Genshin Impact - Cryo Albedo Boss Fight (Fellflower) -

Genshin Impact – Cryo Albedo Boss Fight (Fellflower)

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Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) Aether vs Cryo Albedo Fellflower Boss Fight
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Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.
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  1. Idk if that's just me but once I destroyed the shield I couldn't damage the flower at all

  2. At 1:46 you can see a big (but unnoticeable at first glance) difference is that Albedo has a gold diamond on his throat and fakebedo doesn't have one

  3. Play this in 60fps and 0.5x speed, watch the movements

  4. a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means says:

    Remind me to never underestimate whopper flowers again. Like he was giving them the business

  5. I need help, the boss won‘t take any damage, it doesn‘t matter how often I try

  6. Paimon and the way she quickly covers her face and goes to the Traveler as the Traveler protects her. It was such a cute moment for me

  7. i feel like noone but us two plays yoimiya+beidou

  8. Tbh man… I can't fight the regisvine yet because of that challenge stuck on the center that I really needed for coop (co'z I'm too weak to solve it)

  9. I think im gonna need to change my team…

  10. If Rhinedottir's creations are this OP, imagine how much stronger she is 👀

  11. so that theory about the imposter being a whopperflower is basically right

  12. Lol genshin being violent for once

  13. fellflower sounds more aggressive when mimicing albedo

  14. Screw the fight. That background music was golden

  15. all i know is that fellflower has a BiG fOrEhEaD

  16. Kinda disappointing how the Albedo boss fight turn out to be another generic enemy with a boss health bar

  17. Genshin impact into among us
    Aether and eula Sus of imposter albedo
    Imposter albedo attacked
    Aether, eula running at emergency button
    Amber and Bennett press emergency button
    The real albedo voted the imposter albedo everyone else voted him

  18. I love the music when he jumped in air to attack

  19. Man your UID is like… really easy to remember lol I’m jealous

  20. Here's a REAL thing to complain about Genshin community.

    You are given ALL this set up towards AoE ice raining shard spawning Cryo Albedo and you get a GENERIC BITCH ASS REUSED REGULAR FLOWER as a boss fight.

    Oh but excuse me, maybe you don't know a character like Keqing so you never have to fight these things for mats, my bad.
    The fuck MiHoYo, is hard to defend you when you do things like this

  21. I like how this quest gave personality to the traveler. They aren't simply a quiet person but instead they're intuitive and observant.

  22. Lordy I would love to have an ice version of Albedo for my teams…

  23. Albedo: it’s not over! Raiden Ei: you shall perish!

  24. How to beat it:
    1) be lvl 90
    2) be a whale
    3)look steps 1 and 2.

  25. Enemy mage: сasts the spell
    Party with archer: let's see what happens

  26. Even if albedo wasnt killed, they had bennet and they wont dir because of his heal lmao

  27. i just love that bennett is so cool but hes holding a 3* weapon 😩✌️

  28. didn't do this quest but bro this is literally the most epic thing I've ever seen

  29. Help I finnished the quest I don't see it on the archive

  30. Ayoo when he turned around after dodging Eula. I can't believe I'm being attracted to a literal plant

  31. Wish this boss was permant but who knows maybe it will appear in the future

  32. this cutscene is my favorite thing in the game ever omg

  33. I really hate how people aren't talking about how much this whole event feels like John Carpenter's The Thing because that's what I felt when I played this event myself.

  34. My girl Amber had no doubt to Head-Shot Albedo lol

  35. This cutscene convinced me to finally build Bennett. OMG, I had no idea what I was missing! He’s so fun!

  36. And this cutscene is why I want a genshin impact anime lol

  37. I love how Eula skates on the ice while trying to attack albedo, shows how much well trained she is in dragonspine, its like her domain.

  38. The cryo albedo turning into a damn flower and screaming while
    My mind: ghost rule's scream

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