did The tash man stay up all night playing Genshin?

  28. ~DUDEEEE I FREAKINN LOST THE 50/50 Wtf Jean destroyed my night🙂

  29. ~Ill just join your giveaway like what you said to me earlier🙂

  30. I found some of the mechanics kinda confusing tbh. Idk whether I just skipped some important dialogue or something

  31. I can't wait for Mtashed to fight Baal in Archon Quest 😆

  32. Anybody else fight the Baal boss fight yet, she has infinite health I swear when i saw how much Heath she had I thought you were supposed to fail it for the story 😅

  33. Wished they had a cutscene of trying to survive the storm when traveling to inazuma

  34. Mtashed? Do you remember me, the guy earlier who asked you for you to blesses me with your F2p Luck, I just wanted to say thank you so much, I really was Lucky, I won the 50/50 and got ayaka in my first 4 pulls, I still couldn’t believe my eyes, So thank you 🙏🏻

  35. Aaaaa I’m getting an iPad soon so I can continue playing Genshin 🙂
    I’m really excited for Inazuma and it’s story

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