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0:00 – Beginning of Video
05:43 – Start of Livestream
09:13 – New Characters Showcase
11:37 – Other Cool Announcements


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  1. If they had played their characters instead of themselves, it would have been better. Even just an image of the characters instead of their faces.

  2. I mean, I didn't find it too cringy, tho I was laughing a lot when Barbara's va's camera froze xD.

  3. Tbh I knew it was scripted but I didn't care. Yea it was cringe but I was so focused on trying to hear out and look for new content I didn't pay attention to how badly scripted over it was xD

  4. Wait.. people cringed while watching the livestream?

  5. I'm not really angry I'm just disappointed I hope they will learn from this get back in the path in the next livestream people will not make a perfect livestream

  6. It’s not the VA’s fault. WHOEVER MADE THE SCRIPT SHOULD RECONSIDER THE AUDIENCE. We aren’t 5 year olds that are trying to find Dora’s Map. The script is fine but having the English VA’s flow naturally is what needs to be considered as well. They have great chemistry outside of Genshin Impact’s work. Although it was super cringy and hard to watch like 90% of it, I’m not blaming them. Mihoyo just needs to give them a bit more freedom on letting them express themselves.

  7. I'm not really exited about alloy tho, I just don't need her nor do I have a bont to her nor do I like her and expected something og from genshin to celebrate anniversary. I'd rather take like 50-90 wishes than alloy, mby next year.
    Don't get me wrong, I was excited for the event but the excitement got killed for me because it'll be the anniversary event and imo this should've been two seperate things.

  8. that frost_shiginuma in chat is a disgrace to filipinos

  9. Maybe it's bc I'm not a native English speaker, but for me it wasn't cringy at all, I mean they've been telling those silly jokes since 1.1 version announcement

  10. The thing was that they were laughing at things that just were not funny at all. "Ooooooh! Show us more! Tell us more I need to knooooooow!" – A VA that doesn't play the game at all

  11. Not as bad as Laura Stahl's permanent forced smile cam freeze…..that DIDN'T EVEN GOT RESOLVED.
    That showcased how much of a trainwreck the EN livestream was. No avatar pngs, cringe galore, bad scripted acting, didn't even scratched the surface of the 2.1 content. Oh and some spoilers as a little extra 💩.

  12. I was waiting for someone to call them out for being so fake, that forced laughter was so cringe

  13. its funny that teccy is excited for the mermaid, while im happy theres a banner that i dont mind skipping xD

  14. God damn some clown still think it's Tectone fault

  15. It's hilarious how everyone pulled for the Baal's booba sword, but she's actually turned out to be a spear user. And you got to sin for her weapon all over again. Damn that's cruel mihoyo.

  16. I felt like there were too many attending the live stream. I would've been better if they went with the CN live stream format and either use their stream like they did for the 2.0 update, or have Athers and Lumines VA host the show and have the remaining actors join briefly to not make the stream overloaded.

  17. Enjoyed the last part of the stream tho

  18. Yes i did cringe but sometimes the excitement for the update cancelled it

  19. So will Kokomi be a 5* Barbara, pre-buff Zhongli or maybe a Hydro Fischl?

  20. I think everyone's reaction wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't been stalled for more than an hour. I mean, I only watched it the day after and thought it was fine. Nothing seemed to bother me that much.

    So I really think it's just the frustration of waiting so long that got to everyone.

  21. 1:30 You realize now that Genshin EN Livestreams always have been cringe? LUL

  22. yall Baal summons a differen dimension between her tiddies to get her sword.

    that quote alone has convinced me to spend for baal

  23. 1:17 MinSeulji: "lol it's not NC Mihoyo's fault EN is garbage"

    Wtf bro?

  24. They should give 50/50 chance to get first Baal form Baal banner for players who already won 50/50 from last pull.
    And 50/50 two times for players who lost 50/50 from last pull.

  25. fuck me scaramouche… uh i think it wasn't like that

  26. Tectone sounds like Gordon Ramsay insulting the stream

  27. There's a lot of prejudice over the negative crit. Wait to see what she actually does before entirely ruling her out :/

  28. i completely agree and i decided to shit talk the VA's so that they'll think twice before doing that shit again pappa tectone owo

  29. You can do it guys, I quit gacha and i believe u can do it two.

  30. All thos smile in pain moment in 🤣that live stream

  31. Idc abt the livestream honestly like fuck the script i just wanna know the updates

  32. I think that most of times the live stream, is not actually "Live" its pre-registred, and for 2.1 live stream, maybe they had lost that video, so they had to use an emergency plan, who was… Like you've said Teccy… Cringe

  33. This person once forgotten that he was once a beginner in live streaming, there I said it.
    Forced laughter, bad jokes, fake smile, scripted dialogues did you master this in your very first day of streaming? WOW
    Now tectone fans will dislike my comment

  34. Genshin is more and more pain. Inazuma comes where he holds the electro characters, then you get into the abyss and there the electro resist. They will introduce a new set for energy recharge. Baal is a character who is supposed to be a game changer thanks to energy recharge … then you enter the abyss, where recharge does not work on the 12th floor. It's like a stupid joke. It releases op characters compared to those a year ago to earn more, so when you have old characters, you can handle some events on the most difficult difficulty, because they are made to measure for the new op characters. You literally farm something for a year and you never give the perfect team anyway, let alone two, and when you have it that way, they put into the content for which you rub (abyss) the limitations for which you need another element, other characters, other sets. Diluc was at the beginning 5 *, now it is slowly the worst. What good will Baal do to me if they turn off her advantage in the abyss. What's the use of Beida for me if they release op nonsense, like Ayaka and then they have to give an event and abyss hard so that it's not too easy for Ayaka, even though it's the same and the other characters don't stand a chance … Genshin is just a stupid joke robbing a wallet Without any sense. There's no real reward you can get in that game. The content is either too easy and not motivating to upgrade, or it is difficult and you can see that the characters are not equal and improving some characters is just a waste of time so that you do not even get a proper reward for that difficult content.

  35. Lol Baal is questioning why after one update mc is back

  36. I specifically only sent the trailer to my friends. I couldn’t bare to send the livestream because it genuinely made me so uncomfortable.

  37. Genshin Impact is made in China, you know what that means.

  38. I went and tried to watch the stream again and I started cringing in the first 2 minutes 😬😐

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