FIRST TIME NEW PLAYER Reacts to EVERY Genshin Impact Character DEMOS -

FIRST TIME NEW PLAYER Reacts to EVERY Genshin Impact Character DEMOS

Steph Gard
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I started playing Genshin 4 weeks ago and this is my first time reacting to ALL GENSHIN IMPACT CHARACTER DEMOS!!!
Hope you guys like it !

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  1. Fischl is a 4 star
    And keqing is a permanent 5 star you can get her on any banner expect for the weapon one the permanent 5 stars are
    Keqing, diluc, qiqi, jean and Mona the limited are all the other 5 stars and there's something called pity and 50/50 but it's really complicated so maybe search up an explanation on youtube to understand it more

  2. Hi, fellow Kokomi haver.
    Though she is not that great right now, the next update is gonna make her more viable (including other healers).
    So hold on tight!

  3. Oh and every 5 star has a really cool ult animation with like a zoom in while 4 star characters don't (well expect for Barbara for some reason she has a 5 star animation and traveler is indeed a 5 star they just don't have the animation)

  4. QiQi is one of the characters I still don't have, together with Albedo, whose banner was the first I pulled on for a 5 star. I got Mona instead, making her C1. Are you aware of QiQi's story, how she earned her Vision and became a zombie?

    Mona is a decent Support DPS with buffs and debuffs. Her Skill offers a decoy that does DoT, and her Burst traps enemies for a time, allowing you some free hits. She also was the first to have a Special Dash, giving her greater mobility over water — but Sayu is faster over land, and Ayaka can pop up and freeze water to recover some stamina. I now mostly use Mona against the Pyro Hypostasis, but she can also be used for support in Spiral Abyss.

  5. It's actually pronounced 'coo-ching.' I like Keqing's speed, and her short-ranged teleportation can be very useful. She was my main Electro unit after I switched Fischl (4 star) for Ganyu (5 star), and if I don't need Raiden's battery, still is. Keqing (5 star) is closer to a Main DPS or Support DPS, depending on who else you have, but Raiden (5 star) will ensure you have Bursts up more often.

    Most of Fischl's DPS comes from summoning Oz. The higher her constellation, the longer you can have him on the field, and the more effective he becomes. Fischl is more the type you do rapid normal attacks with, where lots of Ganyu's damage comes from her 2nd level charged attacks and burst. For Yoimiya (5 star), you can open with 2nd layer charge, pop her Skill, unleash her Burst, then switch through your other characters with her buff.

    If you have a party with Sayu (4 star), Mona (5 star), or Ayaka (5 star), Venti (5 star) or Kazuha (5 star), Zhongli (5 star), and Keqing you're pretty set for travel across Teyvat. Those are high mobility peeps.

  6. Catalyst users like Klee are often clunky and fragile, so it's always smart to pair them with someone who can provide them with a shield. Noelle's , Diona's, and Zhongli's currently work best, but Itto might also have one. There's also Thoma, although I don't have him, so I don't know how long his lasts. Klee also isn't as well liked because she's slower than most others, which makes sense since she's just a kid. But she also terrifies me with her backpack full of heavy explosives, capable of leveling entire mountains. And she has no regret for her fishblasting or setting fires near Mondstadt, going right back to it after coming out of solitary. On top of her lower speed, her attacks are also mid-range. Yanfei has longer range, like Ningguang, but doesn't hit as hard, and I believe Kokomi also has the longer range. Others, like Lisa, are mid-range like Klee too.

    EDIT: Honestly, having a second charge level gives Ganyu the same vulnerability that Catalyst users have with their charged attacks. You can buff them to have resistance to interruption, but they're still comparatively fragile. The only real mitigators are countermeasure moves like decoys and evades. Ganyu does both, and I think Sara does too. Yoimiya does have a 2nd level charge, but I'd rely on her Skill to turn her attacks to Pyro Damage instead. Most of the other archers are focused on rapid fire, but even if you have to use charged attacks, you can use shielding characters to help your archers just like your casters. What makes Ganyu a favourite, aside from being attractive, is she's easy to build and use. I have her C0, and she's still my main DPS even with all the other characters.

