Genshin Impact EP - A Moment of Tranquility in the Eradication of Evil -

Genshin Impact EP – A Moment of Tranquility in the Eradication of Evil

Genshin Impact
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Through thousands of calamities and adversities, the evil of lingering malice will be purged.
While gazing at the flowing rivers and towering mountains, one can enjoy a moment of peace.

#01. Above the Sea of Clouds – 0:00
#02. Winding River – 0:58
#03. Sojourner’s Sweet Dream – 1:58

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  1. Is it just me or winding river music is derived from prance if Qilin or the other way around.

  2. Something about Xiao always feels so peaceful, despite his background. He has not chosen to be the one who slaughters, but he volunteers himself out of love and duty for Liyue. Seeing him so quiet in the serenity far from Liyue Harbor really brings out a sense of pride at his personal growth. The last time we saw him, he was cold, standoffish and was killing demons. Yet this EP shows us his gentler side, and for that, I’m grateful to see our yaksha be so in tune with his inner softie; the xiao lantern in his hand shows that side of his.

  3. ต้องเกลือเเน่นอนเลย

  4. Xiao has this little something that let he show as the tranquil bad guy i simp he so much

  5. dawn in Liyue harbor's music is so relaxing, I believe it is the lantern rite soundtrack!

  6. The Lover’s Oath reminds me of Zhongli’s wife GuiZhong. I want to know more about her…

  7. Dude's alone time theme after a long depressing work time

  8. Fun fact: this wont be your last time listening to this:)

  9. Just the peaceful break my main DPS deserves. Love you, Xiao–can't wait to pull for your C1 and your spear this week.

  10. I believe genshin music is getting better update by update. Not to say that is was bad before, It was exemplary! But this is such good music, gives even me a tranquil mind.

  11. pc 玩家的为什么在 liyue 不能看到那样的云层。 我有PS5和电脑(用着RTX3070显卡)。 如果是PS5的优先权,也该考虑提升一下pc玩家。谢谢

  12. real sweet for trying to get me to become sentimental just from this

  13. Please let me be a Xiao haver 🙏
    I don't have Xiao lanterns for him but I have loads of Almond Tofu I made out of spite after failing to bring him home

  14. Xiao my precious I got your jade spear and enough materials to immediately 90 and triple crown. Come home

  15. Xiao simps clicking this video faster than the speed of light.

  16. You will be mine in less than a day, then we take over teyvat!

  17. The fact Xiao has a lantern makes me feel like he got from the Lantern Rite Event

  18. Hearing the Qingyun Peak area music always makes me feel nostalgic. It's the one soundtrack that truly made me stop for a moment while playing the game and just listen to it for a while. It has a special place in this one's heart.

  19. I hope they add a feature where characters are randomly roaming their regions. How cool would it be so find Eula fighting some Fatui out in the wilds or see Xiangling gathering ingredients on mountain tops…

  20. So nostalgic, Xiao is the reason why I play this game. Also my very first triple crowned character.

  21. Now Genshin impact i want to see Ganyu with Maiden Longing ost

  22. Xiao you're the first genshin character that I fan so much

  23. Xiao need his dedicated support and artifacts.

  24. I hate all, i can't play genshin bc its not available on my tablet 😩

  25. God i want xiao but i want shenhe too

  26. I wish I can get both xiao and zhongli… but I have 100fates 50 50 for xiao… wish I get an early T.T so i can get zhongli also!

  27. The music just gives me a huge amount of joy 🙁

  28. oh my god i miss minlin…
    said the one who already logged out 10 minute later

  29. I wish I could get him…. Unfortunately I LITERALLY WASTED 100 DOLLARS and didn’t get him :/ and it was guarantee as well. Still didn’t get him. Either way love his overall design and how peaceful he looks in this video :]

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