F2P Noelle DESTROYS new event without doing anything | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

F2P Noelle DESTROYS new event without doing anything | Genshin Impact

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Showdown: Ancient Rock Drake I
Legend of the Vagabond | Challenge 1

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  1. i gotta say this event has been game changing for me .i was slapped by the hypo event ,i had to team up to beat the one before this, so the fact that i got 4400 2nd try alone really shows my account progress.

  2. Next video: f2p Noelle destroys new event without starting it

  3. far more entertaining than some people who do speed run

  4. I was there the entire way, very proud Envi enviFlower

  5. I keep trying to get out to equal 4050 like you had and I can't get the right settings, what did you choose?

  6. How come the cooldown of his noel's elemental skill is 30 seconds when mine is around 60 secs?

  7. Woah he finally succeeded? I couldnt sit through the pain live

  8. This challenge seems to be in my alley. Will do it

  9. he honestly makes the boss look like a joke

  10. 4000 points. i got so killed so much with my maxed xiao and zhongli for that

  11. Woow i didn't need courage but that knowledge is helpful now i think i can atleast do 5.5k

  12. It looks so easy here, but when I try it with my full team, weapons, artifacts and food buffs……

  13. this isn’t interesting to watch, if you made a video of a perfectly built noelle tho, would be interesting

  14. This guy's iframing is just insane. Sheeesh

  15. that iframe tho-
    i cant even do that after fighting that boss 200 Times 😐

  16. Is this possible to complete this event, if my characters are not even lvl60? I heard that i need to do 4300 points per day and if I set up everything for 4300 boss is lvl90

  17. There are times the primo geovishap wont take damage from my shields why is that?

  18. doubters progressively getting quiet after seeing its possible to beat it lmao

  19. Using childe in this domain is beyond painful

  20. i mean… i get it's like "yeah u can get good score with just this"
    misleading to say she "destroys" it when you have almost all the actual difficult parts of the challenge turned off which make it a challenge and not just a geovishap commiting suicide on a shield.

  21. I feel like using Noelle is basically playing Dark Souls in Genshin Impact..

  22. My Noelle is 69 but she might still have the shield strength. I don't have Retracing Bolide but I do have Whiteblind and otherwise decent artifacts and C6 and some talents leveled. I could do a day of Geo Hypostasis to get Noelle to 70 but I don't otherwise have the Exp book economy to do more.

  23. what was that thing that dealt the final blow? saw 12k ice dmg came outta nowhere

  24. Would have been good if he showed all the options he chose

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