Genshin Impact EP - Lingering Aroma of the Solitary Butterfly -

Genshin Impact EP – Lingering Aroma of the Solitary Butterfly

Genshin Impact
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The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor runs a special business, so it has always acted with great care, especially when it comes to rituals and ceremonies.
However, when the undertakers study the rules rigorously, the Director is often nowhere to be seen.
Where could this butterfly carrying a lingering aroma be found…

#01. Flows of Jade-like Water – 0:00
#02. Foxes at Play – 0:56
#03. Joy of Returning – 2:26

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  1. i play with both characters and i love them together

  2. I'll pray for you guys get hutao👍 GL on the banner♥️

  3. I love how Qiqi and Hu Tao are sitting together <3

  4. Piro-Piro-Piron~ hope all Hu Tao wanters get their queen!

  5. The very first one is my fav Liyue soundtrack of all time

  6. I will get the weapon. (2 hours later) I hate it here

  7. hu tao, blink two times if your being held at gunpoint

  8. Ok, I like this new format of music plus banner character 😀 Happy noises 😀

  9. Hu tao and Qiqi enjoying the scenery together….!!!
    What a rare sight indeed
    Also Hu tao to Qiqi a bit later: Do you know how fcked you are?

  10. Is it kinda weird Hu tao is hanging out with qiqi-

  11. pls make it so that they can hold weapons like thatt 😭

  12. bruh i though its hutao banner trailer

  13. may all Hutao wanters become a hutao havers!! Good luck to us all! 😍😍😍

  14. I hope everyone who wants to knock out Hu Tao (including me) will knock her out <3 good luck to everyone ❗️/3
    pls hu tao come home…

  15. Qiqi is here like we may get her instead of Hutao.

  16. всё очень красиво,как и ху тао очень её хочу

  17. Qiqi:(I wonder why she isn’t chasing me?)
    Hu Tao:(Maybe Chongyun will stick around longer with an ice buddy near me?)

  18. me excited for huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu tao

  19. hmm… qiqi… is this a kind of warning that we might get qiqi instead of hutao during gacha? 🤣😂🤣😂

  20. F, I Thought, It's Kinda Related To Version 2.3 Thats Has stg To Deal With Whu-Tao 🌚🌚

  21. Meanwhile our options of emotes to use in game remains unchanged since v1.1. Thanks mihoyo!


  23. 2:44
    i was thinking r n, if hu tao have idle animation chilling with it like that

  24. Can we get Hu Tao's cute ghost as a gadget pet ?

  25. I hope they fix the crimson witch of flame domain, so people could have good artifacts in normal amount of resins spent!

  26. i wishing for her. lol
    please, no more qiqi again

  27. Hu tao wanter will become a Hu tao haver 👍🏻

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