Genshin Impact Beginners Guide: 25 Tips for New + Returning Players -

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide: 25 Tips for New + Returning Players

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Stamina
1:44 Ad Break
2:51 Focus On A Couple Of Characters
4:19 Two Free Characters (+Spiral Abyss)
6:37 The Adventure Book
7:33 Free 4-Stars Weapons
9:00 Save EXP Books
9:46 Use Your Sigils
10:30 Prototype Weapons
11:58 Make The Resin More Valuable (+ Keep Your Fragile Resin)
13:46 The Serenitea Pot
14:48 Do The Events While They’re Available
15:46 Character Banner (+ Pity System)
16:56 Weapons Banner
17:28 Normal Banner
18:17 The Shop
20:50 Free Beidou (Event)
21:20 The Traveler
22:04 Elemental Resonance
23:13 Use Your Food
24:07 Don’t Be Afraid To Do Coop
24:43 4-Stars Weapons Can Be Good Enough
25:30 Artifacts + Elemental Cups
27:16 Farm Crystals (+ Expedition)
28:18 Parametric Transformer
28:47 Treasure Compasses (+ Reputation System)
30:45 Redeem Codes
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Genshin Impact Beginners Guide! Some of my top tips for new and returning players!


  1. Im very afraid to do co-op. My game crashes every 5 minutes as is in single player with the lowest settings. Online would just melt my ipad

  2. Biggest tip. Just don't become like all the other whiny, broke Genshin players

  3. Just started earlier, ended right after the dragon fight in monstadt and I already have xiangling lol. Didn't know she was good.

  4. my heart was paining as he pronounced xiangling like "sheng-ling" instead of "shang-ling" 😭

  5. Hello, a AR19 and F2P player here (I have the MC, Amber, Kaeya, Lisa, Noelle, Beidou, Rosaria, Ningguang and Barbara so far. I want to get Keqing but she is a five star and way out of my league). I knew some of this stuff but this was really helpful. Thanks for making this!

  6. Here is a tip when crafting or cooking some characters give bonuses make sure you check to see which characters do what like barbara will give a chance to make two healing food items with one use of ingredients so it saves resources

  7. I actually started a new f2p account on the NA server, so this guide is so helpful even though I’ve played the game on Asia server for almost 8 months. I’m taking the time to appreciate the game since I rushed so hard to AR45 in the beginning and spent a bunch of money trying to get characters without knowing who they were just because people were recommending them.

    Please take the time to enjoy the game and get immersed in the quests and characters. It’ll enrich your experience a lot more. It’s not all about the gacha and getting the best characters.

  8. I may be AR 35 but I still consider myself as a beginner 💀

  9. I don’t care how he says his name is pronounced.. “mount ashed” sounds badass. Like it’s mtashed and I immediately read mt as an abbreviation for mountain or mount…

  10. Is Xiangling still available through the Spiral Abyss?

  11. I haven't reached Inazuma yet (I only started playing a month ago), but can I just say I love the main character? I chose Lumine, and I just love her and her Anemo ability. I hate geo traveller lol. I know she's supposed to be stronger with geo, but I just hate her abilities.

    And I always get tons of hate for being main traveller, especially when I tell people I prefer anemo to geo (and possibly electro too, I've seen some people use her and she seems strong, I'm just not sure if it's the type of gameplay I like) and like!!! Why??? Usually the answer is "lol that's the main character, everyone has it".

    I feel when it comes to games everyone wants to have the rare characters that no one else has to be "special" and damned be if they actually like the characters or now.

    I'm loving your videos and you're being of a great help. Thank you, please continue <3

  12. Just got the game and i have no idea what you are talking about but thanks for the tips

  13. Why google it! that takes the fun out of it. Sadge

  14. I've been slowly playing this game since the start AR28 and all my characters are level 20 lmao I only use the characters I like even if on the tier list they're "bad"

    I bet if a try hard went on my account they'd cringe XD

  15. Hi Mtashed! Thanks for making this video for new players like me, it's gonna help my gameplay so much I can't thank you enough.
    So before AR45 where the artifact farming starts, should I level up my current 3-4 stars artifacts I have on my characters?

  16. I don't understand why people say don't do domain because it costs resin….resin regenerates right? I know i shouldn't use fragile resin, but if i use normal resin, is it bad?

  17. Ahh I made a Smurf account and fck I messed up big time on my main like
    My travelers crit rate is 45 and crit DMG is 118 bro it's a lot better than my 8/9/9 diluc

    Damn but I can't just leave my main account cuz I have many characters so imma try to re do it tnx for this vid

    My tip: don't use your fragile resin and when you unlocked the blossom farm it(the blue one not the mora cuz there's many source of mora when you started playing).and save your primos on a certain character try watching vids on characters:).and dont rush the whole map take your time you'll regret it cuz in end game there's no content than events,watch a YouTube guide on building a character and listen to it cuz you don't want to waste resources on it(use a 3*-5* don't build 2 star)

  18. !!HELP!!! Hello there, I'm looking for tips on character or attack strategies for a set of villains that pop up in Liyye and Dragonspine Mountain… its typically a set of 3 guys, 1 fat Cryomancer, 1 skinny magic thrower, and a BIG Electro Sledgehammer weilder… the Cryomancer has Shields and seems to buff the other characters but the Electro Hammer guy is my main problem. He regenerates health, he's fast and he hits, well like a Sledgehammer!!! any Tips, Strategies, Character suggestions would be awesome!!!

  19. am i lucky that i got Diluc at adventure lvl 5

  20. I remember I got Xiangling from the wishes and I hadn't ascended any of my characters yet

  21. I am a beginner and I play on laptop, what letters do i need to press for dashing or swimming faster ?

  22. If they create Konoha world with its characters, remind me guys, I'll definitely play than

  23. dang I didn't even know there were daily rewards and now I feel bad for missing them

  24. I’ve had Genshin since february and I’m still AR21 lmaooo I mean it’s bc I didn’t play much since I downloaded it but now I’m getting addicted haha

  25. New player. No idea what I am doing lol. I ended up by a Statue of the Seven in Starfell Valley. I got the power from the statue and I am trying to explore. When I swim to shore as soon as I start walking the game resets. But it doesn’t say anything about not exploring the area so I think it’s a glitch. I can’t click on any quests. They don’t work. And I can’t teleport anywhere. Can’t find any support or people who know how I can progress. There are 2 red blob enemies. I kill them and they keep coming back to life over and over and over. The land mass I am on is tiny. So there’s nothing to explore. Ugh. I am about ready to delete the game. I tried resetting and logging out and nothing works. Thought I would ask for help here first. Helpppp please 😎

  26. i use laptop T _ T so i cant use the Kingston Fury

  27. Thanks for tips. Gonna download genshin later on since I just bought new phone today😊

  28. This video made me grind to upgrade my characters and weapons, thank you

  29. 🙃🙃i should have watched this video before starting to play 🙃🙃 now it's too late ..

  30. I still haven’t started Genshin Impact, downloaded it ages ago but just never started the game lol. Never had the motivation to start it for some reason. Is it good to start now? (PlayStation and iOS I have it downloaded on, do these two platforms able to sync together?).

  31. Video: Genshin Impact
    AD: Genshin Impact
    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  32. im ar 45 and i still dont know how the artifacts work

  33. you look like jesse pinkman from breaking bad

  34. At the start I thought I was watching one of his d2 vids…….

  35. I’m so confused, I just started a few weeks ago and just decided to watch a bunch of videos about Genshin because I was bored and wanted to get better. But now I’m so overwhelmed and confused,
    What is a world rank/level? And how to I upgrade it

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