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Everything New Coming to Genshin Impact: Inazuma 2.0 Revealed

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Genshin Impact has officially announced their 2.0 Inazuma update. Here is everything you need to know going into the new patch! It looks like the leaks were correct, and Inazuma looks spicy!

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  1. To clarify info for the new weapon banner pity system (official called Epitomized Path)

    Player choose which weapon the like to have example: Staff of Homa over Wolf Gravestone.

    You get "Fate point" If you are unlucky with your desired weapon. Max points is 2

    If you get 2 fate points (you been unlucky 2 times) the next 5* weapon is Your desired weapon

    You can change your desired weapon after you acquired fate points but they will rest to 0 so please choose your desired weapon carefully before pulling

    "Fate points" don't carry over to the next weapon banner

    Personal opinion: Although is nice to have 100% guaranteed weapon (190 wishes If you are unlucky) I still consider weapon banner for whale players only

  2. insult to albedo

    those who have albedo: it was worth it : /

  3. I'm just honestly excited for the new characters, apart from that exploring should be great but if it's the same thing as Archipelago, I'm going to be desapointed. We really do need some king of a endgame content, even permanent hide and seek would be great at this point lmao with better rewards

  4. This is only nice if you spend alot of money and get new characters

  5. I think to get to inazuma we will have to talk to somebody on the crux and they will give an option to go to inazuma. Like the old man at liyue harbour

  6. I think the golden apple archipelago is going to be boring after a few days. In fact I have already had my fill with it. It would have been better if the developers made the mare jiwari instead of golden apple archipelago since it sounds like a really dangerous and thrilling place.

  7. Very impressive. I think the game design and execution has achieved world class standard.

  8. I didn't know about the new codes until today and now their already expired. My luck.

  9. I didn't know about the new codes until today and now their already expired. My luck.

  10. Mtashed, if vagabond event rewards people with maxed out points, then it will be p2w event.
    I don't want genshin turns into honkai, where you have to have the latest things to compete.

  11. ok but does the 4 piece shimmenawa's reminiscence stack?

  12. yeah, after a month of the patch release imma uninstal this game. i said that when i fill the survey they give me. tired of this gacha game

  13. Albedo is "terrible" I agree – everyone complain to Mihoyo so that an amazing off field support character gets buffed to ridiculousness like Zhongli… 😉
    Really glad they put the 4* with the hot fireworks girl – Ayaka seems boring – too many good Cryo already I plan on skipping personally but yay for those who have been waiting for her.

  14. Your concern regarding getting bored….
    The single biggest thing we have been waiting for is the next main region. And you mean to suggest that after a few weeks we will be bored with the game again? Come on man. Even if the game gives us an endless challenge mode as Tectone keeps asking for, that doesn't make the game good. I cant speak for anyone else obviously, but I'm playing with this game for the story and world lore as a whole. Let me play through all regions and finish the traveler's story first before I fuss about replayable content.

    If we over worry about getting bored because no end game content yet in a game that isn't even a year old yet, you should probably stop playing now because you will ALWAYS be bored.

  15. Y can remove all artifact to make the game seem harder 😉

  16. Lets GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive always wanted to farm in my teapot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. hold up are they gonna have katanas? or is that a regular sword

  18. Hi Mtashed! You are the YouTuber whose review and guide I first watched before downloading genshin!
    They really helped me.
    But as time goes on I see you slowly sinking into what seems like a depression with this game.
    Please take care of yourself and your mental health!
    If you must play Genshin with your fan base in mind, maybe try to make some creative challenges for yourself in the way you play the game and make content this way. Build new characters, put random restraints and conditions when clearing a boss (solo or new team).
    If you embrace and accept that you might not get the end game content you want soon, it could make you feel better!!

  19. thats my biggest issue with this game there is not enough replayable content i literally log in every day do my 4 quests
    and since resin is done in 15 minutes aswell im done for the day

    this game could be easily so much better that is the sad part

  20. are any of the new inazuma characters cracked?

  21. Thank god you got my point they are throwing lots of minigames …as freemogems bait. And also making simp and character simping bait so they play minigames and throwing lots of characters .. its like wth how many characters we have to level up nd use i mean no one is going to but still they are making freaking lots of confuses with characters.. we don't need lots of characters🙄

  22. I keep hearing this end game concern from content creators and I guess I just don't get it? Like of course you're bored when you play genshin like a full time job. For people who just like the combat and story/exploration and even dolphin type spenders there's still tons of mats to grind, characters to build that we already have, events to kill stuff in, resets on spiral abyss, a new region, new characters and playstyles, team comps to try, exciting things to save for, etc…. I probably only play 2-3 hours a day which is still quite a bit of time and I have fun without fail.

  23. Why would you ever play a game like this for a challenge?! Lmao. The dumbest thing I've heard someone say.

  24. I agree with u mtash. This is a reason y my bro’s don’t even play genshin anymore. And I only play it a few times at best now. I would like harder boss fights where we may need multiple friends to raid a boss together at max level and possibly barely win sometimes so we’d need like food buff and tactics possibly.

  25. Ok ill be need 100k primogems TO GET ALL THOSE CHARACTERS

  26. Hopefully i can install the game again when the 2.0 arrive 🙁

  27. honesty i sorta wish they buff up commissions primogem rewards

  28. Is there a 5 stars support on this next update??

  29. Why did you pull Kazuha even though you have Venti in your f2p account?

  30. how come Matt is getting demonitised for future content yet here it is

  31. really feel like you don't enjoy the game, and the so called end game content you're looking for is more like to force a war between F2P and P2W. not everyone is so lucky on gatcha & artifacts and already 36 starred abyss like you did, at least right now, 36 staring the abyss is still really doable even with F2P characters.

  32. imagine how sick it would be when inazuma comes out and you just pull up on the pyro regisvine with electro traveller

  33. So is there an exact date when the update comes? Is it like.. a few hours after the Kazuha banner ends?

  34. Did you call Albedo stupid?
    Albedo is a good character
    He’s very pretty.

  35. I have stringless R3 but I don’t have a character who uses it… should I pull for Ayaka or yoimiya?

  36. you do realize that inazuma is as big as liyue right? you keep comparing it to dragonspine and the golden apple archipelago as if its gonna be fully explored in a week

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