Ganyu Happy Day ? R3 Hamayumi Bow - Genshin Impact -

Ganyu Happy Day ? R3 Hamayumi Bow – Genshin Impact

Ferry Monster
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When f2p got prototype Billet
Ganyu Supremacy!!

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Ganyu Theme Music EXTENDED – Radiant Dreams (tnbee mix) – Genshin Impact

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  1. This gave me some strength to wait for her rerun, thank you :')

  2. If i bait ganyu with my r2 amos bow will she come home..?..

  3. I never recieved a single bow billet in my whole life playing genshin…. what a dream😭😭😭

  4. no matter what i do i cant get her crit damage over 200 the wanderer is a pain to farm i have 160 crit dmg , but i have 2600 atk and amos bow so it makes up for it

  5. as a mobile player, Hamayumi is my better choice!

  6. i also got the bow prototype but from childe

  7. Lol Idk tbh whether hamayumi or prototype yes you need headshots but not every character has a weak spot and prototype gives atk buff vs charged atk dmg buff in my opinion I think charged attack is better so I might get hamayumi and some refinements on it if I can get bow billets

  8. Believe it or not but i got 4 damn bow billets in just 4 weeks basically getting one each week wonder if i get my fifth one next monday 😀 RNGesus do be standing by my side for once at least

  9. Can you please try with prototype? :3

  10. Wish me luck on pulling future ganyu banner pls

  11. Is Prototype better for ganyu or is the Hamayumi?

  12. bruh, i can never get the prototypes i want. welp rn i dont rlly care abt it cause i got amos bow from standard LOL

  13. Prototype need to shot on heads, amos bow need to shot farther, Hamayumi need elemental burst, skyward harp doesn' t need anything:3

  14. Which is better, the half moon prototype or Hanayumi's?

  15. semoga dapet amos bang, biar kayak amber yang di closing

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