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FNAF ENDING SONG “Break the Cycle” (Animated Music Video)

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Can you spot all song references??? 😉 Four years of FNAF games and lore have lead up to this. My original FNAF ending song and animated video about the end of the animatronics. Don’t miss this!

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TryHardNinja – singer, songwriter, lyrics

Peter Litvin – music production, instrumental

thadumbg00se – 3D Animation, Direction, Modelling, Texturing, & Post Production

Jonas Fink – Lighting, Render Setup & Rigging


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  1. Do you think the company that owns fnaf (like in the game reality, not the real life one) is like "why do our animatronics keep getting haunted/possessed??? Why does this keep happening??"

  2. Nice vid 👌
    I'm looking for the "Break my mind" video I'm pretty sure it was done by tryhardninja but I can't seem to find it
    The animation was quite good, better then anything else out there
    Anyone know anything?

  3. I just realized nightmare by desgin and circus of the dead. These are the name of your song

  4. this brings me back memories and its an amazing song, good all-round

  5. Cool spring bonnie and other cool it look scary cool

  6. Song reference I found:
    1.'Circus of the dead'
    2.'The puppet song'
    3.'Dance to forget'
    4.' Nightmare by design'
    5.' Labyrinth'
    6.' Follow me'
    7.'Bringing Us Home'
    8.' The End'
    9.' Never Coming Home'
    10. 'Break The Cycle'
    11. 'Daddy's Little Monster'
    12.' It's Me'

  7. I gotta ask Did you seriously Use some of your older songs names as lyrics? this is still Very good None the less

  8. Animatronics: * dies *

  9. "Break the cycle!"
    Oh and for anyone who hasn't noticed. In this song TryHardNinja added the names and hints of some of his other songs.
    "Come Follow Me"-Follow Me
    "I'll cut the strings cause you are not a puppet"-Puppet Song
    "Destroy the Nightmare by Design"-Nightmare By Design

  10. Best part is when the souls t pose to heaven

  11. i dont know if this is intentional but this vers. crsh the nightmare by design and follow me. are these references?

  12. wait isn`t lefty 3 and scrap baby like 9 or 10 sorry if im wrong

  13. Hey tryhardninja do you have kids size merchandise?

  14. the graphics are poor but still i love your stream by the way i`m just a kid

  15. Not trying to be rude but why does Michael Afton model look like that

  16. for anyone who didnt know its supposed to be henry singing

  17. i hate the mike model but the rest is good

  18. I remember enjoying this song 6 months ago.
    Now I’m already feeling nostalgic from hearing this

  19. I heard three songs it's me nightmare by design and circus of the dead

  20. got all of them 0:09 1- dream your dream;
    @ 2- Bringing us Home;
    @ 3- Attraction;
    @ 4- Ghost in the Machines;
    @/@ 5- Nightmare by Design;
    @/@ 6- Welcome Back;
    @/@/@ 7- Follow Me;
    @/@/@ 8- The Puppet Song;
    @ 9- Circus of Dead;
    @ 10- The End;
    @ 11- Turn Back;
    @ 12- It's Me;
    @ 13- Dance to Forget;
    @ 14- Lots of Fun;
    @ 15- Daddy's Little Monters;
    @ 16- Goodbye;
    17- Break the Cycle.

  21. Can I use this for my vids plz 🙏

  22. 2:40
    “I forgot that I’m Molten Freddy, I have Minecraft fire resistance. I can survive this fire!”
    – Molten Freddy

  23. This song is so saaaad 😭😭😭😭😭 i need huggys

  24. Anybody else notice the references to his other fnaf songs? The ones I heard were, its me, daddy's little monsters, nightmare by design and follow me, let me know if I missed any others!!

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