Genshin Impact: 20 Fun Facts About Arataki Itto -

Genshin Impact: 20 Fun Facts About Arataki Itto

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In this video, I present all the lore we know about the newly revealed character Arataki Itto in the game so far. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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  1. yeah, first time I was in Inazuma City I did read about these on the message boards and NPC dialogues (especially NPC's along the main street), and when they announced Itto I knew it was him that these pieces of info was referring to, and I think the other Oni will become playable too, his sidekick 🤔

  2. Arataki itto when he comments "first" on a post: guess you guys can call me "the first" 😎

  3. I can imagine a ship between Itto and Sara would be pretty cute

  4. He has the character design similar to Male Yamato (from One Piece) and the behaviour of Oden (One piece)…

  5. I remember seeing someone on TWITTER thinking that Itto is a pedo cuz he's popular among kids.

  6. Just like Ei who can't cook, maybe Itto might not be able to eat any tofu-based dish in-game.. haha!!

  7. I just realize that in the thumb nail "meet 4 inazuma character" there are arataki itto real draw.

  8. I wonder if Itto's tofu allergy could be incorporated in-game where any tofu-based food given to him has its effects diminished somewhat.

  9. Now I'm simping even more! Strong and cool but also a dork head! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  10. Sounds like as reckless as Luffy. Good thing i saved after Raiden.

  11. Why do i feel like he's gonna come out on Noelle birthday

  12. Lol she challenged her to a Sumo wrestling lmao.. No wonder Sara backed out she could not handle those BIG damn abs

  13. fact #1 – half of you will never get him during this banner
    fact#2 – he is not a soy boy, that is why he is allergic to tofu

  14. imagine if mihoyo prevents us from feedim him tofu just because of that

  15. am i the only one who thinks itto wanted that sumo match with sara just to touch her? smart guy.

  16. Dude really asked a girl to a sumo wrestling match and acted suprised when she declined.

  17. He is literally the Ibaraki douji incarnate from Onmyoji. Now we just need Shuten.

  18. Ok this might be off topic but did anyone noticed that last month this guy also posted a video about "4 possible new playable character" and in that video thumbnail on far left its itto right? His silhouette on that thumbnails really spot on with the image mihoyo tease eventho he's not in beta ver nor anyone has any idea what's he look like at that time. Are u from future or what? Im getting a goosebump here….

    Link that im talking about:

    (Does that mean we finally gonna get a character that wear fedora?)

  19. everyone keeps wondering how Itto lose to Sara because he's bigger

    meanwhile the Traveler who's smaller than Masanori

  20. I am already waiting for your videos about things we missed in 2.2 Archon quest.

  21. He's Rengoku mixed with Inosuke, also his relantionship with Sara is cute… another ship to the list/hj

  22. Itto is the reason why women live longer than men, which makes me wanna pull him

  23. I have this intuition that he, alongside Signora, Alice and Varka will be entering my top 4 favorite characters in the game not in particular order. But I might just keep my expectations low and not trusting my intuition that much. However, this guy deffo has a potential for how insane and awesome he is.

    Also, he's one of the reasons why I don't care about the Vision Hunt Decree that much and asks Raiden if she should abolish the Sakoku Decree instead.

  24. I hope his story quest include sumo rematch with Sara.. Lol

  25. thought guy had a pyro vision for his personality
    got wronged miserably

  26. ittosara has that enemies to lovers potential

  27. Where can you find this lore other than the boards?
    Edit: I talked to some npcs also btw but I still don’t know the deatails

  28. Plot twist: Kujou Sara would like him if she knew about the fact that he is a FIVE * character

  29. I see Itto is a man of culture as well 🙂

  30. Him not being affected when his vision was confiscated…I think he was affected like he has an incling of what his ambition was and that incling was Sara and for him to remember his ambition he insinsts on rematch with Sara. That's just my opinion.

  31. Wait i have a question (unrelated) when we talk to yae we mention that we have delusion in our head?

    Pls explain

  32. there are no other official weapons other than the ones mhy mentioned. But itto was holding a club behind him

    does that mean there's gonna be a 5 star debate club?

  33. so…is he 5* or 4* ??? he should be 4* as he lost to sara…plzz let him be 4*

  34. He looks like Keiji Maeda from the Warriors series

  35. now i wanna pull for Itto and Xiao so they can be rivals =)

  36. I kind of want him now, I have a decked out C6 Sara from going ham at Ei's banner. Their dynamic looks fun as heck lol, sumo match really XD

  37. I think the masked lady that dragged itto away is kuki shinobu

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