Genshin Impact characters in the Hunger Games Simulator -

Genshin Impact characters in the Hunger Games Simulator

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I put the Genshin impact characters in the hunger games simulator. The results were very interesting lol. Subscribe and like if you enjoyed.

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  1. This is why i started using Qiqi 4 days after i started playing the game (she was my 3 5* and she came after diluc in the same 10 pull as jean)

  2. qiqi won because she's immortal-
    and how did diona destroy azdaha???

  3. Woah Azhdaha fights Dvalin

  4. Are you the same person who made the reddit post

  5. 0:37 I really like Yumiliya. It‘s like shipping Lumine and Yoimiya, isn‘t it?
    (Is there someone among us that ships them btw?)
    Also, this Jean sticker is so gorgeous.

  6. IM SO CONFUSED ON HOW XINQIU CAN KILL A WHOLE FLIPPIN ARCHON sure hes the weakest but hes still strong and an archon

    zhongli too I AM SOOOO CONFUSED HELP

  7. Qiqi. Why?
    Simple. I’m a biased person and a qiqi main(Be my friend.)

  8. Spoilers ahead

    "Qiqi probably won"

    Qiqi wins

  9. Itto and Lisa hold hands
    Kujou Sara in her death: Inaudible ghost screeching

    EDIT: This is quite literally what a character will do in the Gacha, Qiqi winning just means we lost the 50/50

  10. this video makes ur top strongest characters and weakest irellavent and fake, clearly zhongli, azd, and baal loses againts klee, diona, qiqi.

  11. Qiqi literaly destroyed lore wise powerful Characters

  12. Hu Tao is the real winner because she’s getting rich

  13. Spoilers for whoever has not watched it full yet:

    Qiqi already would win because she is immortal #cryosupremacy

  14. "Klee accidentally kills kokomi"
    Ah yes Accidentally
    Also qiqi won cause YOU CANT KILL THE UNDEAD😂😂😂

  15. Lol Xingqui killed his fellow femboy😂
    And the 2 bookworms fight🤣
    And when Hu Tao and sucrose fight Ayaka is like sucrose does the swirl and spreads the pyro
    And Hu Tao telling ghost stories to the children and ninguang is so accurate
    And since Qiqi is an herb gatherer, her picking flowers is so great

  16. xingqiu and venti fighting is like seeing whos the best femboy

  17. I like qiqi winning but I would think Klee would as hu tao would try to dig up qiqi , qiqi would see klees bombs and run falling off a cliff but since hu tao is chasing her hu tao would die then Klee would throw a bomb a qiqi burning the talisman.


  19. I really thought xiao would win

  20. “Azhdaha manages to defeat Dvalin”
    “Get your fucking dog bitch”

  21. Bruuuuuh diona defeat azdaha????!!!


  23. Bruh I guessed either qiqi or childe would win and I got it right.

  24. qiqi won because she’s a zombie, she can come back to life, and, she’s immortal.

  25. be qiqi can't die and she uses her adeptus power

  26. Xiao: Finally ( Xiao won since he get what he wanted 🥱)

  27. SOO sara ran off a cliff cause her raiden died

  28. this is great content! darn you’re so underrated, keep up the great content man!

  29. my opinion who won: klee she can just scare qiqi with her bomb because its fire
    hu tao wouldnt win cuz she was distracted by putting cooffin on qiqi that klee bombed her

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