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“FRONT END GONE!!!” – NOBODY Said the BIKE LIFE Would be EASY!!! [Ep.#38]

Moto Madness
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[00:00] ➤ INTRO
[00:21] ➤ Proud_2A_Biker – Don’t Text and Driver –
[01:01] ➤ Ninja_650H – Bad Driver Vs Motorcycle –
[01:16] ➤ SlowR1 – Close Call –
[01:34] ➤ Treads – Near Miss on Motorcycle –
[01:44] ➤ Welner – Crazy Driver Runs Off the Road –
[01:51] ➤ Azorio – First Crash With my Motorcycle –
[02:16] ➤ Obaed Akash – I Crashed my Bike –
[02:47] ➤ FastFlowKC – Horrific Motorcycle Crash –
[05:38] ➤ Gixxxahh_t – Road Rage With Angry Man –
[06:07] ➤ Master Eye – Strange Things on the Road –
[07:11] ➤ Malinwa Rider – Bridge Crossing Fail –
[08:20] ➤ John Mataragas – Close Call –
[08:37] ➤ Severotto – Ducati Monster Wreck –
[09:05] ➤ Amen Corner Rider – Irritated Driver Vs Biker – Video Removed
[09:48] ➤ Kevin Volland – Already Seen it Coming –
[09:59] ➤ Footbrake Frank – Biker Almost Ended –
[10:19] ➤ Austin Sanderson – Near Gravel Crash –
[10:48] ➤ h1king33k – Sideswiped While Splitting Lanes –
[11:05] ➤ Motopsy Report – My First –

★ Intro Song: Spartacus –

★ Outro Song: [Breaks] – Excision & Pegboard Nerds – Bring The Madness (Noisestorm Remix) [Monstercat] –



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“FRONT END GONE!!!” – NOBODY Said the BIKE LIFE Would be EASY!!! [Ep.#38] –
Moto Madness 2021



  1. Why do people feel the need to be the phone police? Just ride you’re making yourself look stupid mr Harley tough guy

  2. Malinwa rider say ouch ouch my foot is stuck ouch that edge is broken

  3. 5:54 looks like the exact kind of person to drive a Subaru Outback

  4. When bro thought of the ambulance bill he instantly felt okay. Lol

  5. Are all submissions accepted? I just submitted a clip and can’t wait to see it in your video

  6. I wonder why the clip at 5:40 was cut. Bet the biker was in the wrong.

  7. “You’re a beast”. No man, he’s a dumbass. Glad he’s good, but why?

  8. Bro i get it that using your cell phone while driving is bad and you shouldn't but a Biker yelling at me to put my phone down or whatever isn't going to get me to do it if I'm using it LMAO like who TF are you dude my dad? LOL

  9. Спасибо,final miyzik okei!👍☝☝☝✊👊✋

  10. 8:31 "What the hell are you doing?!" Well, the driver was already breaking long before and indicates he wants to change lanes and since you're well behind me it's safe for him to do so. What the hell were you doing?

  11. Can people please stop Fucking rev bombing. Use your fucking HORN. When you rev bomb you got no power control so no bike control, you look like a idiot and nobody can hear it because the sound goes backwards not forwards like a horn.

    God dam it’s the fucking mark of a moron.

  12. What's more scarier than Fastflow KC's friend's crash is him dodging the 400 pound metal and plastic 4 feet in the air at 100+ mph

  13. First biker was real tough with that woman. If it was someone I knew he would have walked home with his bike hanging out of his ass.

  14. I saw once riding with my friend when he crashed into oncoming car, he's bike front fork was separated and turned 180 degrees, despite that he was on a V-tvin and those two cylinders came together

  15. 8:44
    But that's impossible he had the shiny new Ducati with the brand new leathers, no way he could wreck.

  16. Lol dude in the 2nd to last clip was mad. You can’t cross that double yellow dummy 100% trucks fault.

  17. Amen Corner Rider: the driver is 100% right. You knew when you set off from your starting point that you needed to turn right at that spot, but waited till the last minute to try to get over. You know somebody will eventually have to let you in to avoid a collision, so you intentionally wait until the last possible moment to move over so you can avoid the wait drivers like you caused in the first place! 🤬

  18. About time, create your own website. Fuçk YouTube.

  19. The first one from my state?

    Wisconsin Badgers where are you?

  20. 3:30 really goes to show that you should always drive safely on public roads

  21. 9:34 I know most of these bikers are on the wrong, but this vid actually got me laughing. This is a perfect example of a toxic individual. Says it's the biker's fault when the biker literally didn't do anything wrong. What a clown.

  22. 2:25 – good job he had that helmet on under his arm or he might have gotten hurt!

  23. Poor donkey I hate seeing things like that happen to them it’s worse that he gets beat by a stick

  24. It's sad to see that the guy didn't want an ambulance. he already knew the price of one. and would rater go home.
    America the land of the fees

  25. Oh what a day. What a lovely day…to watch more perfect examples of how NOT to ride.

  26. What are these Video about? Most of them ride in shorts and tanktops, and get mad about everyone else for minor reasons lol

  27. I really hate when you guys smash mirrors, especially when it's the biker that caused the problem in the first place. That being said, I wouldn't mind at all if you guys started snagging phones out of peoples hands when they're driving. From a Jeep driver I hate when people fuck around on their phones while driving.

  28. Obaed Akash is from Bangladesh not from India. India & Bangladesh aren't the same country.

  29. Fuck that asshole hitting the donkey in sand land

  30. If you "Already see it coming" wouldn't you slow down?

  31. 9:38 indicator doesn’t mean give way. Lane split and move in when save, don’t just fucking stop and yell about putting people on YouTube 😂 honestly, some bikers clearly shouldn’t be on the road

  32. 4:13 This guy was so lucky that his bike didnt fucked him.
    Glad to see him still alive!

  33. So the first guy wanna be the good guy and still ran the light after bullying on her

  34. This video is a clear demonstration as to why women outlive men.

  35. I’m wondering what the car was thinking that you two illegally passed pulling up and seeing him splattered everywhere…

  36. That car being there sucked. Never feels right going into a corner and then a random on coming car pops up

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