Genshin Impact, but I have to summon a team 2 -

Genshin Impact, but I have to summon a team 2

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Today we’re doing our 2nd installment of “Genshin Impact, but I have to summon a team,” as it was met with a lot of good reception the first time.

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0:00 Intro
2:08 Summoning for the team
6:12 Raising The Team (cause I have to)
7:55 Building The Team
10:13 Team Stats
11:03 Leylines
13:54 Raising The Unforged Weapon
15:45 Getting a team member even further beyond
16:18 Wolf Boss
18:56 Dailies
20:20 New Artifact Run (PURE PAIN)



  1. Beidou is literally so op with her ult, you should definitely build her (for AOE cases only tho), 4 pcs emblem is bis if I'm not mistaken and unforged is better on Xinyan than on Beidou so you should probably switch those two. Xinyan also focuses on her burst/charged attack her autos aren't as strong.

  2. Theres a pattern in standard banner if u get a 5* character then the next 5* will be a weapon it even counts if you get like 2 5*chars in a row then the 2 next 5* will be weapons

  3. Why put better weapons and artifact on xinyan instead of beidou? That's like intentionally making your team crippled lmao

  4. Next video pls be a raising fischl vid

  5. beidou legit carried me until AR 40, sadly i replaced her with ayaka but she is legit a beast

  6. I think the honkai redemption code is only for global server so sad

  7. You really should do a fishl raised video!

  8. Moga: " I got no dps here, what would I do?"
    Me, who uses xinyan as a sub dps religiously and does 60k physical damage with burst while charging it in like 10 seconds: internal agonizing pain


  10. After the Starter team, my first gacha team was Xinyan, Chongyun, Fischl and Barbara (I still use Xinyan, who’s my main DPS but completely abandoned the others)

  11. me seeing Moga put Unforged on Beidou and WGS on Xinyan ;-;

  12. "we have no dps"
    Me a chongyun main: baby I'm not even here, I'm hallucination ✨

  13. tip: light the grass on fire and hold down beidou's E until it reaches the last counter

  14. Moga: Perfectly built Beidou and Xinyan
    Also Moga: We're probably gonna be main DPS Fischl
    Me: This is why youtube took out the dislike button

  15. The xinyan slander in this mf video is atrocious

  16. “we have no main dps”
    me and my main dps chongyun: hmm

  17. Moga, can u do a who I regret to raise again.

  18. yo wheres my intro of different angles oh zhongli

  19. reached soft pity yesterday and i was really hoping to get jean bc i want another anemo unit but instead i got a skyward harp 😭 well, i guess eula can have it

  20. Seeing the resin cap gives me anxiety :O

  21. Any physical DPS: exists
    Chongyun’s elemental skill: exists

  22. When you raise Fishel raise her physical damage

  23. Yayyy mogawty sponsored by mihoyo nowww (honkai) well done 😀

  24. Fischl main dps forever fischl physicial does a lot

  25. Imagine putting 4 piece pale flame on xinyan lmao

  26. "Not having healer hurts really hard" said someone that just too spoiled because of having jun lee

  27. wait a honkai sponsor? havent seen one of those in forever

  28. "We have no dps"
    Me, a triple crowned Beidou main: I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear anything

  29. What have we learnt from the video? That Fischl and OZ are OP~ <3

  30. Wait..*Why did I see Sayu have a fish as a weapon lol

  31. Im glad that Moga said he wants to build Xinyan, Chongyun and Beidou. because all of them are underrated and not used much. Fishcl is nice too but alot of people use her, so u know…. She's fine ig

    A Beidou main btw

  32. I guess this team is quite good for a quick swap team, which mostly revolves fischl's oz , xinyan shield, chongyun Q and Beidou counter and Q. And i also think u should use the team more often (after u build them ofc) so that u get used to them and test out something new

  33. me as a beidou main crying bc of mogas counters:

  34. As a beidou main, if you some dmg with her then stand on fire and use her E, it makes it easier to oneshot an opponent, ofcourse it depends on the build too

  35. moga building chongyun??!!! i've been waiting for this day.

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