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everyone in inazuma is weird (Genshin Impact)

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we’ve finally arrived in inazuma in genshin impact’s 2.0 update… let’s just hope i don’t rush everything

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  1. I support Chisato but I can't help but feel bad for Shinojou

    Don't worry bro, you'll find someone out there

  2. Aether: Oh god is this girl gonna confess to me im excited

    Chisato: I want you to deliver a letter for me

    Aether: Welp typical im out

  3. Good i'm not the only one who thinks he looks like childe and he's fire which is the opposite of water so

  4. Shinnojou,bro. If we ve ever met again i ll treat u in Angel's Share or Uyuu Restaurant.

  5. came here by accident stayed here for great content :sunglasses:

  6. F in chat for that poor lad at the end there.

  7. 4:57
    …..and that's how you start to explore Inazuma with the wrong foot xD

  8. me who already had 10 million mora when playing this guest :
    nah i can pay even for paimon

    then me seeing it lowered don from 2 milion to 600 : this is good if i get ayaka

    me getting both ayaka and chongyun : HOW IN ONLY 2 SINGLE PULLS I GOTH BOTH OF THEM WHAT THE

  9. “Everyone in Liyue is Insane” thumbnail has childe

    9 months later..

    “Everyone in Inazuma is weird” thumbnail shows Thoma

  10. When I saw thoma I was like: YALL ITS THE NEW CHILDE DONT TRUST HIM-

  11. When he said “assassins creed”, my tsunami of nostalgia came to me xD

  12. People keep comparing Toma to Childe, but he's honestly more like Kaeya if he was under the protection of Mondstadt's most powerful family and given free reign.

  13. When Childe goes to Inazuma and meets Thoma…
    Childe: Who are you?
    Thoma: I’m you, but not a Harbinger.

  14. helicoptrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    Why do I feel like childe also voices thoma 🌚

  15. Sorry bwaap but i cant watch your vids anymore bc ill get spoilers 😕

  16. Hiiragi: gives aether letter
    Aether: excited
    Hiiragi: can you send insert this person a letter?
    Aether: im leaving.

  17. Everyone in Liyue is insane. Here in inazuma they can aford just to be weird.

  18. i couldnt even sleep.. when it was about to launch lololol

  19. how will mihoyo explain that katheryne either has clones or can teleport

  20. To the contrary of Tenha, which laugh I hate because is sooo annoying and sounds so fake to me , I actually love your laugh and find it truly genuine! love your little comments through the story.

  21. "we are all him once" ah jokes on you i dont even have a love life in the first place

  22. The face he makes when he heard "I would like you to deliver a letter-" XD he look so disappointed at that moment coz he was so happy to meet her xD omg lmao also your laugh is cute 0w0

  23. 6:57 Thoma is so hot that just a dinner with him made this woman lower the price by 1999400 Mora

  24. Bwaap don't let this update distract you from the fact xinyan still have no cutscene

  25. Did Paimon told him to just commit no-alive?

  26. Katheryn is like nurse joy and officer Jenny but in genshin

  27. that moment thoma asked to reduce it to 600 AND take her out told me everything i need to know about him. inazuman childe 100000000% 😭😭

  28. I like how bwaap laughs each time Paimon says anything mildly funny

  29. Don’t worry Y’ALL, I’ve checked on Shinnojou, he is doing fine 😊

  30. this update made genshin impact look much more fun and interesting and bwaap made the experience the best it can be
    also chisato's en va is astounding

  31. ahh i come back after a few month, i miss your voice

  32. I'm to be perfectly honest. I don't level up any other character I have so I still sit with lots of Mora. So when they said 2 million I would have totally agreed.

  33. currently performing a reverse speedrun and taking my sweet time to play through the inazuma quests little by little

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