Genshin Impact Character OST Album - The Stellar Moments -

Genshin Impact Character OST Album – The Stellar Moments

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact’s inaugural character album “The Stellar Moments” is out now! Featuring 17 splendid tracks from composer Yu-Peng Chen @HOYO-MiX, each one an original composition for the characters of Genshin Impact.

#01. Bard’s Adventure – 00:00
#02. Let’s Go, Crimson Knight! – 01:50
#03. Where the Sunlight Flees – 03:21
#04. Flaming Fry – 04:34
#05. Ouvertüre der ewigen Nacht – 05:32
#06. Sieh an, mein Sommernachtgarten! – 06:50
#07. Preserver of Fortune – 08:06
#08. Surge of Prophecies – 09:07
#09. Letter From Ajax – 10:08
#10. From Snezhnaya With Boldness – 11:41
#11. Exclusive Specialty – 13:10
#12. Rockin’ With Fire – 14:11
#13. Nimble as Lightning – 15:13
#14. Contemplation in Snow – 16:12
#15. Genius of Takwin – 18:15
#16. Qilin’s Prance – 19:56
#17. Rex Incognito – 21:36

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  1. This is going to get nostalgic in few years. mark my words guys

  2. The best ones in my opinion are Venti's, Tartaglia's, Albedo's, Ganyu's and of course Zhongli's

  3. Zhongli’s ost is still one of the best ost in the game

  4. I've always noticed that venti's ost is divided into three parts. First, it's mellow and nostalgic. Second, it's exquisite and grand, and lastly, it's full of wonder and adventure. It seems like it encompasses venti's life from being a wisp, to an archon, and now, a bard.

  5. listening to this while studying is hard… ;-;
    i wanna play so bad

  6. rockin with fire sounds like a gravity falls op

  7. Ok let’s just appreciate how they made more than 17 songs for this video game…

  8. Keqing's theme song starts with elegance and ends with elegance of fiery passion

  9. the past 23 minutes and 35 seconds of my life flew by so fast

  10. lindsey stirling could make a guest appearance on the genshin Impact soundtrack would be perfect ❤️


  12. Rex incognito will always slap harder than my mom-

  13. Can I use this sound for free for video editing?

  14. Childe's 2nd theme(From Snehznaya with boldness)tho💯💯

  15. idk if it's just me but i could listen to this part 0:40 of venti's theme all the time, i love it ahhh

  16. I hope Noelle and Barbara have their own theme soundtrack too.

  17. no one
    me in love with zhong li’s theme

  18. From Snezhnaya with Boldness, probably a wordplay one of Bond series "From Russia with Love"

  19. Venti’s, Ganyu’s, Zhongli’s and Childe’s themes are fire

  20. 1:50
    Never forget klee
    (I didn't get a chance to get her in 1.6) T^T

  21. mihoyo: beautiful music mihoyo
    mihoyo: thanks mihoyo

  22. Oh geeze please make a story quest for Xinyan already. Rockin with fire needs an extended version.

  23. The Bard’s Adventure hears like Firewall Dragon Theme with Super Smash Bros ultimate instrument and Persona 5 Bass and Monstadt Tune

  24. Where is my boy Xiao's theme😥😟😕😵😭

  25. Please tell me I’m not the only one who can basically hear “We last left off in Ancient Liyue…” and “I WILL HAVE ORDER!” when Rex Incognito plays

  26. Let's Go Crimson Knight almost sounds like it would be made by Nintendo in Super Mario

  27. bard's adventure, qilin's prance, nimble as lightning and letter from ajax > you

  28. Klee's theme always brings a smile to my face

  29. I was just that Nothing beats Zhongli's Theme music.

  30. Can’t wait for the Inazuma characters
    I love Ayaka’s theme song

  31. Nobody's talking about how cute that paimon logo looks.

  32. Hopefully, Baal's theme will shocked us in the future.

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