    I think the other one is probably Hu Tao, a Pyro polearm user. She marks enemies she charges through with a DoT, and her Burst does AoE damage to whatever it hits, and then heals her. She also gains a buff when she's below half health, so people tend not to team her up with Bennett or Jean, whose Bursts give big heals. If you do need a shield to keep her from dying, and you're not nuts enough to have spent to get her to C6, Noelle, Diona, or even Zhongli would do. Zhongli doesn't heal unless he's C6. By the way, Hu Tao's Japanese voice actor is Megumin's from Konosuba .

    EDIT 2: You cut out of Yoimiya's trailer a bit early. Sayu showed up to help show off the buff from Yoimiya's burst, and then spin-dashed off to nap.

  7. Diona (4 star) is a great Support with some excellent utility. Highly recommend. Her DPS is lower than most other archers, however her Skill attacks and gives a shield, and her Burst heals and provides a buff to allies, a debuff to enemies. If you need a second shield to back-up Noelle, or a Cryo archer but don't have Ganyu, she's one you want on your team.

    There're also some neat details on her character model. I think the pattern on her tail makes her a Calico cat, and because she's so catty, she only walks and runs with the pads and toes of her feet. If you look at her shoes, you'll see they don't have a heel — because she doesn't need them. And if you make her sit in a stool or chair, because she's a chibiko she'll climb up into it before sitting down.

    Diona is definitely more serious than Klee, but since QiQi can't really be childish or amused, it's hard to say how they might be together. Ironically, Sayu is older but less mature than Diona. Diona is the daughter of Springvale's chief, and hates alcohol because she sees it as the catalyst for all the trouble her father gets in. Unfortunately, when she was even younger she helped a Spirit of the Spring, which thanked her by blessing her. Now any drink Diona makes is delicious. But Diona herself doesn't remember this, so as she keeps trying to destroy Mondstadt's wine industry, she keeps mixing more popular drinks. She should just try making non-alcoholic drinks.

  8. So Mona, Keqing, Qiqi, Diluc and Jean are 'standard' banner 5 stars that you can get from any character banner at any time, Fischl is a 4 star, anyone other than the 5 stars i just mentioned are promotional and don't show up often, you can look up who is a 5 star and who is a 4 star, anyone with a yellow background in character selection/archive is a 5 star besides Aloy who is also a 5 star but is a free one (and her background is red), also you are pronouncing Childe's name correctly, his character name is Tartaglia (tar-tag-lee-ah), Childe is his Fatui Harbinger name (he's the 11th Harbinger which means he's one of the main villains), also I hated him to until I did his story quest with Teucer, that changed my entire perspective of him.

  9. 'Childe' is his title as a Fatui Harbinger. 'Tartaglia' is his alias. His real name is 'Ajax.' He's a unique archer in that his skill with a bow is questionable at best (I've heard he throws his last arrow, but I've never paid close enough attention to see it), which is why he practices with it. He shows his true skill by making blades of water to fight with… but his cooldown is probably one of the longest in the game, making him annoying to play with if you have to recharge it. But those who like playing with him, like him a lot. Because he has two stances, ranged and melee, he also has two bursts. But the longer you keep him on the field in melee stance, the longer his cooldown. Family is the most important thing to him, and second comes a good fight, although sometimes it's hard to tell because he's such a Blood Knight. So I beat him up every week.

  10. yanfei is one of my favorite characters, I often run her as my main dps. She brings a few things to the party: 1: pyro 2: she is a ranged character, her basic attack fire balls can hit from a good distance and the auto attack is a nice alternative to aiming a bow 3: constant application of pyro, all her attacks are pyro and she can fire off very quickly 4: her charged attack can be really powerful 5: easy to build and easy to use … her voice lines can be a bit annoying but she works well with many characters

  11. Wow…E meu susto quando você disse que é Brasileira. Bom ver Brasileiros falando Inglês. =]

  12. Xinyan isn't used as much because while she's Pyro, she emphasizes Physical, and her shield isn't as effective as Noelle's. Her cooldowns and costs also make her a bit harder to use. I use her in my current Friendship Farmer team, but not in any of my main teams. Fortunately, she is a 4 star, so easier to get. There are so many characters with higher DPS, which doesn't leave her with enough room on team rosters.

