Genshin Impact Day 16: AR40 Is 10x HARDER! -

Genshin Impact Day 16: AR40 Is 10x HARDER!

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Technically the account is like 20-22 days of resin / daily commisions because I don’t record on the weekends. So my AR is kind of high for “16” days in Genshin Impact
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  1. 4:05 meanwhile me getting only blues 10 time in a row at ar 50

  2. did yk that bolognese is pronounced bolonyeseh

  3. I always pull the character before the wep lol

  4. haha i got engulfing then lost to Diluc as well and now idk why but i dont like raiden. I have had a severe lapse in judgement.

  5. Your scottish/irish accent sounds like my grandpa but drunk. I love it.

  6. My friend rolled for the weapon before itto cause he was on the fence for getting itto, he got then weapon then went for itto. Like i get the logic if you are on the fence, plus the redhorn actually is relatively on par with other 5 star claymores on even the non def scaling units, as long as they use normal attacks.

  7. Me stuck at ar35: don't mind me I'm just leveling up my gep traveler and Noelle (I don't have good shit for some of my character and I'm broke on mora 🤣😭🤣

  8. Bolognese is an Italian pasta. And it’s fucking amazing. I made it once and it’s basically Spaghetti’s daddy. Recommend everyone try it.

  9. As soon as u get a widsith u should put it on yanfei

  10. I've been staying at ar35 on purpose in order to farm all the materials for ascensions and get ready for ar40 bc oh boy do I know it's gonna get incredibly difficult

  11. I lowered my world level for like 2 weeks after I got AR40 lmao….

  12. if you find inazuma difficult at ar40, dont lower your word level until you want more materials from inazuma, just play and farm in liyue and mondstadt, the monsters are weaker than you despite the world level

  13. one thing I underestimated at AR45 was that artifact farming is a lot harder than I thought. Figured it'd be a simple grind but noooOOOOOo

  14. I just realized he kinds looks like Jesse from breaking bad.

  15. the fact that hes using eye of perception on yanfei is a major nerf to her dmg

  16. I swear they made childe a little harder again too bc I got killed twice and I never dieeee when fighting him anymore 😑 could just be me out of Practice tho …also, I would stay in lower world
    Levels as long as possible to grind. I didn’t do that bc I was way too excited n had no idea how much harder each AR gets and it was way harder to farm items ☹️

  17. 5:01 get rekt combo
    not only his barbara lost all her health points. she also drowns to death

  18. Last time I had 3-5 million mora is when I was AR40-45 ;~;

  19. Purples drop consistently at ar 45
    You don’t have to take my word but take it into consideration 🙂

  20. F2PGod has the gacha luck, but this account has the material domain luck.

  21. I started playing the game at start of hu tao rerun, and with all the starter and estly gsme resources i was able to win 2 50/50 for c1 hu tao and staff of homa (i did purchase welkin n battlepass) she basically carried me all the way to AR 44 now

  22. Noelle is good im pulling for the weapon specifically for noelle i dont want ito

  23. I’m glad I slow progressed because that made me not fall behind I was still smacking at ar40

  24. mtashed is the only content creator i know that actually plays raid shadow legends lmao

  25. you play epic 7? Finally met another person that plays.

  26. You’ve inspired me to start a second account myself. I feel free now that I have more than just commissions to do, not to mention 2.4 coming out bringing even more

  27. C9 Bennett but only c1 xingqiu, as an f2p this hurts but I’m only ar 47 so ig I’ll get c6 xingqiu one day

  28. Yesterday I farm doamain for ganyu weapon and I always get blue tho😭

  29. That is why my exp is 1048000/*** and im still ar45

  30. You: ar 40 with c5 xiangling
    Me: ar 56 with c0 xiangling

  31. can’t believe someone is actually playing genshin and E7 at the same time. that’s twice the depression.

  32. When are you gonna play Destiny 2! I was just wondering!

  33. I’m siting pretty at AR35 taking my time building characters. Farming ascension items is easier so why not. I’ll be ready to ascend my characters and weapons to again be on par

  34. Why have I not got a single 5* character at ar 50?, I guess cause I saved 30k primos and 72 pity for lantern rite.

  35. my ears perked up when he said he was playing E7 on his phone

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