Genshin Impact characters in the Hunger Games Simulator -

Genshin Impact characters in the Hunger Games Simulator

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I put the Genshin impact characters in the hunger games simulator. The results were very interesting lol. Subscribe and like if you enjoyed.

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  1. When no liyue vison hunt decree vid: sad noises
    Hunger games vid: h a p p y

  2. This is the reason why Qiqi always ruins your pity

  3. hu tao will just spend her time and stamina just to chase qiqi but klee bombs hu tao and qiqi is saved so either qiqi or klee wins that's what I think

  4. Qiqi, like man she killed Itto and Lisa

  5. I knew qiqi will win

  6. Klee cuz hu tao would want to kill qiqi, qiqi dies but meanwhile klee blows hu tao up

  7. Qiqi is immortal she will never die

  8. qiqi is literally already dead, she cant be killed so she wins no matter how strong hu tao and klee are

  9. Nothing is scarier than the idea of childe giving klee a piggyback ride while she throws bombs at their enemies with qiqi healing them constantly

  10. The fact Klee blew up Kokomi is accurate. So that counts as another fish-blasting attempt.

  11. Just gonna put what i think it would look like, aka more detailed i guess. Also if there are typos tell me, i mean nobody will prob read this, its like a essay lol

    Sayu rolls out and goes into the forest

    Diluc catches Scaramutch off guard and finishes him before he become a threat

    Yai goes for the bag instead of the weapons and starts regretting life choices

    Venti flys up and catches sucroses bow like a bird

    Yanfei and Barbara starts arguing but then Itto comes out of nowhere and kills them

    Dvalin had a sword stuck in him and was unconscious and so Razor went and plucked it out, the wild Divalin woke up and flew away

    Childe runs for the sword and looks for victims

    Xiao scares Aloy with his mask acting as a monster, and when she’s at a cliff pushes her

    Rosaria was just existing and Yoimiya took that personally

    Signora hides in a giant ice pillar or something

    Zhongli has a contract to stop criminals and thought it was a good idea to end Beidou’s crimes

    Amber doesn’t have a bow so she makes the second best thing! A sling…shot….

    Dvalin acts injured and Venti goes to help but then steals Ventis lyre singing Never Gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

    Xiao proposes to Ganyu to kill Raiden and Keqing for (idk) , but Genyu says that she’s never gonna run and desert you but tries to run around and desert him and dies because Xiao fast

    Thoma thinks this is just a big prank on him and goes to sleep, oh boy is he ded

    Keaya scared Kazuha cuz he thought he was the traveler

    Yei just wants to die and secretly askes Ayaka to end her, but she says “Never gonna make you cry, or say goodbye”

    Thoma then goes to Azhada and knows he’s gonna die so asks to die in which Azhada stomps on him

    Childe sees Hu Tao and Itto talking and decides to listen in

    Razor pounces at Sara but Sara naruto runs away

    Xiao asks to die by Ayaka because he killed Ganyu, Ayaka understands and does sad Yai nosies

    Kazuha and Diluc are talking but then Fish asks to talk ghost stories which they do, and Razor hears this and joins them

    Albedo and Xingling start fighting and when Albedo barley wins, venti swoops in and eliminates him

    Azhada and Dvalin had a great fight, changing the terrain and sky’s, but Azhada weakens Dvalin and he get unconscious and well gets dead

    Hu Tao steals Chongyns Popsicles and makes him die

    Razor hides in the bushes getting ready to kill animals… or even humans.

    Klee went blast fishing and accidentally killed Kokomi

    Signora , Kazuha and Diluc all get ina fight, until Eula comes in and all of them make a massive field of destruction, but then Eula and Diluc go full power causing a giant melt reaction, and where Kazuha accidentally swirls cryo and pyro trying to defend himself from Signora and causes a giant melt exploding, wiping them all out

    Diona goes hunting, nothing special

    Child laughing at Amber using slingshot at him and just goes up to her and Stab

    Raiden is about to kill Azhada until Qiqi unleashed her edeptus powers and with Azhada, raiden loses

    Zhongli says he’s gonna kill Jean and then Vemti says he’s gonna kill Yoimiya, and so both chad up and team up to kill them until Xinyan suddenly joins in, hunting Keqing, and which they all did very noice

    Lisa just exists and well, Bennett’s bad luck causes a Boulder to drop on him right in front of Lisa

    Razor finally finds someone to hunt, then realised it was Noelle and spares her

    Zhongli sees food that cost 1 mora and yells out for his wallet ahem Childe

    Fish goes and kill Xinyan because she was too loud with her music

    Azhada cries to sleep because he was just saved by a child

    Klee wanted to pet the dog, but when the dog said “war” she went bom bom Baku da!