    Eula also has a split between Cryo and Physical Damage, however her DPS is much higher, and her swings happen faster. Instead of a shield, she has a Cryo swing, and her Burst does massive Physical Damage instead of a wide area Pyro flare. Both have some utility, but Xinyan's team synergy isn't as good as others. I'm not one to complain, though, since I enjoy using Noelle and Zhongli, neither of whom have good synergy with others due to their Geo element. But they are strong in their own right. I have fun playing with Eula because she does dance with her claymore, and her swings are faster. I could watch her for hours, too, her style is so beautiful. She and Amber are best friends, but also note that Cryo + Pyro = Melt reaction.

    Kaeya was the first to have darker skin, then Xinyan.

  13. Yeah, the only trailer to stand up to Zhongli's is Raiden's. Zhongli wasn't weak to start, by the way. People thought he was, but he wasn't. They complained, so Mihoyo buffed him. Where're Amber's and Kokomi's buffs, Miyoho? Where are the archers' targeting fix?

    EDIT: I'm not much for Xiao, really. It's partly Mihoyo's fault for giving him C3 for his Trial, making him more difficult to build to that strength. And he followed on Ganyu, so 'ouch.' In some ways, Kazuha seems to do what he does, but with his Skill instead of his Burst. And the Skill pops him up in the air, as long as you have stamina. Kazuha's got a nice burst, too.

  14. Good news about Kokomi,in 2.3 version you will get a crazy set of artifact that special made for Kokomi and she will become super powerful~

  15. Venti is the only actual bard. Beidou says Kazuha's the Inazuma equivalent, but the only time we know he plays an instrument is the current event, and the zither isn't his. He's more of a poet. I think Kazuha would get along with Ei, though, because they both enjoy poetry. Throw in Venti and Zhongli too, and see what happens. Maybe form a band with Xinyan, and Barbara as the main vocalist?

  16. Eu estou aprendendo inglês então comecei a assistir vídeos em inglês pra me acostumar com a sonoridade e acabei achando uma Brasileira, se você não tivesse dito eu NUNCA iria descobrir.

  17. For the team comp you want: Xiao, Kokomi, Ayaka, and another (may I suggest a Pyro)? Sure, why not? Xiao induces Swirl, Kokomi adds Hydro, Ayaka Freezes, and then your Pyro finishes the combo with Melt. Even as is you could build Xiao as your Main or Ayaka as a Main. One thing to note, however, is that with Xiao's talent, he gets more powerful the longer he's on the field, so he's a selfish DPS. If you lean in this direction, his Swirl will more likely expire before you can use it for an Elemental Reaction. If you use him as a Sub DPS to support Ayaka or a Pyro, you might get reactions off faster, but Xiao's own attacks will be weaker. And of course, as a healer, Kokomi can keep him from getting his HP too low for his burst.

    For the last team member, be it Pyro or something else, I don't think you want another selfish DPS type. You could also go with a shielder. If you went with Diona you would have Cryo Resonance. Noelle or Zhongli don't provide this team with a resonance, but others might, and Geo is always solid, even if they don't give big numbers through elemental reactions. You could also go with Electro. This comp doesn't have an archer, so either Fischl (who is good for comps) or Sara. If you want a big battery but not range, then Raiden. It's pretty flexible. I wouldn't worry about lower numbers with Kokomi either, since most damage always comes from elemental reactions. Oh, and there's Beidou too. If you can get her timing for her full counter just right, it feels pretty good. Her burst is very useful, but high cost, and unfortunately, does not work with Raiden's talents. Good thing she's not in your wanted comp.

    And then there's Bennett. From C1 up to C5, he's amazing for practically any team not involving Hu Tao — unless you're expecting trouble that's powerful enough to warrant using them both. Being Pyro is his big advantage over Jean, but then so is the fact that he's far easier to get as a 4 star.

  18. I don’t like Childes character either. He’s really strong but I don’t trust him 💀
    Xinyan is like the most forgotten character. Mihoyo has not put her in any quests until recently in an event for like 5 minutes 😭 no hangout event for her or anything it’s so sad

  19. Oi, espero que esteja se divertindo com Genshin, tem muita história e mistério para ser resolvido. Vc está em que parte da main quest?

  20. When Miko becomes playable, I will certainly pull for her.
    Raiden pulls her sword from her chest because that's where she is in her Plane of Euthymia. Everything's explained in the story.

