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Plants vs Zombies Music – Night Time in Front Yard:
Thomas The Tank Engine (TRAP REMIX) :

#genshinimpact #inazuma #2.0


  1. Once upon a time Baal declared Inazuma lockdown, but then 2.0 update came out and Electro Archont's life was cursed forever…

  2. Baal: “you will be inlaid upon this statue”

    What Aether hears: “you will be laid upon this statue”.

  3. Raiden Mei driving the train caughts me off guard. :')

  4. I Wait Nintendo switch versión 😑😑😑

  5. My kingdom for a slower roll of the train; they go by so fast! I'm still trying to figure out what a few of the dances were.

  6. I'm not only on the train, I even want it to do multi-track drifting to go faster toward Inazuma XD


  8. Herrscher of Thunder driving the hype train has me bussin.
    Your attention to detail is immaculate

  9. Y'all are legends if y'all wanted Baal even before the sword booba trailer

  10. Тожимурод Баймурадов says:

    Thought it was Baal on the wheel

  11. Genshin gang boarding the Void Locomotive all the way to Inazuma

  12. wait was mei the driver of the train of 2.O

  13. Everyone: 💃🕺👯
    Rosaria: 🪑
    Razor: 😞
    Kaeya and Diluc: 👃🩸
    Bennett under the train

  14. Baal: You can't beat me
    Mei: Here come the train

  15. Does no body care's about Bennett, ma boi was stuck under the train :<

  16. Damn imagine the hype train is the ticket to inazuma one day

  17. Is it just me or Razor is a Hashibira Inosuke-sama reference?

  18. Is Razor's pose in the train a reference to Kimetsu no Yaiba?

  19. Why is there no one talking about plant vs zombie soundtrack? This thing bring me some good old back days.

  20. I'm on the hype train for sure yeah; As badly as I want Ayaka, Baal's intro clip has me dead so I'm saving all my wishes to pour into her (and her unique sword, if I can)

  21. As someone who has seen all the ads, but never played the game: IS IT TIME YET?!

  22. For a sec i thought it was the mugen train that came to pick us up in this vid haha! But damn why’d u put our boy bennet there😂?! He’s so damn tragic alrdy let him have a proper seat on the train pls lol! And also, looks like childe is snuck on haha. Ganyu takin a good nap too😂! But either way, i got my ticket let’s goooo!

  23. This is one of the best videos you've ever done, lol, it's so clever!! I'm so smart I didn't get it at first and my hubs had to explain it to me, ha, ha! We both love your videos and are always excited to see when a new one comes out!

  24. You know the gnosis is in the archon's chest so the booba sword is like a trap

  25. Can KOKOMI.EXE have her do the Chika Dance?

  26. Benny boi just be vibin' under the train

  27. The trailer: Inazuma's full of conflict and dark stories behind
    The fandom:

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