    Sayu stalks Yai because she seems a little fishy

    Xinqiu ambushes venti before he can fly and the good fed boy came out victories

    Noelle tries ambushing for the first time, fails by tripping on a rock and Mona runs away but feels sad for her

    Qiqi still with her edeptus powers attack Childe, but then he shows her cocogoat milk and makes her his child

    Azhada keeps on crying, not reliving Diona is shooting a bunch of arrows at him, and dies after 69420 arrows

    Qiqi tried to make a fire but her cryo vision stops her

    Noelle successfully ambushes Sara, but Sara nearly ran away but she tripped on a rock, feeling bad Noelle spares Sara

    Zhongli cries because he’s broke, but Ayaka gives 2 mora to him, fixing his broke problem

    Diona goes to kill Yai, but then she just kinda deleted Diona

    Sara still thinking Noelle is after her goes up a mountain, but loses her stamina and dies

    Noelle defeats Ninguang, but as a dutiful maid, spares her

    Iddo scares Klee with his big club and Klee runs away

    Klee being really scared throws bombs everywhere, accidentally hitting Sayu

    Noelle asks Razor to have duel, where she wont mess up this time, gets demolished

    Itto gets a girl, lets gooooooo

    Childe, child and child go looking to kill the adults

    Razor tries to catch fish, very successful

    Xinqiu says he’s best girl and kills Lisa

    Childe kills Razor for eating the fish Klee was gonna blast

    Iddo tries to get Mona, fails and so they get ina fight but then Qiqi comes in with her edeptus powers killing them both

    Keaya eats poised berries left by his dead brother

    Klee bullies Zhongli to death

    Da waifus gang up on the poor Childe and works

    Sucrose blows Xinqiu into a wall killing him

    Yai gets cor- Cough cough and dies

    Sucrose asks Hu Tao to kill Ayaka and which they succeed

    Klee blows up Fish and wins

    Klee and Qiqi find each other and go on a lovely stroll, they see Ninquang and drags her along, Hu Tao sees Qiqi and runs over to get but then decides to tell scary stories, but Qiqi is forgetting everything Hu Tao says

    Sucrose starts experimenting, but blows herself so far she falls off a cliff

    Hu Tao tells Qiqi to pick flowers and decides to team up with Klee to kill Ninquang

    Now this is what i think happened

    Qiqi came back with random flowers, and sees Klee and hu Tao with blood over them Qiqi then gets scared and runs away Hu Tao runs after her bu then is stoped when Klee throws a bomb at Hu Tao, Hu Tao and Klee fight but Klee manages to win, but Qiqi then unleashes her power and Klee is very surprised, they both have a very big fight causing the area around them to freeze and burn, klees bomb made giant holes, and klee accidentally falls into one and Qiqi finished her off.

  12. The idea of diona destroying azdaha is hillarious

  13. Hu Tao would lose Because she would accidentally Burn herself to Death and also Defeats Qiqi I’m the process and Buries Her before she gets Killed by Klee

  14. Diona killed Azdaha… yes I see how this makes sense.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks Dvalin would win against Azdaha? Dvalin can attack and dodge while flying.

  16. I think hu tao had her eye on qiqi, so klee tried to protect her and they both died

  17. qiqi winning in the hunger games is similar to everyone losing their 50/50 to her

  18. Qiqi are a healer and she is alredd dead a WIN

  19. Isn't Rosaria stronger than yoimiya tho

  20. Is venti secretly alive cause his name isn't there this is s u s

  21. The fact that klee mostly killed character that has a part animal :/

  22. i guess qiqi: go hide some where and wait for 500 years and win or the moment qiqi gonna ded she realease all her adepti power blow up klee and hutao , and luckly she survive or maybe berserk mode go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  23. itto hold hands with lisa me:it should've been me!!!

  24. Wait- Diona was able to defeat azhdaha but not Yae Miko-

  25. Lupicrow: Diona manages to take down azdaha
    Me: almosts chokes on water spitting it out wait your telling me that liltle bartender just destroyed a stupid rock frog that is a goddamn struggle to kill-

  26. Qiqi win she have the power of taking you 50/50 just like that but sometime she forgor 💀

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