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every character’s vision and its location [genshin impact]

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everyone’s visions! excluding ayaka, sayu and yoimiya (since they’re not out yet)
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[ more about genshin impact ]

players can explore the game’s large fantasy world, called teyvat, with over 25+ characters and various points of interest spread across the map. the game features an action combat playstyle that allows the player to swap between 4 individual characters in a party to quickly combo attacks. single-player gameplay is the focus of the game, with co-op mode available for certain activities.

each character has two unique combat skills: a normal skill and a special skill. the normal skill can be used at any time except for the cooldown period immediately after use, while the special skill has an energy cost, requiring the user to amass sufficient elemental energy first.

characters have control over one of seven natural elements: cryo, dendro, pyro, hydro, anemo, electro, and geo. cooking is another significant aspect of genshin impact’s gameplay. players gather many resources in the course of their adventure, some of which can be turned into dishes via cooking. some dishes regenerate characters’ health, while others boost attack or defensive abilities.

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  1. The fact that Kazuha and Xiao's ones are the most unusual places they'll place their visions on, which makes them totally different 😅
    Edit: just listen closely when xiao equips his mask on, somewhat it growls and there's silent screaming the longer he wears on it

  2. i love how barbara's vision location changes w her outfits !!

  3. Everyone: Back, neck, front or side

    xiao: IT'S ON MY HAND MAN!!

  4. I didn't even know 75% of these vision locations, thanks for this!

  5. Kaeya’s vision housing looks weird. All of the Mondstadt ones have more than two pairs of wings. Or whatever that thing is that sticks out.

  6. i smell like beef

    im running out of things to say

  7. I really like how each region's Vision have their own styles.

    Mondstat's Visions designs are circular with a little crown and pair of wings, linking with Barbatos's wings.

    Liyue's Visions designs are a diamond with a square, usually decorated with a little ribbon. Symbolizing the shape of Morax's eyes.

    Inazuma's Visions design is also circular, but have other three orbs around it. Which is a mythos reference to Raijin.

    And the least, Snezhnaya's Vision design is similar to a tear or petal flower with spikes. (Feel free to correct me.)

  8. I forgot why I clicked on the video when it got to Beidou

  9. Quite odd that Lisa's Vision is so small while others have uniform size.

  10. My favorite is ganyu one:D and i never know xiao visions was at his hand lol im xiaoless so yeah

  11. I still wonder to this day why Xingqiu's is worn wrong.

  12. The fact that both Albedo and sucrose share a similar vision position ( front neck )

  13. alternate title: Fantastic visions and where to find them.

  14. I'm waiting for an allogene who wears it on the palm/back of their hand, as a hair accessory, or under the sole of their foot. Yae's is pretty unique since it's on one of her earrings.

  15. Oh yeah
    Diona literally kicking her Vision to do her ult

  16. So- So that's where Xiao's vision is omfg
    No wonder I gave up trying to find it before

  17. Is the design of the vision resembles the country?

  18. I wonder if zhongli and venti's visions are just accessories

  19. alternative title: a nice view of everyone’s waistline

  20. I wonder why some of them seem like small little gems, but others seem like quite large baubles

  21. the mondstadt visions have 3 wings at the bottom, but if you look at kaeyas, his vision only has 2 wings at the bottom (1:27)

  22. sucrose and albedo have matching visions that's adorable

  23. Diluc's vision was most likely poured out lmao /hj

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