Genshin Impact, but I have to summon a team -

Genshin Impact, but I have to summon a team

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re doing an interesting challenge where we summon on the standard banner and the first 4 characters we pull will be our team for the day!

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0:00 Summons for Team
5:08 Meet the Team, We Need to Build
8:01 Dailies
10:11 Hydro Hippo
13:00 Ley Lines
15:00 Inazuma Artifact Domain
17:07 OwO
17:12 Wolf Boss


  1. I think I saw it, but Unforged would actually be better on Noelle since it does shield strength which is what Noelle is usually primarily done for

  2. i love the fact he mentiond therussinabadger even tho he didn't need to and thats nice of him

  3. reminder you don't have to use primos! you can use starglitter and stardust to get wishes

  4. This game looks so amazing. I wish I could play it. My pc says it is 30 gigs.

  5. This looks like such a fun team, although I can understand his disappointment during pulls if they weren't built and he wasn't used to playing some of them 😮

  6. One of my Rn good online friends that I met while helping low ARs had the skyward harp and i was like wow, they’re a Lisa and fishcl main and they are super sweet.

  7. I cried just seeing you're 5 start artifact and weapon. I hope all:(

  8. Any tips for pulling characters in beginner wish? Im a newbie

  9. The pain when he uses primos instead of 50 FRAGILE RESIN to refills resins

  10. I didn’t even notice the healing when I fought the Hydro Hypostasis. I just used brute force until it eventually died

  11. No one realises in the intro
    That i have black eyes?


  12. 2.5 minutes is a slog? That's really a high standard.

  13. Imo Fischl is one of the Best 4* characters actually (she needs good build aswell)

  14. Smiling Zhongli is unbelievably cursed….

  15. Why didn’t he level it up to max and stuff

  16. Жалкая пародия на Бэбэя и ИмбаЭнерджи, но само видео классное)

  17. Hi I got keqing on event banner not xingqiu but I am happy tho ;-;

  18. i almost skip ur sponsore but when i saw this 1:10 i started interest with it


  20. As an f2p Noelle main your c6, good weapon, artifact hurts me :')
    (My body is aching to max her out right now but valberries swooped in and ruined my day )

  21. I did a similar challenge against oceanids today for fun, but after the fifth attemp (fucking pidgeons), I came back with Ganyu, Raiden, Zhongli and c3 Jean…and I wasn't smiling anymore.

  22. thats literally my team but i have rosaria/sucrose instead of lisa

  23. Most Cancer enemy in genshin the hydro and cryo abyss mages

  24. This is a weird challenge but…
    A day where you can't run
    So you can only walk and dash on genshin

  25. Zhonglis eye at the beginning expresses how painful pulling is and is dead that moga got a decent team

  26. I love how I got a cookie run kingdom ad before the video started

  27. Trade me accounts and do dailies on my account challenge

  28. "Lisa is the tallest by far so I'm going to travel with her"

    sure thats why

  29. Bruh. Where the husbando cups at? I mean…not that i mindddd…

  30. This challenge was f2p pain!!
    Y u use primos instead of fragile resin!?

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