Genshin Impact ANNIVERSARY | What To Expect From MIHOYO? -

Genshin Impact ANNIVERSARY | What To Expect From MIHOYO?

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Genshin Impact’s 1 Year Anniversary is coming up soon. Here are some of the things that we could be expecting. What are your thoughts and how do you think MiHoYo will be running the anniversary?



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  1. Lmao we probably get like 150 primo and a 100 eggs

  2. The best mihoyo will do is give you 1 4star you can choose.

  3. Battle pass and at least one 5 star character/weapon

  4. honestly if mihoyo gives us a chance to choose a 5 star character, it would make sense if we can only choose from the standard banner because no one spends money on the standard banner for characters, it's always the event banners where characters are there for a limited time so this way they won't be losing money by letting us choose limited characters who will be getting reruns in the future.

  5. Meanwhile Mihoyo: Hello, Traveller! thank you for sticking with us for our one year anniversary! Here is 2 sugars, 5 fish and a sweet flower! ❤️

  6. Mihoyo gave their employees PS5s and Nintendo Switches? HUH I knew knew!! 😂

  7. All of the rewards sound very great and everything but when you mentioned the teapot it made me think that they should make the trust rank higher for us, maybe to 20. Most of us are probably maxed at level 10 already so it feels like a waste just crafting new furniture and not getting any rewards from it. That'd make a lot of players happy, especially because of the primos. Happy late birthday btw 💛🎉

  8. Just gift Diluc to everyone….. that's it… that's all I want and need.


  10. Mihoyo : best I can give is 10 fish 10 fowl 10 eggs enjoy your meals

  11. They should release the Nintendo switch version of the game for the anniversary cause we have be waiting a year and half since the trailer for it to be completed

  12. 3:54 yep asterites like in honkai where we can buy A ranks (equivalent to 4 stars in genshin ) and several useful resources.

    And belated Happy birthday 😀

  13. Lmao tbh I'd be happy with just a new cool pet. Or even if just more seelies, make it so I can equipt them all at once aaaaaa

  14. ngl, i’m just expecting a lot of primogems or even a free standard 5*

  15. if its from the standand banner for a free 5*, i'd probably pick the Amos Bow

  16. I can't see them being super nice about it. The best they'll probably give is a choice of what ever 5 star we want. Still gotta wish for it though. Maybe they'll give some wishes too like they did with the lantern festival.

  17. belated happy bday! loving the video production~

  18. to be honest rather than having primogems , i would like if they let me choose one 5* charac of my choice lol

  19. Cant wait to get the Special Mihoyo Anniv Cake and a thank you 😒

  20. Tbh I started playing genshin when it was my birthday and it so happens that we both share the same date (28th Sept). I'm more excited for genshin anniversary than my birthday at this point.

  21. We should get to choose which 5 star we want😭 only one. If we get to choose then I’d cry and choose klee

  22. I imagine free 5 Star event but just my dream that mihoyo will give free 5 Star;-;

  23. They should really give us a standard 5 star ticket tbh, especially to those above ar 50

  24. no they're just gonna send an email and give us an anniversary cake

  25. a 10 pull if ur lucky dont get y ppl get hyped about this stuff

  26. Let’s all be honest like all of us f2ps want a free 5 star choice lol

  27. Honestly I just hope we can pick a free 5* of our choice from every banner

  28. If we could choose any of the 5 stars that already got a rerun I'd grab Childe the second I got a chance, I wouldn't let him dodge me the third time 😤if not, then Albedo. I need him.
    Hell, I'd even be happy if it was 'just' a 5 star weapon. At AR55 I only have one.
    Still, I'm not gonna get my hopes up, with mihoyo you never know

  29. They should make a cocogoat pet

    Edit : i really hope for us to choose a banner

    Mihoyo pls

  30. I'm hopin that we can get a character or constellation of our choice
    We're probably just getting like 200 primos max tho

  31. They should increase the rate of getting old fives stars on there re-run would also be great these way we can save primo and get characters

  32. Someone Told Me We Will Get To Pick One Character Out Of 5 And 1 Weapon Out Of 10 Weapon

  33. "Picking your own banner" isn't really being "generous". They aren't giving anything away for free plus aren't they gonna earn a lot from this? Considering most likely everyone will pull and none will skip since they actually want the character on the banner (unless if you have all the characters). But the only downside is that not all whales will be pulling and this will favour f2p more.

  34. Dont get to excited. We are probably gonna get 3000 mora and 2 fowls if they feel generous. For real wtf are they doing. Who wants 5 fish. At this point they owe us 30k primos minimum. And atleast one free 5 star of your choice

  35. Personally, i think they’re gonna do reruns of ganyu and xiao. As for the ~special gift~ i think they MIGHT give us a free standard banner 5*. Of course through an event. We’ll see, but i do think they’re gonna be more generous than usually!

  36. I think for genshin anniversary, they should give a free standard banner 5 star character. But they’ll never do this because THEY’RE GREEDY.

  37. we should get to pick a four star character and a weapon for free + MAC USERS GETS TO PLAY IN MAC </3

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