Genshin Impact EP - Gentle Waves of Frost -

Genshin Impact EP – Gentle Waves of Frost

Genshin Impact
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Windswept cliffs, secluded forests, and snow at the foot of a mountain.
Across the outskirts of Mondstadt lie the scattered footprints of the Spindrift Knight.
But under the day’s warm breeze, the dutiful Captain of the Reconnaisance Company would occasionally have a rest.

#01. Wayfarer’s Peace – 0:00
#02. The Horizon – 1:30
#03. Moonlike Smile – 2:43

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  1. serious question, I already have R5 serpent spine for Eula, is Pines better and should i pull for it?

  2. ur getting sued because i just got jean on albedo banner. ALBEDO SHOULD BE THE ONLY 5 STAR ON THE BANNER


  4. “We’ve been trying to reach you regarding your car’s extended warranty.”

  5. Eula is so pretty, this is my favourite video of the year !

  6. Fua amigoooo 🥺🥺 un juego no puede dar tanta nostalgia que ganas de jugarlo

  7. And what's the reason why we can't use the poses they use in these videos in-game?🤔🤨

  8. Jesús mijoho u are one of the worst companies ever

  9. Always stop what I'm doing when Moonlike Smile hits

  10. This and ruu's ost are my favorite.

  11. Игра прекрасна и пейзажи восхищают

  12. ngl idk if its just me but, ive pulled for these characters in the locations in the ep videos. i would get the character very early and im not sure if its just luck… anyways good luck to you all pulling eula or albedo!!

  13. A minute of silence for our fallen bothers and sisters who got Qiqi'ed pulling on Eula banner.

  14. Genshin Impact's soundtrack is pretty much the only thing in the game that remains a 10/10 on every version update.

  15. Well, I failed to get Eula,
    Until then
    See you in your Re-rerun

  16. what's with Albedong going crazy again haha

  17. Got Eula yesterday, and it was worth every resin and primogem to invest in her.

  18. Just got off Genshin, and now I feel like playing again. Thanks MHY.

  19. Nice music as usual but pls save hoyomix channel myhoyo, imagine getting copyright by own music

  20. Hmm…most of these music sound nostalgic to me in a way because it reminds me of some of the classic RPG I played way back in the PS1 days.

  21. eula pls come home… i have ur weapon i pulled it accidentally while pulling for freedomsworn… pls i beg u 😌😌😜

  22. I'm still eula's story quest for today for the teaching agree about Lawrence clan😅😅

  23. Eula best character
    Genshin's musics are masterpieces , even if everything is not always perfect with Mihoyo …

  24. You should add an abbreviation to the conversations (because it's very boring)

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