Fire From The Gods - Break The Cycle (Official Music Video) -

Fire From The Gods – Break The Cycle (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for ‘Break The Cycle’ by Fire From The Gods.
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Filmed while on tour with Five Finger Death Punch

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Fire From The Gods – Break The Cycle (Lyrics):

I feel like we keep fighting a war deep within
A war that we keep fighting and we’ll never win
It seems that we just keep digging a deeper grave
To pile up the bodies and to hide our shame
Hustling doing anything to get paid
Claiming that we’re free
But we’re really slaves
Minds chained to the pulse of the machine
Enslaved by the war machine
And it goes on and on and on

It’s the blood in your vein
The thought in your brain
The heart in your chest
That drives you insane
The need for us to break the cycle

It’s the rise and the fall
The ones who stand tall
The dark before dawn
The need to move on
I think it’s time to break the cycle

I feel like the hatred has us separated
The heart and the spirit have been dislocated
A whole generation miseducated
A ticking time bomb to be detonated
I’ve seen the best of us
dragged through hell
Yet we put a crown ‘pon the infidel
Shaking my head
We’ll forever be enslaved by the war machine
And it goes on and on and on

It’s the blood in your vein
The thought in your brain
The heart in your chest
That drives you insane
The need for us to break the cycle

It’s the rise and the fall
The ones who stand tall
The dark before dawn
The need to move on
I think it’s time to break cycle


It’s the blood in your vein
The thought in your brain
The heart in your chest
That drives you insane
The need for us to break the cycle

It’s the rise and the fall
The ones who stand tall
The dark before dawn
The need to move on
Break, break, break

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  1. Lmao 18x more likely to die from a black man as a cop than the other way around. Facts dont care about your feelings. Gtfo with that false victimhood shit. Propaganda at its finest.

  2. Amazing song and a powerful message, that needs to be heard… check out my vocal cover of this song in my channel. Peace!!!

  3. Cops feel the same way. Every time they leave their house, they wonder if they’ll make it home alive

  4. Dude u from the uk u not american u dont face our problems bruh

  5. Great message great song The reason I love this band is because they speak from the heart

  6. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  7. We all had to deal! You just don't want to give up your victim status!(THAT'S FALSE ANYWAY'S) I have been beat up of cops to! I ASKED FOR IT, when i was young and undiscipline! And immature!!!
    My parents loved me, but drop the ball on my Education and up bringing discipline's
    I WAS OUT OF LINE!!! AND MAN ENOUGH TO ADMITT IT!!! LOOKING BACK! AND BEING HONEST! In WAS my late 40es I dared to Dicipline (thank you"JESUS") .. . YES 👍 THE POLICE NEED BETTER TRAINING A for that more $!
    For good preferences.. . There is alot a thing we can do!!! But the left is manipulating you!!!
    AND YOU CAN'T SEE IT!!! Ask mashed to pieces.. .

  8. When I was growing up in SoCal and Arizona in the 90's as a young mixed race individual, I never seen injustice like this. I had many friends of all backgrounds and with all ethnics, it was the age of innocence and I never felt any animosity from anyone. I may of been ignorant or in complete bliss but I was enjoying life, we all hung out and drove around for fun in high school. In 1999, I joined the military and the bond was strong no matter who you were, you were there for every member of the team even when the wars came to which I deployed 7 times in various theaters all the way up to 2013. I retired in December 2019 and had many great memories, and we still talk to each other. Fast forward to today, that seemed to dissolve because of media and their agenda to divide that. What happened to the brotherhood and sisterhood? I would like to think that the majority of law enforcement are good people, but like in any group of people there are individuals who are bad apples. Some of my military friends decided to join their respective police departments in hopes to serve their community just like they served their country. One of my friends Anthony that I knew was shot during a simple traffic stop in the beginning of 2007 ( I just hope everyone sees both sides of the isle. FFTG, I enjoy your music and it speaks very loud, I just hope you see a side other than police brutality. Also I was stationed in DC and lived in Columbia Heights for 2 1/2 years, I've never seen so much black on black crime in my entire life, that should be something BLM should address I hope,

  9. This song is so true. I don't know who ever told white man that they are so great. By their own actions they show they are not. I apologise for my race.