    Yae Miko and Raiden Ei are two characters who are direct expies, at least visually and name-wise, from Honkai Impact 3rd . There we have Yae Sakura and Raiden Mei. Their personalities, though, are almost exactly opposite, with Sakura being serious and far less jokey than Miko, and Mei being a Chef Supreme whereas Ei can't cook. Genshin is part of the Honkaiverse, and there are theories about how they are connected.

    The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles from the beginning is also an expy of a HI3 character — the Herrscherr of the Void. Venti is based on Wendy, and I don't know who else. But quite a lot got recycled.

  21. I mean… all you have to do to overcome Kokomi's main weakness is give her 150%+ Crit Rate, or maybe pile on a bunch of ATK%. Of course, her talents scale on her HP, similar to Hu Tao, but there's a point where the boost you get declines too. I wanted to get a second healer besides Barbara, and Kokomi looks amazing. Unfortunately, she comes across as kind of ditzy in English. Fortunately, she sounds smarter in JP. Don't know about CH or Korean, though. Anyone know? I naturally play Inazuma content in JP.

  22. Na hr que eu ouvi você falar eu reconheci o sotaque brasileiro achei que tava louca hashshshshsh

  23. If you want to know how to distinguish a 4 star and a 5 star apart, 4 stars don't have cutscenes (barbara is the only exception), while 5 stars do

  24. Always play characters that you like over meta, that way you can enjoy the game even more 😀

  25. next react trailer & animation honkai impact

  26. Eu estava supeitando o sotaque que parecia brazuca, nice video

  27. 55:20 Please, dont be 😆 its totally fine to not liking some characters, people do have their own preferences. Whats not okay is to hate people just because they dont like your waifu/husbando and start being toxic.

  28. As a Xiao main, you FEEL THE SAME 😭 Xiao Supremacy (rerun when I need his constellations)

  29. Kokomi is great, don't get why so many people think she sucks lmao… guess they want a top tier healer and top tier dps in one

  30. Every since Xinyan came out I used her as my main. A lot of people don't like her but idc lmao, rocker waifu ftw.

  31. Ahh, sabia que era brasileira! Já ganhou uma inscrita!

  32. I want Xiao too and Ayaka is my main but they don't go along at all, Xiao requires a completely unique team just for him. And even if Ganyu and Hu Tao are meta, you don't need to pull for all the DPSs, probably you won't be able to use them all and all will need different supports. That would be just too much. Nice to see your reactions!

  33. Luckily Xiao and Zhongli are great combo.
    Ayaka, Kokomi and Raiden can neatly fit inside a comp also.

  34. regarding baal'd sword coming out of her chest.. there is a reason for that as she opens a gateway of some sort but i dont wont to explain it too much cuz it will spoil the stor. and yes she has a complex story

  35. next please reaction to the newest tiktok sing-off part VI reza darmawangsa ft mirriam eka,

  36. just for the information, 5 star characters from standard banner (diluc, qiqi, jean, mona, keqing), mona is the best 1 cause she has a massive ele burst damage, also boosting the party damage, and keqing with qiqi is the worst one,

  37. facts(and maybe spoiler?). venti, zhongli, and raiden shogun are the gods(archon) of genshin impact that is why they are really strong

  38. hello, dont mind if my english is bad, isn't my native language. You DONT need to pull for ganyu if you DONT want a ganyu. Genshin fandom just say that you need to pull for her because she is the best dps in game, but that doesn't mean you will have fun with her gameplay; i love ganyu gameplay, and she is pretty, thats why im getting her in rerun banner. Genshin fandom will always try to underestimate characters with a ''bad'' dps for them, but the truth is that most just don't know how to build characters, or even use them. Play as you like, get the characters you like, have fun! Don't listen to fandom.

  39. Keep it up 😀 love your vids
    Fishcl is 4 star
    Keqing is 5 star
    I love Klee too she is so adorable <3
    Haha hope u will love childe someday, especially after watching his character quest

  40. U dont need to get ganyu, yes she is the strongest dps but she is boring to play. You can finish the content with the characters whom you like playing, and not the characters who are strong

  41. every reaction i encountered are simping for daddy zhongli and so i am.

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