Genshin Impact Beginners Guide: 25 Tips for New + Returning Players -

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide: 25 Tips for New + Returning Players

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Stamina
1:44 Ad Break
2:51 Focus On A Couple Of Characters
4:19 Two Free Characters (+Spiral Abyss)
6:37 The Adventure Book
7:33 Free 4-Stars Weapons
9:00 Save EXP Books
9:46 Use Your Sigils
10:30 Prototype Weapons
11:58 Make The Resin More Valuable (+ Keep Your Fragile Resin)
13:46 The Serenitea Pot
14:48 Do The Events While They’re Available
15:46 Character Banner (+ Pity System)
16:56 Weapons Banner
17:28 Normal Banner
18:17 The Shop
20:50 Free Beidou (Event)
21:20 The Traveler
22:04 Elemental Resonance
23:13 Use Your Food
24:07 Don’t Be Afraid To Do Coop
24:43 4-Stars Weapons Can Be Good Enough
25:30 Artifacts + Elemental Cups
27:16 Farm Crystals (+ Expedition)
28:18 Parametric Transformer
28:47 Treasure Compasses (+ Reputation System)
30:45 Redeem Codes
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Genshin Impact Beginners Guide! Some of my top tips for new and returning players!


  1. As a new f2p player, knowing I should Hoard as much as I can for late game content, how much should/can I use just to get me over the first bump efficiently? I don't think you can get a free Xiangling with a crew if level 20 characters :l

  2. I didn't even notice this was Mtashed When I played destiny as a second life I watch Frost a lot and always seen you playing trials with him nice to see you play genshin

  3. i started playing yesterday and i’m only ar 11 so i don’t know what half of this means but i’ll definitely refer back to this

  4. I'm AR 24 can someone give me tips?

  5. Can I have a life playing this game? Or do I have to throw it away?

  6. Pro Tip: Take Your Traveler And Solo The Story With It. It's Fun and Easy Plus Gaming

  7. So there's a teleporter to spiral abyss
    I just use Kaeya to walk there.. I feel cheated

  8. I just got in the game……….This Is so overwhelming lol

  9. Hi I'm new I hope I can use this knowledge you shared to be better at the game.

  10. Just a doggo who has internet access says:

    Hi I'm a new player! Thanks for the information, i literally don't know what to do before. Thanks 👍😊

  11. I get it… Every game. I do this

    Waifu over Meta

    (Leveling up and Weapons)

  12. Returned to the game << Is it better to hold onto High Tier chest locations and open them when I'm high ar/world level?

  13. I just got xiangling in a wish, am too much of a noob rn to beat 3-3 spiral lol my pulls so far were pretty good already got raiden from my second wish during the event

  14. I saw people say that using support Rosaria was the best decision but I went for physical dmg, is that good? Cuz I've been playing for a month or two but I'm still kind of oblivious about some things. Btw I made Rosaria physical dmg only cuz I got some physical dmg bonus goblet and atk%/crit rate% stuff and couldn't get the cryo set from the domain

  15. imagine having good units to spend resources

  16. if only i knew these tips last year when the game released

  17. Very good video. Informative, interesting and no sugarcoating the gacha mechanics!

  18. Helpppp im new and I don't know how to play that didn't make sense pls help 🙁

  19. I didn't know golden apple archipelago would disappear. Fucking lost a lot of chest when I stopped playing for a couple of months

  20. I wish I knew not to build everyone, I got stuck at AR30 forever having 20+ Lvl 40 characters

  21. I’m a returning player . I’m still early in the game low ar. This updated video was super helpful 😊 Tyy

  22. Can someone give me some advice for They Call Him Raptor? I'm quite new and I've gotten through the main bits easily it's just the final fight with Raptor that I'm struggling with

  23. Brain dead? You little shit my job is not playing the game 😀 I actually have to go to work!

  24. Ngl I’m just trying to build my characters

  25. Can't make this a full-time job but willing to try.

  26. I got lucky and got xianling in a wish when i was AR 12

  27. me here because i just got diluc at AR 11 having no idea what to do

  28. I got two 4-stars and a 5-star characters within 3 hours of playing

  29. No one cares about gentian impact it’s just a copy of Zelda breath of the wild sorry to tell you

  30. i really wish i did that anemoculous and geoculous stuff at first
    now i actually need them and i keep forgetting which ones ive gotten before-

  31. my first 5 star was keking… im ar 14 by the time of this writting

  32. As a new player I will say hope you can get sayu because she is pretty op for a new player!

  33. Co-op helps alot 2 strangers helped me with my quests!

  34. I pre fer the crown to be the off set due to the fact 1 piece elemental resistance set is on crown. so you can have a max of 3 set bonus's.

  35. My ar is 27 yes I consider myself a engineer cause I find out new stuff on Genshin everyday 🤪🤩🙏

  36. Me AR 29 with Keqing diluc qiqi and childe 😂

  37. Just passed my first week playing the game, I have the mondstat statues of the 7 maxed, am working on the liyue ones and have opened every precious & luxurious chest in the areas I've explored so far xD Gonna open all the exquisite ones next :3

  38. does snow tomed starsilver work with diluc?

  39. Pro tip: Google maps don't work on the game.

  40. My biggest tip: get some luck CUZ YOU WILL NEED IT

  41. Man, AR 55 and you are telling me to "use the food"
    Just get real and tell me what's that freaking radiation thing on the island and how to avoid getting killed on the crazy thunder island.
    Not this useless whatever it is

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