Genshin Impact but Yoimiya is Stronger Than Ganyu?? | Leaks -

Genshin Impact but Yoimiya is Stronger Than Ganyu?? | Leaks

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I will be breaking down everything you need to know about Yoimiya’s kit, including stats, attacks, skills, passives, ultimate, animations, constellations, and gameplay.

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Best Yoimiya Weapons / Bows video:


Yoimiya is going to be a Pyro bow character with amazing single target and decent AOE offensive capabilities, as well as some team buffing abilities.

She will be capable of dishing out immense single target DPS with a simple playstyle, with damage matching or even exceeding current top DPS characters such as Diluc, Hutao, or even Ganyu in some cases, according to leaks and some calculations. She would work well in Vaporize, Melt, and maybe even Overload comps, as transformative reactions were buffed in patch 1.6. She is also capable of supporting her teammates with her attack buffs. She may also work with the upcoming Electro Traveller.

Her normal attacks are rapid and do a ton of damage. This will be further buffed by her skill, which will infuse her attacks with pyro and buff her normal attack damage. Her ult is an AOE pyro attack followed by a mark that does massive damage when triggered by ally attacks. One of her ascension passives buff her teammates’ attack and the other her own pyro damage. She also has a fun gimmick charge shot which homes in and seeks enemies very well.

She is really strong at C0, and her first and second constellations are nice; her rest of her constellations are not as useful.


Eula Guide:

Kazuha is Stronger than Venti?


Character stats:

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  1. I have garunteed yoimiya thanks to jean i hope I can farm enough primos >•< yoimiya come home

  2. Hello. Quick question, i have the skyward harp, will it be good for her?

  3. For a moment, when quest with yoimiya and try her, her EB have a bug, the EB effect change other target when the targeted dead, but thats not, i hope their gonna fix that bug after her on banner, I HAVE AMOS BOW FROM STANDAR BANNER, BUT I DONT HAVE GANYU, SOO I MUST GET HER, I HAVE 3K PRIMO AND ARROUND 40PITY, BUT 50/50…. 😥

  4. KEKW!! She needs alot of team synergy, unless they buff her, shes waifu material nothing more. And not comparable with Ganyu, she is just hands down the best

  5. It’s sad that everyone is hating on her. Which makes me want to get her more, just like Eula back then.

  6. yoimiya plz come home, i dont want to use xiabgling anymore😭

  7. Yooo. Ive had this question for a while. If anyone can answer please do. The question is, does overload have aoe, I've been wondering this because yoimiya is blatantly single target dps while at the same time mihoyo has been obviously hinting at using pyro characters (specifically yoimiya in this case) with electro characters for overload. So this made wonder if overload is aoe because then it would make more sense why mihoyo is pushing this so much because then it would fix her aoe problem in spiral abyss.

    Edit: oh what the fuck, I just finished this video and he says overload does area damage. Ait I guess that's it, yoimiya might actually be broken, that literally fixes almost all of her AoE problems. I wasn't expecting this form his video because I've already watched so many yoimiya theory and guide videos that haven't once mentioned this. Thank God.

  8. I'm planning on maining Lisa and yoimiya, so this guide has really helped me!

  9. Yoimiya come home!
    Please i beg of you, youll meet kazuha

  10. Yoimiya come home plz i have her guaranteed but i dont know if i will have enough wishes

  11. Update; as an Yoimiya haver
    She is not balanced of anything, She sucks and totally underwhelming.
    Ultra single target, burst is very very lame, homing arrows do not give any respectable damage.

  12. It kinda sucks that miHoYo is power creeping… i really like jean but she’s going to be considered so weak later on and i’m f2p so it’s going to be so hard to play

  13. im sure that yoimiaya>ganyu,cuz pyro damage>cyro damage

  14. Yoimiya come home I have guaranted to get her

  15. Judging from Honey Impact, I don't know if I did the calculations right, but:

    Normal Attack level 6: 49.01%*2
    Elemental Skill level 6: 149.94%
    R5 Rust: +80% Normal Attack

    49.01 + 149.94 + 80 = 278.95%*2 Normal Attack

    So a 557.9% damage multiplier by just her 1-Hit Dmg at level 6 talents? That's extremely cracked unless I can't do math.

  16. Neither both of them. Voting for Ayaka instead.

  17. Imagine if yoimiya's skill cd goes down to 15 sec. just that 3 sec decrease will improve her dps potential by alot. That said I made my mind already and am pulling for her despite the changes so, come home yoimiya !!!.

  18. I would like to get Yoimiya but I already have Klee. 2 pyro main dps means I would not have a countering alternatives against pyro slime and pyro abyss mages. So difficult to decide.

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