  10. Man as a mixed man who knows exactly how he feels and what he's talking about…if you take a step back you can see how these lyrics could speak to people in other situations as well… Drug addictions, abusive relationships, being a parent who cares, so many more things these lyrics can help you get our mindset out of as people because at the end of the day we're all human and should be treated as such.

  11. "If one is not free,None of us are free" -FFTG 2020

  12. The 451 people who disliked this video are Trump supporters who have no admiration for the BLM movement.

  13. ive been to only one concert in my 60 years and would love to see this band as my second….gonna look up their tour list when things get right….

  14. I lived through National division before. And just when progress was being made, I watched a nation tear itself to shreds. We are a nation built upon more than a collective dream. It’s each persons narrative, their hope, their dream. Some came here by force, some by choice and even desperation. Our histories are uniquely our own, but our futures are determined by our choices, the ones we make every day. It’s one collective voice that can determine the course of our nation and ourselves. History hasn’t and won’t be fair to anyone, but it’s written for the future each day. What will your contribution be?

  15. "If one is not free, none of us are free" THAT GAVE ME CHILLLLLLSSSSS!!!!!

  16. we are all free to make choices…right or wrong…


  18. Beatifull message!! Im italian….we need much love for echother…. this is a wrong world…..

  19. The lyrics, the video, the message are so powerful.. Every time I hear the 3:303:45 part it sends shivers down my spine…

  20. Black dude that works at the local c-store has to leave for work 2 hours early because he has to hide from the cops on the way to work every day … sometimes he has to call in sick because it's the day they sweep the streets and there are no cars parked for cover for him to hide behind as he makes his way to work . He has made friends with a couple white co-workers and thet give home rides home but they don't have tinted windows so he must ride in the trunk so as not to be seen by po po … he has a remote for is garage door and they drive in and unload him to safety… it's really rough being a person of color having to hide behind stuff and duck dodge your way around to avoid being spotted by the "man"…

  21. Good thing you guys ended up dropping Eric as your vocalist. He'd probably have butted in for songs like this to ever get made.

  22. New to em but I love this band. But until people figure race isn’t the problem and that’s really powerful and rich vs weak and poor the cycle will never end

  23. 🤘🏾💋WE LOVE YOU 🔥FTG!!! 💋🤘🏾

  24. I was in nursing school with his mom, Deborah (Debbie), at BCC in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Akiel (AJ), his mom & his 2 sisters used to come to my daughter's B-day parties when I lived in NYC. I have baby pics of AJ…LOL. Debbie, his sis & he came to my daughter's HS grad party in 2000. That's the last time I saw them. His mom & I are FB friends. BTW, I did have a brief convo with him back in 2000. I knew he was into music but he told me he was into SKA.

  25. Love it! Speak that truth. Empower ppl and change. Open there eyes.

  26. you guys are awesome band with great message you guys rock

  27. Oh hell, here we go with the race shit again. Continues search for new band

  28. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Just stumbled upon this band, glad I started with this video. Only had to waste about 60 seconds of my life. You aren’t oppressed. Spoiled Americans…

  29. Now this is what should be performed at the VMA’s. But what do we get all the time? Cardi B, Meg the stallion, etc.

  30. We just need to be all equal here. This country is too divided and I know racism/hate will never go away, but we need to be more open minded to help all our fellow human beings. All the graves are the same.

  31. BLM co founder just bought 4 huge properties for herself in the millions.
    Yall being used.

  32. Fire From The Gods popped up in my youtube music and we fell in love with the music! i wish more people would see this and listen to the message that is being shared through this wonderful music!

  33. Finally…justice for George Floyd ✊❤ let's keep it going, mates. We've still got some work to do! 🙏❤

  34. None of us are free this world has a storm coming prepare yourself
    As a nation I love all but the cruel & wicked
    Only make war when necessary but we are falling 😔

  35. buffalo soldier influenced intro…i like that.

  36. The fact that this doesn’t have more views speaks Volume.

  37. Live the band but your political beliefs are bullshit

  38. We are SLAVES to so many truths (YOU) don't want to know about, but you (NEED) to know about. But the real question is, are you smart enough and mentally sound enough to make the right choice after recieving that information and help to make a real change or just lash out over the pain it caused you while making things worse?

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